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  1. The Thrill Of It All! (1963) - James Garner & Doris Day

    by 9dyw3TBA8HYgfef7JoB73 months ago80,154 views

    A housewife's sudden rise to fame as a soap spokesperson leads to chaos in her home life.

  2. Doris Day - Que Sera Sera

    by zennmann7 years ago10,877,560 views

    When I was just a little girl I asked my mother what will I be Will I be pretty will I be rich Here's what she said to me ...

  3. Doris Day - It's Magic - Romance on the High Seas (1949) - Classic Movies - Cine Clásico

    by epropuesta3 years ago315,071 views

    Doris Day Song: It's Magic Movie: Romance on the High Seas Year: 1949 Lyrics: You sigh, the song begins, you speak and I ...

  4. Gloria Huniford 1995 - Doris Day

    by nWJECtcY5rFP1GUgDtfw5 months ago8,490 views

    Due to YouTube music copyright laws i have had to edit this interview by 10 minutes .

  5. Doris Day on "What's My Line?"

    by roots665 years ago156,664 views

    Not only her first appearance on the program, but apparently her first television appearance period.

  6. Doris Day - The Way We Were

    by baroquealmaviva3 years ago279,880 views

    Doris Day's performance of "The Way We Were" from her second TV Special, "Doris Day Today" (1975). "Disclaimer- Copyright ...

  7. Gene Nelson and Doris Day Lullaby of Broadway

    by VaudeChild3 years ago115,470 views

    This is one of the most epic numbers I've ever seen. Doris' amazing lullaby voice is a perfect fit for the beautiful song ...

  8. Doris Day's 90th Birthday Party - 2014

    by nHVi99lvTHBBX3LcoS1a9 months ago115,061 views

    I was lucky enough to attend Doris Day's birthday party at the Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley. The event was a fund raiser ...

  9. Doris Day A Sentimental Journey

    by Dayniac43247 years ago1,208,397 views

    Doris Day with the Les Brown band. Recorded Nov. 20, 1944. Photo's from 1945 to 1998.

  10. Doris day interview 1988

    by seahamm4 months ago2,263 views

    Doris day I dont like apple pie I like peach, 1988 Part 2.

  11. Doris Day Barbara Walters 1-2

    by lone1tiger2 years ago31,148 views

    A 1970s interview by Barbara Walters. It's about Day's biography. Part 1.

  12. Doris Day - Secret Love

    by moonbeam00135 years ago494,324 views

    Once I had a secret love.. what an amazing voice and a fabulous lady, Doris Day absolutely unforgettable. Accompanied by ...

  13. The Doris Day Show - 2x11 - A Two Family Christmas

    by CHRISTMASjoy3652 months ago4,454 views

    Thank You for watching. Have a Blessed Christmas! The Doris Day Show is an American sitcom that was originally broadcast ...

  14. Doris Day & Gordon MacRae - "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"

    by Daroncoots9 months ago42,911 views

    By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1953)

  15. What's My Line? - Doris Day (Jun 20, 1954)

    by hPE75Fvvl1HmdAsO7Nzb1 year ago20,935 views

    MYSTERY GUEST: Doris Day PANEL: Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Allen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

  16. The Doris Day Show

    by VogueLaFrance1 year ago19,288 views

  17. Doris Day On Rock Hudson, Star Of The Month

    by TurnerClassicMovies7 months ago19,208 views

    Doris Day offers her personal remembrance of her close friend and TCM's June, 2014 Star Of The Month, Rock Hudson Subscribe ...

  18. Doris Day - More ( Lyrics )

    by zezagpolla5 months ago451 views

  19. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps by Doris Day (With Lyrics) HD

    by lv44NAjTXq1Fe8kuHmhH8 months ago24,849 views

    Doris Day is an American actress, singer, and animal rights activist. Day began her career as a big band singer in 1939 ...

  20. Doris Day Receives the Cecil B. Demil Award - Golden Globes 1989

    by AwardsShowNetwork5 years ago100,409 views

    Clint Eastwood presents the Cecil B. DeMille Award to Doris Day. Clint Eastwood describes her as a remarkable woman who puts ...

  21. Doris Day - Shaking the Blues Away - Love Me or Leave Me (1955) - Classic Movies - Cine Clásico

    by epropuesta3 years ago184,387 views

    Singer: Doris Day Song: Shaking the Blues Away Movie: Love Me or Leave Me Year: 1955 Lyrics: There's an old superstition ...

  22. Doris Day - Dream A Little Dream Of Me Instrumental

    by minxiue214 years ago296,089 views

    I am starting to make my own karaoke videos because I find there are a lot of songs people would like to karaoke too but ...

