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  1. Dougie on The Saturdays 24/7 - Episode 3

    by McFlyPortugalVideos4 years ago126,824 views Dougie's parts on the saturdays tv show.

  2. frankie sandford & dougie poynter

    by mcflyrockmyworld74 years ago70,985 views

    my new frankie and dougie video i think they r sooo cute together if u agree plz join my group

  3. Frankie talks about Dougie - 28/10/2010

    by McFlyPortugalVideos4 years ago79,817 views

    The Saturdays on Lorraine TV show.

  4. Dougie Poynter & Frankie Sandford

    by moonsies4 years ago7,660 views

    This is a Frougie video I made for a roleplaying plot I have. Dougie & Frankie portraying Matty & Elena. It's a sad plot ...

  5. Dougie Poynter performing on stage with The Saturdays - Manchester Work Tour

    by jadethenorthernone5 years ago23,703 views

    Just Can't Get Enough Manchester Apollo 7/7/09 LIVE.

  6. frankie sandford and dougie poynter

    by mcflyrockmyworld74 years ago6,324 views

    i think they make a cute couple plz join group if u agree

  7. Frankie and Dougie - Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays and Dougie Poynter from Mcfly Love video :)

    by lovelivelearn15 years ago17,719 views

    A little video we made to show our love for Frankie and Dougie who deserve to see what some of their nice fans love! Cutest ...

  8. Frougie (Frankie Sandford and Dougie Poynter) together again?

    by TheSatsChile5 years ago26,825 views

    What do you think? They're my fav couple, I see Frankie cried :( poor. Hope all is good for both.

  9. Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford Split

    by McFlYWorldwide5 years ago1,279 views

    Rumour or not?! Im so confused lol. Links: The Mirror - BIG article: ...

  10. dougie poynter and frankie sandford pics

    by xXxSillyGirlxXx6 years ago12,907 views

    this is for my fav couple :) dougie poynter and frankie sandford. 0:20-0:30: frankie's 20th birthday 0:30-01:12-:22/3/09 ...

  11. dougie poynter & frankie sandford- new pics

    by xXxSillyGirlxXx5 years ago10,906 views

    some new pics of the cute couple :) any hate comment will be removed... you all should just be happy for both of them, they ...

  12. Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford -- Where did it all go wrong?

    by Yaz2244 years ago8,601 views

    I love Frankie Sandford..but I'm devestated that she dumped Dougie :( Please please follow me on Twitter: @sandfordmcfly ...

  13. Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford *UPDATED PICS*

    by jbluvers7355 years ago8,854 views

    Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford updated Pics.

  14. Dougie Poynter single?

    by fleckingrecords5 years ago15,921 views

    Did Dallas Austin just announce that Dougie Poynter is now single via Ustream... Celebrity couple Frankie Sandford, The ...

  15. Dougie Poynter New Girlfriend

    by jbluvers7356 years ago26,399 views

    dougie and frankie sandford i miss louisseee!

  16. Dougie Poynter&Frankie Sandford

    by josefinbacklund6 years ago3,379 views

    A video I made about Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford.

  17. Dougie Poynter best moments 2010 -2

    by qelicas214 years ago163,376 views

    Dougie Poynter, also known as Captain Doug Wash or Pogo Shift, just being himself.The most cute sexy lil thing in all World:) ...

  18. Dougie & Frankie

    by dougeepoynter6 years ago76,981 views

    Dougie & Frankie Dougie Poynter new girl friend.

  19. It's a love story . . . // Dougie&Frankie

    by xBoomBoomClapx5 years ago3,298 views

    I'm so in love with this couple, I love Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford, it's just a video with picture and I s*ck with ...

  20. Talking to Dougie Poynter

    by brgbratz2 years ago19,242 views

    asdfghjkl; I waited 6 years for that moment. I asked Dougie to write out a tattoo for me, and for a hug, and then Rosa was ...

  21. Dougie Poynter Making Noises

    by DrWhoTorchwood33 years ago11,582 views

    Dougie from McFly just being himself... I own nothing! All rights go to their respective owners! Please comment/like (if ...

  22. Dougie Poynter - Circle Of Life.

    by SelDougieFAN14 years ago17,996 views

  23. Shake Up Christmas Collab - Multifandom

    by xlahoney4 years ago367 views

    0:00 - 0:20 - thehurricanex3 - Fandom: Frankie Sandford/Dougie Poynter 0:20 - 0:40 - demixheartsxyu - Fandom: Taylor Swi ...

