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  1. Tom Cruise Watches One Movie Each Day

    by latenight5 months ago630,519 views

    Jimmy geeks out with Tom Cruise over laser discs when he stops by to promote his action flick, Edge of Tomorrow. Subscribe ...

  2. Tom Cruise Puts Reporter's Manners In - 60 Minutes Australia Interview

    by SeZeJp75kYSpkXnq4UgI8 months ago134,790 views

    Tom Cruise Puts 60 Minutes Australia Reporter's Manners In.

  3. Face Breakers with Tom Cruise

    by latenight5 months ago1,397,309 views

    Jimmy and Tom take turns throwing balls at a wall of glass painted with their faces, and the first to smash all of his o ...

  4. Tom Cruise and Chris McQuarrie MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    by MissionImpossible2 months ago2,390,692 views

    Tom Cruise and Chris McQuarrie accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

  5. Edge Of Tomorrow Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt Movie HD

    by movieclipsTRAILERS10 months ago14,589,738 views

    Watch the TRAILER REVIEW: Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: htt ...

  6. Tom Cruise Scientology Video - ( Original UNCUT )

    by Aleteuk7 years ago9,789,119 views

    VOTE 5 STARS TO VOTE AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY ! _________________________________________ In the near future you will read: "This ...

  7. Tom Cruise Video

    by CRkOrl9ASthC3IX2Qbsh5 months ago25,048 views

  8. Tom Cruise on Top Gun

    by JimmyKimmelLive5 months ago171,589 views

    Tom talks about his first international press tour for the movie Top Gun. See Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow! Go to www ...

  9. Top 10 Crazy Tom Cruise Moments

    by WatchMojo2 years ago273,823 views

    This actor can and will do just about anything. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 most ...

  10. Tom Cruise gets hysterical on Letterman

    by Eddie45186 years ago894,570 views

    Tom Cruise laghs out in hysterics live on the late show with David Letterman.

  11. Emily Blunt on Working and Clubbing with Tom Cruise

    by JimmyKimmelLive5 months ago381,373 views

    Emily talks about the strange club she had to convince Tom Cruise to go to for Matt Damon's birthday, and she describes the ...

  12. Tom Cruise Ben Stiller Mission Impossible Parody

    by PhoenixRisen74 years ago1,276,848 views

    Ben Stiller is Tom Crooz. Enjoy! from the MTV Movie Awards in the year 2000 stars Ben Stiller, Tom Cruise and John Woo.

  13. The 30 Greatest Tom Cruise Movie Moments

    by IGNentertainment5 months ago25,630 views

    We countdown Tom Cruise's greatest movies and celluloid moments, from Risky Business and Top Gun to Magnolia and Mission: ...

  14. Tom Cruise - David Letterman - Dec. 17th, 2012 - Part 1/3

    by TomCruiseFanCom2 years ago53,130 views

    Part 1/3 of the interview of Tom Cruise on Late Show with David Letterman, aired on December 1th, 2012 Brought by http: ...

  15. TOM CRUISE - The Oprah Interview 2002

    by caseyblue2242 years ago183,436 views

    This is an absolutely PHENONMENAL interview of Tom Cruise with Oprah Winfrey from 2002. Just after his pending divorce ...

  16. Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom Cruise

    by teamcoco5 months ago486,711 views

    CONAN Highlight: When Tom Cruise rode shotgun for an "Edge Of Tomorrow" action shot, Emily's driving left him babbling in ...

  17. Tom Cruise on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Comedy Central UK

    by ComedyCentralUK5 months ago25,142 views

    Actor Tom Cruise appears on The Daily Show to promote his new movie 'Edge of Tomorrow' which co-stars Emily Blunt. Cruise ...

  18. Tom Cruise Return — Part 2

    by Satchel3344 years ago37,099 views

    Tom Cruise Return — Part 2

  19. Tom Cruise on Filming with Emily Blunt

    by JimmyKimmelLive5 months ago197,666 views

    Tom talks about the difficulties he and Emily Blunt endured while shooting Edge of Tomorrow. See Tom Cruise in Edge of T ...

  20. Around the world with Tom Cruise

    by SunriseOn75 months ago6,682 views

    Sunrise reporter Amy Parks has toured the world with Tom Cruise, as he visits three cities in three countries in 24 hours ...

  21. Tom Cruise greets fans then handles Mob Scene with Grace departing Jimmy Kimmel Studio Hollywood

    by PopCandiesTv5 months ago9,247 views

    Tom Cruise greets fans then handles Mob Scene with Grace departing Jimmy Kimmel Studio Hollywood.

  22. Tom Cruise Documentary - One Day One Destiny

    by EngramBT22 years ago29,141 views

    Tom Cruise Documentary by Magneto Presse.

  23. Pânico na Band 31/03/2013 - Impostor tenta unir Tom Cruise e Sabrina Sato

    by canalpaniconatv2 years ago13,332 views

    A missão do Impostor deste domingo (31) é quase impossível. Ele tentará unir o astro Tom Cruise, que está de passagem pelo ...

