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  1. A chat with Jennifer Aniston

    by CBSSundayMorning2 months ago103,276 views

    Actress Jennifer Aniston could always get a laugh in the long-running TV show "Friends." In her new film, "Cake," she's trying ...

  2. Jennifer Aniston vs. Lisa Kudrow in Celebrity Curse Off

    by JimmyKimmelLive3 months ago7,016,073 views

    Here at the show we're known for bleeping and blurring things unnecessarily - but for once, the bleeping is necessary. If ...

  3. Jennifer Aniston Interview Prank

    by bbcradio13 months ago4,477,942 views

    Millions of you watched Chris Stark's interviews with Mila Kunis and Jennifer Aniston. The amazing thing about those videos ...

  4. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel in "Friends"

    by JimmyKimmelLive6 months ago17,375,722 views

    Just like everyone else on the planet Jimmy was a big fan of the show Friends. In fact he loved it so much that he wrote ...

  5. Lip Flip with Jennifer Aniston

    by latenight1 month ago2,489,385 views

    Jennifer expresses an interest in interviewing herself, so she and Jimmy swap mouths and end up in a debate over if the New ...

  6. Jennifer Aniston is Scared to Fly

    by JimmyKimmelLive3 months ago330,235 views

    Jennifer reveals her fear of flying and shares an interesting exchange she had with a flight attendant recently. SUBSCRIBE ...

  7. Jimmy Fallon Is Jealous of Jennifer Aniston's Trips with Jimmy Kimmel

    by latenight1 month ago1,348,668 views

    Jimmy asks Jennifer Aniston why he's not invited on her arts and crafts-filled vacations with Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel ...

  8. Jennifer Aniston (Management) full movie 720P (2008)

    by I4WfDSFJVCdiqH_vFOJz2 months ago155,647 views

    A Romantic Comedy. Starring also Steve Zahn & Woody Harrelson.

  9. The talk (2014) - Jennifer Aniston

    by 58b3ZykeGI1XA5LV9TU73 months ago44,479 views

    Jennifer Aniston on The Talk - 26 November 2014. She talked about Justin Theroux, Leprechaun, The press, FRIENDS, Horrible ...

  10. Jennifer Aniston Biography (UPDATE)

    by WatchMojo4 weeks ago137,941 views

    She's an Emmy award-winning actress that everyone would like to be friends with. In this bio update, in honor of her newer ...

  11. Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Play 'Let Them Eat Cake'

    by TheEllenShow1 month ago877,465 views

    To celebrate both of their birthdays, Jen and Ellen played a fun cake-throwing game with two audience members.

  12. Jennifer Aniston - The Untold Story - The Biography - Extradordinary People

    by f6juFBANQANqaMONOleh10 months ago76,146 views

    Jennifer Aniston seems to have it all. Fame. Fortune. And a charismatic girl-next-door appeal that has catapulted her onto ...

  13. Jennifer Aniston's Deleted Sex Scene - CONAN on TBS

    by teamcoco3 months ago1,470,099 views

    Jennifer explains why her sex scene with Charlie Day was cut from "Horrible Bosses 2." More CONAN @ ...

  14. Jennifer Aniston David Letterman

    by MultiMan4459 months ago103,799 views

  15. Chelsea's A-List Friends Stage an Intervention | Chelsea Lately

    by ChelseaLately6 months ago496,494 views

    Mary McCormack, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock have prepared statements for the troubled "Chelsea Lately" host. Plus ...

  16. Jennifer Aniston on the Oscars

    by TheEllenShow1 month ago534,424 views

    The star was here after the announcement of the Oscar nominations and she told Ellen about her feelings.

  17. DP/30: Cake, Jennifer Aniston

    by TheHotButton2 months ago42,227 views

    You know her from her comic performances, but this year, Jennifer Aniston goes to a very dark place in the drama, Cake. She ...

  18. We're the Millers Jennifer Aniston Dance Scene

    by n0R4oY4jeSydmsh3AseB1 year ago236,973 views

    Jennifer Aniston Dancing in We're The Millers.

  19. Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Jennifer Aniston & Tila Tequila

    by FMFgJFk6lfIiRztlcq-T1 month ago300,786 views

    Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Jennifer Aniston & Tila Tequila Weirdly honest moment: Zach to Tila: "I got a blow ...

  20. Best Comedy Movies -jennifer Aniston 2015 Full English

    by 4Zh0CNmQ3n7RQgEiOmEW1 month ago1,655 views

    Best Comedy Movies-jennifer Aniston 2015 Full English | Best Drama, Fantasy Movies - New Action Movies 2015 --------------- ...

  21. Jimmy Kimmel's Wife Breastfed Jennifer Aniston

    by JimmyKimmelLive6 months ago809,154 views

    Jennifer Aniston talks about Jimmy's new baby and she reveals that she tried Jimmy's wife Molly's br**st milk. SUBSCRIBE ...

  22. Horrible Bosses 2 Interviews - Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis & Charlie Day

    by flicksandthecity4 months ago62,604 views

    Horrible Bosses 2 Press Interviews with Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day & Jason Sudeikis. Subscribe for more! ...

  23. Cake Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick Movie HD

    by movieclipsTRAILERS3 months ago3,068,570 views

    Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: http://g ...

