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  1. Nick Stahl BUSTED Going Solo in PORN SHOP!

    by TMZ2 years ago21,854 views

    "Terminator 3" star Nick Stahl walked into a Hollywood porn shop recently... and then got totally BUSTED by police for getting ...

  2. Twist (2003) - Opening Scene with Nick Stahl

    by hannarika5 years ago12,818 views

    The first 4 minutes from the movie, and it's one of the finest scenes I'd willingly pick. This opening scene itself tells ...

  3. Charlize Theron & Nick Stahl on Sleepwalking

    by thisisnogoodtv2 years ago4,264 views

    Charlize Theron & Nick Stahl on Sleepwalking

  4. Away From Here Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Alicia Witt, Nick Stahl Movie HD

    by FilmFestivalVideos1 year ago23,410 views

    Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to INDIE TRAILERS: ...

  5. Twist 1/7 Inside life of Hustlers. Gay version, Charles Dickens' classic Oliver Twist. Enthralling.

    by queerflix23 years ago23,678 views

    Twist (2003 Canada) Written & Directed by Jacob Tierney, Director of Photography -- Gerald Packer, CSC. Editor -- Mitchell ...

  6. Nick Stahl -- I'm Finally Turning My Life Around

    by TMZ2 years ago8,623 views

    "Terminator 3" star Nick Stahl -- who's struggled with drugs, alcohol and other personal issues -- says he's finally focused ...

  7. Charlize Theron and Nick Stahl (2008)

    by SidewalksTV7 years ago26,288 views

    Preview clip of the "Sidewalks" interview with the stars of "Sleepwalking." Host Rafael Siegel's interview can be seen in ...

  8. Oliver & Dodge - Mad World (Twist , Gay Themed)

    by drewsarichfangirl4 years ago172,434 views

    Defenetly not a movie for everyone , not just becouse is based on the Charles Dicken's classic and have a modern & gay view ...

  9. Nick Stahl

    by atarrat15 years ago3,995 views

    Young Nick Stahl rides a beautiful friesian

  10. Quid Pro Quo Trailer Starring Nick Stahl

    by MagnoliaPictures7 years ago90,372 views Isaac Knott (Nick Stahl) is a Public Radio reporter in New York City. When he was eight, his mother ...

  11. Sin City (10/12) Movie CLIP - That Yellow Bastard (2005) HD

    by movieclips3 years ago163,968 views

    Sin City Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Yellow Bastard (Nick Stahl) ...

  12. Kalamity - Jonathan Jackson and Nick Stahl talk about working together.

    by Kalamzzz6 years ago4,173 views

    Playing opposite each other in the film Kalamity, Jonathan Jackson and Nick Stahl talk about working together.

  13. Klout Score, Nick Stahl Goes Missing, Green Arrow Show

    by AskMenVIDEO3 years ago2,497 views

    Today on The Daily Brief we took a look at the following topics: Nick Stahl is missing: Klout measure your influence: ...

  14. Bruce Willis doles out the harshness

    by Sozomai8 years ago39,760 views

    Clip from Sin City.

  15. Nick Stahl, Laura Jordan interviews NIGHT OF THE WHITE PANTS

    by THEBIGFANBOY8 years ago10,583 views

    Mark Walters of interviews Nick Stahl and Laura Jordan for NIGHT OF THE WHITE PANTS at the AFI DALLAS FILM ...

  16. 2012 Billboard Music Awards: Adele wins 12 Awards! Plus, Nick Stahl Found, Enters Rehab

    by sidereel3 years ago1,496 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! - Get more news & buzz around the top TV shows ...

  17. Nick Stahl Quotes

    by quotetank3 years ago117 views

    What was your favorite Nick Stahl quote? 'Like' and leave a comment below, then jump over to and make a list ...

  18. Kalamity - Nick Stahl summarizes his character Billy.

    by Kalamzzz6 years ago1,636 views

    Nick briefly discusses his character Billy Klepack in the film Kalamity.

  19. TheCinemaSource - Nick Stahl interview for Sleepwalking

    by TheCinemaSource7 years ago13,014 views lands an exclusive interview with Nick Stahl (Carnivale, Terminator 3) for the new independent movie ...

  20. Nick Stahl Missing Again

    by CelebTV3 years ago467 views

    The Terminator actor is missing again! Days after checking out of rehab, against doctor's orders, Nick has disappeared.

  21. Terminator 3 Star Nick Stahl Gone Missing

    by HollyscoopTV3 years ago754 views

    Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Nick Stahl ...

  22. Nick Stahl

    by zXntPsEwYYciaXPtuxPH2 years ago94 views

    Nick Stahl HIghlight Video.

  23. Nick Stahl Missing Again After Leaving Rehab

    by TheClickup3 years ago568 views

    For the second time this year, troubled Terminator Rise of the Machines star Nick Stahl has gone missing. The 32 year old ...

  24. Terminator Actor, Nick Stahl, Disappears

    by hotoffthenet3 years ago716 views

    First up, Nick Stahl, the kid who played Terminator 3, has gone missing. Monday morning Stahl's wife called the police to ...