  24. Berlin - Take My Breathe Away theme from Top Gun with Lyrics

    by fabmusicify3 years ago33,212,003 views

    Berlin - Take My Breathe Away theme from Top Gun with Lyrics

  25. EDGE OF TOMORROW Offizieller Trailer Deutsch German | 2014 Tom Cruise [HD]

    by KinoCheck10 months ago665,559 views

    Offizieller EDGE OF TOMORROW HD-Trailer 2014 (German / Deutsch) | Movie Trailer (OT: Edge Of Tomorrow) Kinostart: 29 Mai ...

  26. Madchild - Tom Cruise (Super Mario Bros Remix)

    by 4UsX9kG4JSYe1QZNAy4L2 weeks ago618 views

    Dope New Song from Canadas best. Madchild & Battleaxe Records own the rights to this song/video.


    by ultimanovedad1 year ago37,444 views

    Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (nacido en Siracusa, Estados Unidos; 3 de julio de 1962), más conocido como Tom Cruise, es un actor ...

  28. Tom Cruise on His Morning Routine

    by JimmyKimmelLive5 months ago113,832 views

    Jimmy asks Tom what he does when he gets up in the morning. See Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow! Go to www.edgeoftomorrow ...

  29. Tom Cruise en "Mission" au Maroc توم كروز محيح فدرب السلطان و الرباط

    by tanmiya01232 months ago16,139 views

    للاشتراك في القناة اضغط هنا لتصلك كل حلقة نقوم برفعها على الصفحة. ...

  30. Tom Cruise on gearing up for immortality in 'Edge of Tomorrow'

    by hitfixcom5 months ago3,716 views

    Tom Cruise on working on the upcoming summer blockbuster 'Edge of Tomorrow'.

  31. Prince Andrews friend Tom Cruise - Violent gay sex with a 14 year old child

    by oXGaiaMilitiaXo4 months ago15,224 views

    Statement to British police ...

  32. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz interview - Top Gear - BBC

    by TopGear4 years ago2,333,379 views

    Hollywood A-listers Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz join Jeremy Clarkson on the Top Gear sofa before heading out on to the track ...

  33. Tom Cruise X Brad Pitt - Queda de Braço #3

    by Canalfilmesegames7 months ago10,981 views

    A equipe do Filmes e Games analisou e deu notas para cada um dos filmes destes grandes atores para decidir de uma vez por ...

  34. Tom Cruise - 2010 Screen Icon Award

    by NationalMovieAwards2 years ago10,471 views

    Tom Cruise receives the Screen Icon Award at the 2010 National Movie Awards. Twitter: @officialnmas

  35. ENTREVISTA A TOM CRUISE en el El Hormiguero: "Me gusta divertir y entretener" - ANTENA3.COM

    by antena33 years ago97,515 views

    ANTENA3.COM - Entrevista aTom Cruise, la estrella más grande del cine, en ...

  36. Tom Crooze - Mission Improbable

    by Furilloblomman5 years ago1,932,365 views

    Ben Stiller as Tom Cruise's stunt double Tom Crooze while making "Mission: Impossible II". (From 2000 MTV Movie Awards.)

  37. Tom Cruise chews out Matt Lauer on LIVE TV

    by davidvogler6 years ago3,719,112 views

    Tom gets into an argument with the Today Show's Matt Lauer. Tom is arrogant and gets rattled when Lauer won't kiss his ass ...

  38. Risky Business (escena de Tom Cruise bailando)

    by decine212 years ago61,523 views

    Hoy el gran Tom Cruise cumple nada más y nada menos que 50 años!!!!! Y por ello queremos homenajearle con una de las escenas ...


    by MrRockersCHANNEL2 years ago815,912 views


  40. When EMILY BLUNT Broke TOM CRUISE's Spirit - The Graham Norton Show on BBC AMERICA

    by BBCAmericaTV5 months ago70,914 views

    Subscribe now: Watch hysterical GRAHAM NORTON SHOW videos: Twitter: http://tw ...

  41. EDGE OF TOMORROW - Official Trailer #2 (2014) [HD] Tom Cruise

    by CBMTrailers7 months ago539,216 views

    Release Date: June 6, 2014 (3D/2D theaters and IMAX 3D) Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Director: Doug Liman Screenwriter: ...

  42. Izabella Fröberg träffar Tom Cruise - VAKNA! med The Voice

    by vaknafan2 years ago21,977 views

    Izza haffade Tom Cruise på röda mattan inför galapremiären av Jack Reacher. Det visar sig att Tompa inte alls har koll på ...

  43. Tom Cruise cant get his words out he is belly laughing so much

    by TheDannykelly3 years ago42,300 views

    Tom Cruise great interview you knows those times when your laughing so much you cant get your words out.

  44. Wanted Dead or Alive - Tom Cruise & Julianne Hough - Rock Of Ages

    by 5hMBw0RD4XSM-zuypRc_2 years ago750,221 views

    Copyright goes to Warner Bros...

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