  24. SAG Foundation - Jennifer Aniston

    by rachelhol3 months ago9,928 views

  25. Cake Movie CLIP - Pharmacy (2014) - Jennifer Aniston Movie HD

    by MovieclipsCOMINGSOON2 weeks ago3,254 views

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  26. SBIFF Jennifer Aniston Montecito Award Santa Barbara Arlington Theater 2015

    by leoleila764 weeks ago904 views

    Full interview and award presentation! Enjoy!

  27. Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Jennifer Aniston Comments

    by JimmyKimmelLive6 months ago568,208 views

    Jimmy reads some of the online comments we received after our bit that reunited “Friends” cast members Jennifer Aniston ...

  28. Pictionary with Jennifer Aniston, Lenny Kravitz and CeeLo Green, Part 1

    by latenight2 years ago3,700,961 views

    Jimmy teams up with CeeLo Green to play a game of Pictionary against Jennifer Aniston and Lenny Kravitz. Part 1 of 2 Su ...

  29. Throwing Shade #76: Pot Cookies & Jennifer Aniston

    by FunnyorDie2 weeks ago2,157 views

    Subscribe now: It's time to sit back, relax, and pop open ...

  30. Wedding Bells For Jennifer Aniston?

    by TheEllenShow3 months ago880,453 views

    The actress talked to her friend, Ellen about the world awaiting her nuptials.

  31. Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Play Last Word

    by TheEllenShow3 months ago1,301,983 views

    It looks like Jen might be the one with the last word after she shows off her new Ellen-invented Adjust-a-Bust.

  32. Jennifer Aniston's Risqué Necklace - CONAN on TBS

    by teamcoco3 months ago1,788,791 views

    CONAN Highlight: Jennifer chose very, um, versatile jewelry for her "Horrible Bosses 2" role. More CONAN @ http://teamco ...

  33. Cake Movie CLIP - Pool (2014) - Jennifer Aniston Movie H

    by MovieclipsCOMINGSOON2 weeks ago2,319 views

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  34. Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox FRIENDS Reunion on Ellen!

    by xEhLP8bNBO2GT4u_A8PN1 year ago1,089,525 views

    Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox FRIENDS Reunion on Ellen! videolarını Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and ...

  35. Jennifer Aniston: Surprising Truth About 'The Good Girl'

    by TheLipTV1 week ago12 views

    THE GOOD GIRL director Miguel Arteta talks about casting Jennifer Aniston in the film, as opposed to Catherine Keener and ...

  36. INTERVIEW: Jennifer Aniston on the 'Challenge,'Excitement' of New Film 'Cake'

    by 7b_CoxtABBnvBoXVjXzZ3 weeks ago271 views

    Jennifer Aniston Interview 2015: Cake Actress Says Was 'Challenged and 'Excited to Get Role in Drama Former "Friends" star ...

  37. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Were The Cutest Couple At The 2015 SAG Awards

    by EntertainmentTonight1 month ago15,705 views

    Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are adorable, and the couple's cuteness was on full display all night at the 2015 SAG ...

  38. Jennifer Aniston Interview - Cake (2015)

    by heyuguysblog2 weeks ago1,059 views

    Actor Jennifer Aniston is interviewed for her movie Cake. Cake also stars Anna Kendrick, Britt Robertson, Camille Guaty ...

  39. CAKE - Bande Annonce Officielle (VOST) - Jennifer Aniston / Sam Worthington

    by WarnerBrosFrance2 weeks ago24,206 views

    Bande Annonce Officielle du Film "CAKE" réalisé par Daniel Barnz et avec Jennifer Aniston et Sam Worthington. Claire Bennett ...

  40. Dr. Oz's Sleep Advice for Jennifer Aniston

    by DoctorOz2 weeks ago4,348 views

    Dr. Oz tells Jennifer Aniston what she should do each night before bed to help her sleep better.

  41. Chelsea Lately: Jennifer Aniston

    by ChelseaLately5 years ago1,781,947 views

    Chelsea chats with "The Switch" actress about tabloid rumors and her new fragrance. Listen to Jen address the media gossip!

  42. Jennifer Aniston in ‘Cake’: ‘I Went Back to Class’

    by ABCNews1 month ago5,003 views

    The Hollywood actress discusses her latest role as Claire, a woman suffering from chronic pain. Learn more at ...

  43. Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman Ready to Inspire Laughter in 'Horrible Bosses 2'

    by ABCNews3 months ago18,341 views

    The stars shed light on how they were able to keep their roles fresh, fun and exciting.

  44. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Agreed on Prenup | Hollyscoop News

    by HollyscoopTV2 weeks ago1,111 views

    For More Celebrity News, Subscribe Here!▻▻ Jen Aniston's Prenup Stalling Wedding▻▻ ...

  45. Jennifer Aniston Comments About Brad Pitt

    by vkv4mS_2WX2oFRI260gR1 year ago1,009,170 views

    Hollywood is full of glamour with a lot of beauty and color. The world of Hollywood is so glamorous that one can easily fell ...

  46. Jennifer Aniston with Prof. Richard Brown

    by movies10112 months ago40,571 views

    Jennifer Aniston joins Prof. Richard Brown to discuss her life and career.