  25. Nick Stahl Exclusive Interview for the movie Kalamity

    by TheCinemaSource2 years ago1,046 views

    An Exclusive Interview with Nick Stahl for the movie Kalamity also starring Alona Tal, Beau Garrett, Jonathan Jackson, Sammi ...

  26. 'Termintor 3′ Actor Nick Stahl Has Gone Missing

    by Whogottherole3 years ago700 views

    Nick Stahl, the actor who played John Connor in Terminator 3, has gone missing. TMZ reports that Stahl's wife filed a missing ...

  27. Actor Nick Stahl Found: Actor Enters Rehab After Going Missing: ENTV

    by ENTV3 years ago1,244 views

    Actor Nick Stahl famous for playing John Connor in 'Terminator 3' has resurfaced after his wife reported him missing several ...

  28. "Sleepwalking"Charlize Theron,Woody Harrelson,Dennis Hopper,Nick Stahl,Annasophia Robb

    by HarpsofThunder10 months ago321 views

    "Sleepwalking" Movie Trailer.Charlize Theron,Woody Harrelson,Dennis Hopper,Nick Stahl,Annasophia Robb,Deborra Lee Furnes ...


    by astridcapon3 years ago424 views

    SUSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @AstridCa "Audio file(s) provided by http://www.aud ...

  30. Terminator star, Nick Stahl takes his family shopping

    by BigFan20132 years ago185 views

    If you are an "Artist', looking for music or beats hit me up! Check me out and Hit me Up This ...

  31. Nick Stahl & friends enter Hooray Henry's in WeHo

    by PopCandiesTv1 year ago903 views

    Nick Stahl & friends enter Hooray Henry's in WeHo.

  32. Nick Stahl is Missing: Terminator 3 Actor's Wife Files Report With LAPD

    by slatester3 years ago1,032 views

    Nick Stahl, the young actor who played John Connor in Terminator 3, has gone missing. Stahl's wife filed a missing persons ...

  33. Nick Stahl II

    by atarrat15 years ago1,041 views

  34. Nick Stahl Missing for More Than a Week: Actor's Wife Supsects Drugs are Involved

    by ABCNews3 years ago1,846 views

    "Terminator 3" star's wife fears drugs might be involved in his disappearance. For more on this story, click here:

  35. Entertainment News Pop: Nick Stahl Taken to Hospital

    by WochitEntertainment2 years ago189 views

    Nick Stahl Taken to Hospital Terminator 3" star Nick Stahl- was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold after being taken to an ...

  36. Entertainment News Pop: Nick Stahl Busted For Meth

    by WochitEntertainment2 years ago159 views

    Nick Stahl Busted For Meth Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl has been arrested yet again for methamphetamine. Just two weeks after ...

  37. Nick Stahl Surfaces In Rehab

    by HollyscoopTV3 years ago522 views

    Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: The Terminator 3 star who went missing and was last ...

  38. Nick Stahl III

    by atarrat15 years ago770 views

    Young Nick Stahl riding

  39. Terminator 3 Actor Nick Stahl Missing

    by FirstRaceTv3 years ago1,426 views

    Actor Nick Stahl has gone missing, according to TMZ. The 32-year-old actor, who played John Connor in "Terminator 3," is ...

  40. Interviews with Charlize Theron UNCOMFORTABLE and Nick Stahl

    by hoomandottv7 years ago158,746 views

    Hooman sits down with Charlize Theron and Nick Stahl during press for the film "Sleepwalking". SUBSCRIBE!!!

  41. Dead Awake (2010) - Trailer [HD] : Nick Stahl

    by primeeronline4 years ago1,691 views Dylan, a young man working at a funeral parlor, is trying to unravel a mystery that shattered his life ten ...

  42. Sleepwalking - Interviews with Nick Stahl and AnnaSophia Robb and Charlize Theron

    by movieweb4 years ago2,433 views

    Our exclusive interviews with Charlize Theron, Dennis Hopper, Nick Stahl, and AnnaSophia Robb. For more movie trailers, movie ...

  43. Ben(Carnivale) - When The Lights Go Out

    by EerieAlice7 years ago4,488 views

    Ever thought that Ben Hawkins (Nick Stahl) was sexy? I know, I do. ;) This is in tribute to the brilliant show, Carnivale ...

  44. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (Gay Parody of Hottie Nick Stahl) Text Me Nicky - Bradley Voorhees

    by CoversByAGayGuy2 years ago743 views

    In the wake of an unfortunate 2 years in the life of the hunky Nick Stahl I made him this comedic video to cheer him up ...

  45. Arnold Schwarzenegger,Claire Danes,Nick Stahl,"Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines",Movie Trailer

    by HarpsofThunder2 years ago2,130 views

    Arnold Schwarzenegger,Kristanna Loken,Claire Danes,Nick Stahl,"Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines"(Movie Trailer) Jonathan ...

  46. Dead Awake | trailer US (2010)

    by MovieManiacsDE4 years ago218,081 views

    Trailer Genre: drama / thriller Regie / directed by: Omar Naim Darsteller / cast: Nick Stahl , Rose McGowan , Amy Smart ...

  47. Terminator 3 - Opening Titles

    by GibertFilms7 years ago145,695 views

    Opening titles from the 2003 film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Directed by Jonathan Mostow. Starring Arnold Schwa ...

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