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  1. Jacqueline Bisset wins speech Golden Globe Awards 2014 HD

    by zSBZlxycxbTytW2RnW1p1 year ago81,202 views

    Jacqueline Bisset wins speech Golden Globe Awards 2014 HD Jacqueline Bisset wins speech Golden Globe Awards 2014 HD Jacqueline ...

  2. "Pad a Pastie?" - The Grasshopper ! - Jacqueline Bisset

    by varadero18396 years ago102,806 views

    From 1970, exquisite Jacqueline Bisset proves nobody requires a ticket! An amazing actress proves herself, very early in ...

  3. A Conversation with Jacqueline Bisset / Locarno Film Festival 2013

    by celluloidVideo1 year ago13,225 views

    In this interview with Austrian film journalist Matthias Greuling, actress Jacqueline Bisset talks about the beginning of ...

  4. Jacqueline Bisset 1971 Secrets PART ONE

    by BissetFilms1 year ago25,161 views

    Jacqueline Bisset first appeared as an extra in 1965's The Knack ...and How to Get It, Bisset made her official film debut ...

  5. Jacqueline Bisset Tribute

    by JacquelineBissetFan3 years ago46,992 views

    A tribute to the gorgeous actress Jacqueline Bisset.

  6. Jacqueline Bisset LESBIAN KISS

    by HotCelebz333 years ago199,393 views

    NIP/TUCK Sean McNamara and Christian Troy are two plastic surgeons running a partnership in Miami, Florida with different ...

  7. Class (5/11) Movie CLIP - Love in an Elevator (1983) HD

    by movieclips2 years ago1,079,615 views

    Class Movie Clip - watch all clips http://j.mp/12N1zA5 click to subscribe http://j.mp/sNDUs5 Ellen (Jacqueline Bisset) seduces ...

  8. Velocette ~ "Where Are You?" ('The Deep' opening w/ Jacqueline Bisset & Nick Nolte)

    by FungusMossGnosis4 years ago40,086 views

    Music from Velocette's Fourfold Remedy (© Beggars.) Footage from Yates's The Deep (© Sony Pictures.) Both used strictly for ...

  9. Jacqueline Bisset - Wild Orchid

    by JacquelineBissetFan3 years ago28,817 views

    A scene with Jacqueline Bisset (Claudia Dennis) and Carré Otis (Emily Reed) from Wild Orchid (1989). www.imdb.com

  10. The Cape Town Affair (1967) - Full Length Thriller starring Jacqueline Bisset, James Brolin

    by FullHorrorcom1 year ago10,424 views

    When pickpocket robs a woman on the bus, she falls into a never never land of espionage and under cover agents. Stars Ja ...

  11. ジャクリーン·ビセット Jacqueline Bisset جاكلين بيسيت Жаклин Биссет

    by BissetFilms1 year ago13,077 views

    Jacqueline Bisset Filmographie 1964 : Le Knack... et comment l'avoir de Richard Lester (non créditée) 1966 : Cul-de-sac de ...

  12. Jacqueline Bisset - Interview in French 2012

    by JacquelineBissetFan2 years ago15,825 views

    Jacqueline Bisset - Interview in French 2012

  13. Jacqueline Bisset

    by unnamedkiller8995 years ago46,013 views


  14. (Full Interview) Jacqueline Bisset at Golden Globes

    by CNN1 year ago24,879 views

    Jacqueline Bisset speaks to reporters backstage at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/

  15. Jacqueline Bisset & Candice Bergen - Rich and Famous - End Scene

    by JacquelineBissetFan3 years ago215,288 views

    Jacqueline Bisset (Liz Hamilton) and Candice Bergen (Merry Noel Blake) in the last scene of Rich and Famous (1981). Liz and ...

  16. Jacqueline Bisset et Bertrand Tavernier: Les rumeurs du net du 11/06/2014 dans A La Bonne Heure

    by radiortl8 months ago387 views

    Découvrez la vidéo de la chronique "Les Rumeurs du net" avec Jacqueline Bisset et Bertrand Tavernier dans l'émission "A la ...

  17. CASINO ROYALE(1967) Jacqueline Bisset

    by yahcyako3 years ago30,614 views

    Jacqueline Bisset , Peter Sellers ,miss Goodthighs

  18. Jacqueline Bisset & Candice Bergen Present Oscar 1989

    by suOQSEtFF8ojkVS18BEP2 months ago52 views

    Best Foreign Film Jack "Boom Boom" Valenti also presents.

  19. Jacqueline Bisset on Starring Opposite of Gerard Depardieu in 'Welcome to New York'

    by thrnetwork8 months ago1,587 views

    The actress shares what it like to play Gerard Depardieu's wife in Abel Ferrara's new drama. "He's a touching person and ...

  20. Jacqueline Bisset, Jane Seymour on aging: Natural beauty, not Botox

    by lSOxT0QxnI4kwnrWZyAW3 months ago278 views

    They have been in Hollywood for more than 40 years, and in this age of obsession over appearance and looking young, two ...

  21. Jacqueline Bisset, जैकलिन Bisset, جاكلين بيسيت, Жаклин Биссет, 杰奎琳·比塞特, ジャクリーン·ビセット,

    by PrivateMatin2 years ago1,210 views

    Secrets (1971)..... Jacqueline plays a housewife who has some problems with her husband. The movie takes place in the course ...

