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  1. Jennifer Aniston vs. Lisa Kudrow in Celebrity Curse Off

    by JimmyKimmelLive4 weeks ago4,873,959 views

    Here at the show we're known for bleeping and blurring things unnecessarily - but for once, the bleeping is necessary. If ...

  2. Jennifer Aniston Interview Prank

    by bbcradio14 weeks ago3,789,436 views

    Millions of you watched Chris Stark’s interviews with Mila Kunis and Jennifer Aniston. The amazing thing about those videos ...

  3. Jennifer Aniston is Scared to Fly

    by JimmyKimmelLive4 weeks ago273,440 views

    Jennifer reveals her fear of flying and shares an interesting exchange she had with a flight attendant recently. SUBSCRIBE ...

  4. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel in "Friends"

    by JimmyKimmelLive4 months ago16,593,649 views

    Just like everyone else on the planet Jimmy was a big fan of the show Friends. In fact he loved it so much that he wrote ...

  5. SAG Foundation - Jennifer Aniston

    by rachelhol2 weeks ago2,676 views

  6. The talk (2014) - Jennifer Aniston

    by 58b3ZykeGI1XA5LV9TU74 weeks ago10,585 views

    Jennifer Aniston on The Talk - 26 November 2014. She talked about Justin Theroux, Leprechaun, The press, FRIENDS, Horrible ...

  7. Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Kimmel - November 24th 2014 - Full Interview

    by ZMBdXtHHpQlVh8wn8Tzj4 weeks ago56,905 views

    Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Kimmel - November 24th 2014 (Lisa Kudrow) Here's Jennifer Anistons interview that aired today on ...

  8. Jennifer Aniston's Deleted Sex Scene - CONAN on TBS

    by teamcoco2 weeks ago1,178,757 views

    Jennifer explains why her sex scene with Charlie Day was cut from "Horrible Bosses 2." More CONAN @ ...

  9. Jennifer Aniston David Letterman

    by MultiMan4457 months ago67,676 views

  10. Chelsea's A-List Friends Stage an Intervention | Chelsea Lately

    by ChelseaLately4 months ago433,717 views

    Mary McCormack, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock have prepared statements for the troubled "Chelsea Lately" host. Plus ...

  11. Cake Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick Movie HD

    by movieclipsTRAILERS4 weeks ago1,081,416 views

    Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: http://g ...

  12. Jimmy Kimmel's Wife Breastfed Jennifer Aniston

    by JimmyKimmelLive4 months ago672,465 views

    Jennifer Aniston talks about Jimmy's new baby and she reveals that she tried Jimmy's wife Molly's br**st milk. SUBSCRIBE ...

  13. We're the Millers Jennifer Aniston Dance Scene

    by n0R4oY4jeSydmsh3AseB1 year ago151,465 views

    Jennifer Aniston Dancing in We're The Millers.

  14. Horrible Bosses 2 Interviews - Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis & Charlie Day

    by flicksandthecity1 month ago41,687 views

    Horrible Bosses 2 Press Interviews with Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day & Jason Sudeikis. Subscribe for more! ...

  15. Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Jennifer Aniston Comments

    by JimmyKimmelLive4 months ago504,997 views

    Jimmy reads some of the online comments we received after our bit that reunited “Friends” cast members Jennifer Aniston ...

  16. The More You Know - Jennifer Aniston: PSA on Sexual Assault

    by NBC5 days ago1,281 views

    Jennifer Aniston speaks about seeking help after sexual assault. » Subscribe to NBC: Get more NBC: ...

  17. Wedding Bells For Jennifer Aniston?

    by TheEllenShow4 weeks ago681,276 views

    The actress talked to her friend, Ellen about the world awaiting her nuptials.

  18. Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox FRIENDS Reunion on Ellen!

    by xEhLP8bNBO2GT4u_A8PN11 months ago811,825 views

    Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox FRIENDS Reunion on Ellen! videolarını Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and ...

  19. Jennifer Aniston's Risqué Necklace - CONAN on TBS

    by teamcoco2 weeks ago1,558,029 views

    CONAN Highlight: Jennifer chose very, um, versatile jewelry for her "Horrible Bosses 2" role. More CONAN @ http://teamco ...

  20. Jennifer Aniston - The Untold Story - The Biography - Extradordinary People

    by f6juFBANQANqaMONOleh7 months ago14,960 views

    Jennifer Aniston seems to have it all. Fame. Fortune. And a charismatic girl-next-door appeal that has catapulted her onto ...

  21. Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman Ready to Inspire Laughter in 'Horrible Bosses 2'

    by ABCNews1 month ago12,642 views

    The stars shed light on how they were able to keep their roles fresh, fun and exciting.

  22. DP/30 One Question: Jennifer Aniston, "Were You Looking For Dramas To Do In Years Past?"

    by TheHotButton6 days ago2,104 views

    She's been very famous as a comic actor and celebrity for 20 years. This year, she stars in her first real drama, Cake, and ...

  23. Jennifer Aniston with Prof. Richard Brown

    by movies1019 months ago35,770 views

    Jennifer Aniston joins Prof. Richard Brown to discuss her life and career.

  24. Jennifer Aniston, "Friends" Reunion, and Her Iconic Hairdo - The Graham Norton Show on BBC America

    by BBCAmericaTV1 month ago189,863 views

    Jennifer Aniston talks about what she has in mind for the "Friends" reunion, and the difficulty of her classic "Rachel" ...

