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  1. Doris Day's 90th birthday celebration

    by v89WRJ_k-UTzLG98N0uW11 months ago377,752 views

  2. Doris Day - Que Sera Sera

    by zennmann7 years ago11,279,168 views

    When I was just a little girl I asked my mother what will I be Will I be pretty will I be rich Here's what she said to me ...

  3. Doris Day - It's Magic - Romance on the High Seas (1949) - Classic Movies - Cine Clásico

    by epropuesta4 years ago338,711 views

    Doris Day Song: It's Magic Movie: Romance on the High Seas Year: 1949 Lyrics: You sigh, the song begins, you speak and I ...

  4. Gloria Huniford 1995 - Doris Day

    by nWJECtcY5rFP1GUgDtfw8 months ago17,526 views

    Due to YouTube music copyright laws i have had to edit this interview by 10 minutes .

  5. Gene Nelson and Doris Day Lullaby of Broadway

    by VaudeChild3 years ago126,055 views

    This is one of the most epic numbers I've ever seen. Doris' amazing lullaby voice is a perfect fit for the beautiful song ...

  6. The Doris Day Show - 2x11 - A Two Family Christmas

    by CHRISTMASjoy3655 months ago12,795 views

    Thank You for watching. Have a Blessed Christmas! The Doris Day Show is an American sitcom that was originally broadcast ...

  7. Doris Day on "What's My Line?"

    by roots665 years ago162,622 views

    Not only her first appearance on the program, but apparently her first television appearance period.

  8. Doris Day A Sentimental Journey

    by Dayniac43247 years ago1,287,827 views

    Doris Day with the Les Brown band. Recorded Nov. 20, 1944. Photo's from 1945 to 1998.

  9. Doris Day - Secret Love

    by moonbeam00135 years ago531,260 views

    Once I had a secret love.. what an amazing voice and a fabulous lady, Doris Day absolutely unforgettable. Accompanied by ...

  10. Doris Day Barbara Walters 1-2

    by lone1tiger2 years ago33,469 views

    A 1970s interview by Barbara Walters. It's about Day's biography. Part 1.

  11. Doris Day - The Way We Were

    by baroquealmaviva3 years ago323,150 views

    Doris Day's performance of "The Way We Were" from her second TV Special, "Doris Day Today" (1975). "Disclaimer- Copyright ...

  12. Doris day interview 1988

    by seahamm7 months ago4,249 views

    Doris day I dont like apple pie I like peach, 1988 Part 2.

  13. Doris Day & Gordon MacRae - "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"

    by Daroncoots12 months ago60,140 views

    By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1953)

  14. What's My Line? - Doris Day (Jun 20, 1954)

    by hPE75Fvvl1HmdAsO7Nzb1 year ago25,730 views

    MYSTERY GUEST: Doris Day PANEL: Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Allen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

  15. Doris Day Receives the Cecil B. Demil Award - Golden Globes 1989

    by AwardsShowNetwork5 years ago106,980 views

    Clint Eastwood presents the Cecil B. DeMille Award to Doris Day. Clint Eastwood describes her as a remarkable woman who puts ...

  16. The Doris Day Show

    by VogueLaFrance1 year ago22,666 views

  17. DORIS DAY 90th Birthday Shout-Outs

    by CW3PRVideo11 months ago12,654 views

    List of talent and timecodes: Tony Bennett (HD) 00:00 - 00:03 Ringo Starr (HD) 00:04 - 00:20 Ken Howard + Dick Van Dyke (HD) ...

  18. Doris Day's 90th Birthday Party - 2014

    by nHVi99lvTHBBX3LcoS1a11 months ago132,700 views

    I was lucky enough to attend Doris Day's birthday party at the Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley. The event was a fund raiser ...

  19. Doris Day On Rock Hudson, Star Of The Month

    by TurnerClassicMovies9 months ago23,444 views

    Doris Day offers her personal remembrance of her close friend and TCM's June, 2014 Star Of The Month, Rock Hudson Subscribe ...

  20. Doris Day - Shaking the Blues Away - Love Me or Leave Me (1955) - Classic Movies - Cine Clásico

    by epropuesta4 years ago205,530 views

    Singer: Doris Day Song: Shaking the Blues Away Movie: Love Me or Leave Me Year: 1955 Lyrics: There's an old superstition ...

  21. Doris Day sings "Secret Love" from "Calamity Jane" (1953)

    by JohnLeGear2 years ago94,249 views

    Doris Day made famous the Oscar winning song "Secret Love" in the film "Calamity Jane." This incredibly gifted actress and ...

  22. Doris Day - All Alone

    by nipstertunes2 years ago3,475 views

    All Alone by Doris Day - from 1967 - song composer Irving Berlin.