  22. Jacqueline Bisset Underwater Scene from The Deep (1977) [HD]

    by dc3r_CyXbyBhzyCa_4601 year ago5,246 views

    No description needed!

  23. Jacqueline Bisset & Hart Bochner - Rich and Famous - Talking about love

    by JacquelineBissetFan3 years ago33,094 views

    Jacqueline Bisset (Liz Hamilton) and Hart Bochner (Chris Adams) in a scene from Rich and Famous (1981). Liz and Merry Noel ...

  24. Jacqueline Bisset - Under the Volcano - Bed Scene

    by JacquelineBissetFan3 years ago13,123 views

    A scene with Jacqueline Bisset (Yvonne Firmin) from Under the Volcano (1984). www.imdb.com

  25. Jacqueline Bisset - The Deep

    by Kromotog3 years ago432,119 views

    Jacqueline Bisset wet t-shirt in The Deep

  26. Jacqueline Bisset & Nick Nolte - The Deep - Kiss

    by JacquelineBissetFan3 years ago35,989 views

    Jacqueline Bisset and Nick Nolte in a scene from The Deep (1977). - I'm sorry. - I apologize. - I lost touch why we even ...

  27. Jacqueline Bisset Stewardess

    by StarsEyez8 years ago55,705 views


  28. Jacqueline Bisset on The Queen Latifah Show

    by QueenLatifahShow1 year ago2,842 views

    For the first time, Jacqueline Bisset reveals what she was thinking during her Golden Globe speech. SUBSCRIBE: http://bi ...

  29. Jacqueline Bisset, Jim Brown - Marriage Proposal!

    by varadero18395 years ago23,344 views

    They've been dating for awhile, and Mr. B wants to make things more permanent. Ms. J, owning up to her/the title of the film ...

  30. The Deep Intro Jacqueline Bisset Nick Nolte (1977)

    by swudanst4 years ago61,921 views

    opening music Calypso Disco, Becket wanted to showcase the music, could not find except for the album

  31. Freixenet1986.Alexander Godunov & Jacqueline Bisset

    by Covafolk4 years ago3,107 views

    This is an advert. from Christmas 1986. And i thought you would like to see it. For all the fans of Alexander Godunov and ...

  32. Jacqueline Bisset - The Best of So Graham Norton

    by JacquelineBissetFan3 years ago3,283 views

    All parts with Jacqueline Bisset from The Best of 'So Graham Norton' (Video 2004). The clips are originally from her interview ...

  33. 'I'm Miss Bonkers!' Jacqueline Bisset Explains Her Nervous, Teary Golden Globes Speech

    by zOokbBVzUECZPAl__L3k1 year ago833 views

    Actress Jacqueline Bisset went viral this week for her rather strange speech at the Golden Globes, and Wednesday night she ...

  34. Jacqueline Bisset Explains Strange Golden Globes Speech

    by HollyscoopTV1 year ago6,678 views

    If you missed the Golden Globes last night, the moment making headlines today is winner Jacqueline Bisset's rambling, bu ...

  35. Jacqueline Bisset - The Grasshopper (1969)

    by JacquelineBissetFan2 years ago9,382 views

    Jacqueline Bisset in a scene from The Grasshopper (1969).

  36. Class (1983) Trailer (Jacqueline Bisset, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy)

    by agelesstrailers2 years ago3,794 views

    Jonathan, a naive country boy, gets a scholarship to a classy prep school, where he rooms with suave, rich and handsome Skip ...

  37. Freixenet 1986 Jacqueline Bisset

    by palencialefler3 years ago3,042 views

  38. Jacqueline Bisset On Going Viral

    by kvGx8r76eZN1bGB_T6tg1 year ago1,003 views

    Actress Jacqueline Bisset joins us to discuss the themes and reflections she shared during her Golden Globes acceptance speech ...

  39. ジャクリーン·ビセット Jacqueline Bisset جاكلين بيسيت Жаклин Биссет

    by BissetFilms1 year ago2,647 views

    Jacqueline Bisset Filmographie 1964 : Le Knack... et comment l'avoir de Richard Lester (non créditée) 1966 : Cul-de-sac de ...

  40. Rich and Famous - "the best kiss"

    by dandmfan5 years ago76,005 views

    Michael Brandon talks about filming this infamous sex scene that the Rolling Stones classed as one of the ten hottest love ...

  41. Jacqueline Bisset - Secrets (1971) - End Scene

    by JacquelineBissetFan3 years ago78,837 views

    Jacqueline Bisset as Jennifer "Jenny" Wood in Secrets (1971). www.imdb.com

  42. Jacqueline Bisset Nip Tuck Long James

    by virginiacruz8 years ago107,417 views

    James Jacqueline Bisset Frames Long James

  43. Movie Legends - Jacqueline Bisset (Reprise)

    by basilnelson5 months ago1,118 views

    Winifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset is a British actress. In 2010, she received one of France's highest honours, the Légion ...

  44. Jacqueline Bisset Chats with Paparazzi

    by rickwilliamsvideo4 years ago7,849 views

    January 13, 2010: English actress Jacqueline Bisset chats with cameramen outside of Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. thecelebr ...

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