  25. Jennifer Aniston Checks In With An Old Boss | The Queen Latifah Show

    by QueenLatifahShow3 weeks ago21,377 views

    Actress Jennifer Aniston discusses her former job at the restaurant Jackson Hole in New York City and also surprises her ...

  26. The Talk - Jennifer Aniston on Justin Theroux and Tabloids

    by SV8iMrDMdzc79kPCS9qu4 weeks ago24,774 views

    Jennifer Aniston gushes over fiancé Justin Theroux and spills hilarious stories about how he makes her laugh. Aniston says ...

  27. Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Play Last Word

    by TheEllenShow4 weeks ago821,070 views

    It looks like Jen might be the one with the last word after she shows off her new Ellen-invented Adjust-a-Bust.

  28. Jennifer Aniston Talks Inner Circle and Beauty Missteps

    by PopSugarTV9 months ago54,711 views

    Jennifer Aniston is teaming up with Aveeno Active Naturals on the brand's new line of products, and when we sat down with ...

  29. Jennifer Aniston Plays the Jennifer Aniston Trivia Game

    by thewrapnews3 days ago13 views

    How well does the Golden Globe and SAG-nominated actress know herself when she's tested against executive editor (and su ...

  30. Jennifer Aniston Gets a Surprise From The Audience - The Graham Norton Show on BBC America

    by BBCAmericaTV4 weeks ago134,718 views

    Jennifer Aniston is taken aback when Graham Norton and the audience recreate the classic "Friends" theme song. "No one told ...

  31. Jennifer Aniston's Hidden Camera Prank

    by TheEllenShow3 years ago4,372,198 views

    The international superstar played a prank on an unsuspecting bike salesmen with the help of Ellen! See the full video of ...

  32. Jennifer Aniston Comments About Brad Pitt

    by vkv4mS_2WX2oFRI260gR11 months ago726,598 views

    Hollywood is full of glamour with a lot of beauty and color. The world of Hollywood is so glamorous that one can easily fell ...

  33. Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Fallon (2011.02.10)

    by KaLpaaZaN2 years ago501,090 views

    talking about just go with it and first birdday cake of new age

  34. Life of Crime TRAILER 1 (2014) - Jennifer Aniston, Mos Def Crime Comedy HD

    by MovieclipsCOMINGSOON7 months ago214,600 views

    Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: http://g ...

  35. Jennifer Aniston Takes the #ALSIceBucketChallenge @ProjectALS

    by JimmyKimmelLive4 months ago3,039,392 views

    Jennifer Aniston Takes the #ALSIcebucketChallenge @ProjectALS SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: ...

  36. Jennifer Aniston Destroys Jimmy Kimmel's New Set

    by JimmyKimmelLive2 years ago2,357,552 views

    Jimmy Kimmel Live - Jennifer Aniston Destroys Jimmy Kimmel's New Set Jimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel features clips and ...

  37. Jennifer Aniston Reveals 'Panic' That Set In Before Tackling Stripper Role - 'GMA' Interview 2013

    by ABCNews1 year ago109,974 views

    "We're the Millers" actress discusses living life in the spotlight and preparing for new comedy. For more on this story ...

  38. Pictionary with Jennifer Aniston, Lenny Kravitz and CeeLo Green, Part 1

    by latenight1 year ago3,046,363 views

    Jimmy teams up with CeeLo Green to play a game of Pictionary against Jennifer Aniston and Lenny Kravitz. Part 1 of 2 Su ...

  39. Jennifer Aniston Talks ‘Cake': How She ‘Psychosomatically’ Created Pain for Emotional Performance

    by thewrapnews2 weeks ago3,100 views

    Honestly, once you start to psychosomatically create pain, it really does manifest itself into your own body,” Aniston tells ...

  40. Cinderella rettet Disney? | Jennifer Aniston geprankt! | FILMFAKTEN #27

    by diefilmfabrik5 days ago301 views

    Cinderella rettet Disney? | Jennifer Aniston geprankt! | FILMFAKTEN #27 Wir sehen immer nur die fertigen Filme in den Kinos ...

  41. Jennifer Aniston & Emily Blunt at the Variety Studio: Actors on Actors presented by Samsung Galaxy

    by Variety2 weeks ago8,079 views

    Jennifer Aniston & Emily Blunt talk learning lines at the Variety Studio: Actors on Actors presented by Samsung Galaxy.


    by jiEFCWISdJ1DzlHkJ3a-3 months ago5,976 views

    LENO. 1996.

  43. Unscripted with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman

    by MoviefoneVideo2 years ago104,205 views

    Watch The Trailer For "Admission" wtih Tina Fey & Paul Rud: Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman interview each other ...

  44. Jennifer Aniston's Surprising Exercise Confession

    by enews3 days ago0 views

    Find out what happened when the actress stopped working out.

  45. A Different Side Of Jennifer Aniston in "Cake" | The Queen Latifah Show

    by QueenLatifahShow3 weeks ago8,801 views

    Actress Jennifer Aniston discusses her role in the upcoming film, "Cake". SUBSCRIBE: About Queen ...

  46. Jennifer Aniston on Her #ALSIceBucketChallenge

    by JimmyKimmelLive4 months ago378,102 views

    Jennifer talks about getting called out to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by her fiance Justin Theroux and she discusses ...