  23. Doris Day- Que Sera Sera (whatever will be, will be) Lyrics

    by Vintageart19949 months ago1,676 views

    Released in 1956. Enjoy! *I do not own any copyrights*

  24. Doris Day sings "Secret Love" from "Calamity Jane" (1953)

    by JohnLeGear1 year ago75,779 views

    Doris Day made famous the Oscar winning song "Secret Love" in the film "Calamity Jane." This incredibly gifted actress and ...


    by ilemusg1 year ago1,727 views

    vídeo de ilemusg.

  26. Baby, it's cold outside Doris Day and Bing Crosby

    by pujandaripa402 years ago2,593 views

    To my friends who are Doris Day fans.

  27. DORIS DAY 90th Birthday Shout-Outs

    by CW3PRVideo9 months ago10,999 views

    List of talent and timecodes: Tony Bennett (HD) 00:00 - 00:03 Ringo Starr (HD) 00:04 - 00:20 Ken Howard + Dick Van Dyke (HD) ...

  28. Doris Day - Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly (Stereo)

    by xUEnNNKZe3mOgFTDC_u31 year ago1,439 views

    My dear friend - Stephen Munns - who is the creator of the most wonderful site on the internet devoted to Doris Day - "D ...

  29. DORIS DAY & John Denver - Sunshine Medley (1975)

    by BerlinDirk26 years ago170,584 views

    From The Show "Doris Day Today" (1975)"Sunshine Medley" (Walkin In The Sunshine / You Are The Sunshine Of My Life / Sunshine ...

  30. Doris Day - Love Me or Leave Me (1955) - You Made Me Love You

    by 8NXvbrZya-G5xF5Ew2nk2 months ago139 views

    Doris Day - Love Me or Leave Me (1955) - You Made Me Love You.

  31. ricky nelson & doris day - hello mary lou

    by PacificAct5 years ago86,714 views

    actors and other animals, event run by earl holliman - charity event at the burbank backlot; doris day auctions items; ricky ...

  32. Doris Day - Here Comes Santa Claus (Best Christmas Songs)

    by warnermusicde3 weeks ago7,091 views

    Hier geht's zur Playlist mit den größten Weihnachtsh*ts für einen weihnachtlichen Dezember: Bestellt das ...

  33. The Deadwood Stage from Calamity Jane (1953)

    by friendofpoodles7 years ago602,849 views

    This is our first introduction to the boisterous Calamity Jane (Doris Day) as she arrives in Deadwood City with a wagon full ...

  34. Les Brown - Doris Day - The Christmas Song - From LP

    by jrbuck96694 years ago9,474 views

    This is Doris Day singing this awesome Christmas Song. This is played on and recorded directly from my Technics SL-B3 turntable ...


    by sinuhe742 years ago1,242 views

    Aunque ya habia editado esta cancion en 1950 por entonces decidio grabar este album en los estudios de Columbia Records en ...

  36. TCM Tribute to Doris Day

    by 24fpsfan2 years ago6,116 views

  37. The Doris Day Christmas Album - 14 - I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

    by CHRISTMASjoy36512 months ago1,093 views

    Thank You for watching. Have a Blessed Christmas! I am on Facebook at:

  38. Doris Day on radio KIDD AM (2011)

    by megchristie14 years ago5,890 views

    Our dear Doris celebrates her birthday on Radio KIDD AM (3rd april, 2011)

  39. I'll Be Home For Christmas / Doris Day / Sony

    by themagicalmovies4 years ago13,064 views

    Doris Day sings the 1966 classic 'I'll be Home for Christmas" promoting the Forever Friends Christmas album "A Song For You" ...

  40. Ein Pyjama für Zwei (1961)

    by Rhea19672 years ago359,022 views

    Video konvertiert für handys

  41. ❤Doris Day- Well be together again❤

    by anialek362 years ago3,219 views

    WE'LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN (Carl Fischer / Frankie Laine) November 5, 1945 (with Les Brown's Band of Renown) Greetings from ...


    by sampodmike3 years ago17,221 views

    This is a very rare radio transcript of the song BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE sung by Doris Day and Bob Hope from THE BOB HOPE ...

  43. The Doris Day Christmas Album - 02 - I'll Be Home for Christmas

    by CHRISTMASjoy36512 months ago616 views

    Thank You for watching. Have a Blessed Christmas!


    by kotasierota5 years ago12,478 views

  45. Doris Day: When I Fall In Love

    by MrKingsRow5 years ago612,582 views

    Doris Day singing, "When I Fall In Love," from 1952.

  46. Doris Day - April In Paris

    by NedNickerson20105 years ago5,050 views

  47. Baby Its Cold Outside - Bing Crosby & Doris Day

    by moonbeam00135 years ago1,530,757 views

    Doris Day and Bing Crosby should have recorded this song together, don't you agree? Contrary to the mass of information and ...