  23. Doris Day - Dream A Little Dream of Me

    by MrMidoodidotv3 years ago1,245,009 views

    Doris Day - Dream A Little Dream of Me Follow me in twitter : Stars shining bright above you Night breezes seem ...

  24. Put Em in a Box Romance on the High Seas Doris Day

    by Z3vRsj9zrOk0pq0F73-22 years ago6,641 views

    Put Em in a Box Romance on the High Seas Doris Day.

  25. Doe maar - Doris Day (unfullversion)

    by LittlexPoisonxGiirl7 years ago85,611 views

    nieuw filmpje (full version) upgeload, kijk hier rechts, of tussen mijn filmpjes op mijn kanaal ;) x.


    by N2010R4 years ago6,957 views

  27. The Deadwood Stage from Calamity Jane (1953)

    by friendofpoodles7 years ago637,240 views

    This is our first introduction to the boisterous Calamity Jane (Doris Day) as she arrives in Deadwood City with a wagon full ...

  28. Doris Day: When I Fall In Love

    by MrKingsRow5 years ago667,532 views

    Doris Day singing, "When I Fall In Love," from 1952.


    by DoniSacramento7 years ago209,888 views

    Rock Hudson & Doris Day star in this perfect romance & comedy combination movie of 1959. A landmark in many people's tee ...

  30. This Hour Has 22 Minutes-Rick Mercer: Stockwell Doris Day

    by ventsolaire4 years ago8,344 views

  31. Nestor Amaral and Doris Day - "It's Magic" - 1948

    by amarallmusic5 years ago15,680 views

    Doris Day and Nestor Amaral singing in "Romance on the High Seas". look DoniSacramento's comments.

  32. Little Girld Blue - Doris Day - jumbo 1962

    by reVknOcK33 years ago2,512 views

    Doris Over - Little Girld Blue- Stepehn Boyd, Jimmy Durante, Martha Raye and Dean Jagger; Music and Lyrics by Richard Rodgers ...

  33. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps by Doris Day (With Lyrics) HD

    by lv44NAjTXq1Fe8kuHmhH11 months ago35,716 views

    Doris Day is an American actress, singer, and animal rights activist. Day began her career as a big band singer in 1939 ...

  34. Doris Day Choochoo train (Ch-Ch-Foo)

    by Zenobiaa4 years ago8,248 views

    Copyrights: Disky Communications Europe B.V..

  35. Doris Day -- Makin' Whoopee!

    by VintageMusicFm2 years ago1,407 views

    Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff, más conocida como Doris Day (Evanston, Ohio, 3 de abril de 1922) es una actriz cantante y ...

  36. Doris Day Makin Eyes at Perry Como

    by vonkrum7 years ago365,237 views

    Doris Day Perry Como medly from the Doris Day Special


    by sampodmike3 years ago5,483 views

    Probably the best version of this standard tune which won the Academy Award in 1943. This -version, by Doris Day, is from ...

  38. Doris Day Salutes James Cagney at the AFI Life Achievement Award

    by afi5 years ago152,455 views

    Doris Day salutes James Cagney at the 2nd AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To James Cagney (1974). CONNECT WITH AFI: ...

  39. Doe Maar - Doris day (full version!)

    by LittlexPoisonxGiirl5 years ago116,393 views

    de full version van Doris day ;D heb em al eens eerder upgeload, maar dan niet de fullversion.. nu is hij helemaal en met ...

  40. 1945 HITS ARCHIVE: Sentimental Journey - Les Brown (Doris Day, vocal) (the original #1 version)

    by MusicProf7810 months ago1,553 views

    Sentimental Journey (Green-Brown-Homer) by Les Brown & his Orchestra, vocal by Doris Day (CD audio source) THE 1945 HITS ...


    by konidolfine7 years ago76,245 views

    From my 78rpm records collection. "ブロードウェイの子守歌" 唄:ドリス・デイ 演奏:ハリー・ジェイムズ楽団 Doris Day with Harry James and his orchestra.

  42. Doris Day Gives Rare Interview

    by AssociatedPress3 years ago18,429 views

    Film legend, Doris Day, reveals how she would have worked for nothing as she had so much fun making her movies. (May 7) ...

  43. Doris Day Shanghi

    by vonkrum7 years ago4,500 views

    Doris Day snaps set to "Why did i tell you i was going to Shanghi".

  44. Doris Day - It's Magic

    by Dayniac43246 years ago403,785 views

    Happy Birthday Doris - Thank you for the magic ! Doris recorded this version of "It's Magic" in 1952. Jule Styne - Sammy ...

  45. Doris Day ~~~ Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

    by Dayniac43245 years ago3,843,718 views

    Doris recorded Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps on Nov. 5, 1964 for her Latin For Lovers album.

  46. Doris Day - The Pajama Game, "Once a year day"

    by afantastic7 years ago21,306 views

    Doris Day getting kissed under a tree by John Raitt. This is for Babe Williams!