  24. Dougie Poynter

    by kateslovesmcfly3 years ago9,294 views

    Not the best but oh well! includes some funny moments!!

  25. Contagious-Dougie Poynter

    by dougeepoynter7 years ago153,431 views

    Contagious-Dougie Poynter

  26. Time Bomb - Dougie Poynter

    by dougeepoynter3 years ago11,255 views

    Time Bomb Dougie Poynter McFLY All Time Low

  27. Dougie Poynter (McFly)- It's All About Dougie

    by wosar56867 years ago57,168 views

    Dougie Poynter.

  28. Hot - Dougie Poynter

    by dougeepoynter7 years ago37,325 views

    Hot - Dougie Poynter McFLY Avril Lavigne.

  29. Bored - Frankie Sandford

    by SCLUB8WORLD5 years ago7,625 views

    Frankie Sandford - Bored Download Link: Lyrics: The very mention of your ...

  30. Frankie Sandford, why I decided to become an ambassador for Mind

    by MindWebteam2 years ago11,977 views

    Frankie Sandford, singer with the Saturdays, talks about dealing with depression and why she has chosen to become an amb ...

  31. at home with Frankie Sandford

    by TheBethsChannel2 years ago25,255 views

    Frankie shows you around her home, with wayne bridge xo.

  32. The Saturday's Frankie Sandford on Depression: Hey, It's OK To Talk About Depression

    by glamour3 years ago11,444 views

    The Saturday's Frankie Sandford on Depression: Hey, It's OK To Talk About Depression SUBSCRIBE HERE: ...

  33. Frankie Sandford - Swallow (Lyrics!)

    by teamsatslyrics2 years ago1,034 views

    I don't own this song, everything belongs to Frankie Sandford!

  34. Dougie Poynter Twitcam [04/09/10] - Part 1

    by bellecr4 years ago101,016 views

    Dougie Poynter Twitcam [04/09/10] - Part 1

  35. Dougie Poynter-What's My Age Again?

    by KRNPRIDEGURLIE908 years ago55,253 views

    dougie poynter montage to blink 182 whats my age again.

  36. Frankie Sandford & Wayne Bridge - Halo

    by kimzie92 years ago19,343 views

    Photo montage of the beautiful couple The Saturdays Frankie Sandford & Footballer Wayne Bridge. Song: Halo - Beyonce

  37. the saturdays Frankie Sandford The Door 2nd April 2010

    by molliekingfan75 years ago102,854 views

    frankie's parts from the door

  38. Dougie Poynter & Mark Wright Interview @ NTA Awards 2012

    by goodtele11113 years ago22,289 views

    The boys Interviewed by Caroline Flack

  39. Dougie Poynter and Lara Carew Jones

    by claumlf12 months ago1,399 views

    Es mi primer video, espero que les guste :D Suscribanse por favor :D Parachute - She is love (acoustic)

  40. Dougie Poynter - Wonderland DVD

    by Elizmaxine25 years ago9,347 views

    Dougie in the Wonderland DVD.

  41. Dougie Poynter mejores momentos (Subtitulado español)

    by Irenuni5 years ago21,297 views

    Momentos divertidos de Dougie Poynter, Mcfly.

  42. Dougie Poynter - I Love You

    by dougeepoynter4 years ago11,121 views

    Dougie Poynter I Love You McFLY

  43. Dougie Poynter funny

    by kolerine5 years ago37,600 views

    This is my funny Dougie moments. Please subscribe. The song in the end is Mr. Brightside.

  44. Dougie Poynter, todo sobre el ( subtitulado en español

    by rebemcflyera4 years ago4,753 views

    mcfly, Doug Poynter.

  45. Frankie Sandford sexy silver dress!!-ZOOM SLOW MOTION- HD -.

    by zeuslands5 years ago52,364 views

    Frankie is AMAZING!!!

  46. Dougie Poynter Montage

    by FrankiexCore8 years ago76,060 views

    Dougie Poynter Montage.

  47. Dougie Poynter Perfect

    by danymc943 years ago5,245 views

    Shane Ward - No Promises.

  48. Dougie Poynter marrying Harry Judd

    by chelseyelizabethlamb6 years ago4,542 views

    Dougie Poynter giving his vows to Harry Judd.

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