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  1. Raquel Welch Interview October 4 2013

    by TimDoggar21 year ago67,412 views

    Born September 5, 1940 (age 73)

  2. Raquel Welch and Cher

    by ThePinUpChannel5 years ago128,760 views

    Two sex symbols performing together.

  3. 100 Rifles 1969 Burt Reynolds Raquel Welch Jim Brown Full Length Movie

    by Western Movies2 months ago9,526 views

    100 Rifles 1969 Burt Reynolds Raquel Welch Jim Brown Full Length Movie ***** Stars: Jim Brown, Raquel Welch, Burt Reynolds ...

  4. Raquel Welch's in a bikini

    by May Ram3 years ago160,963 views

  5. Raquel Welch bitches about publicity people

    by cavettbiter6 years ago130,643 views

    Add "&fmt=18" for the high-resolution version. From THE DICK CAVETT SHOW. June 25, 1970.

  6. Raquel Welch: Then and Now

    by ABC News5 years ago155,704 views

    The actress reflects on her life and career in her book, "Beyond the Cleavage."

  7. About Raquel Welch - A Collection part 12

    by Jacques Dupuis1 year ago6,438 views

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/About-Raquel-Welch/354088501351226?ref=hl Photographs by Sante D'Orazio, André Weinfeld, Greg ...

  8. Craig Ferguson 3/8/12D Late Late Show Raquel Welch

    by TVsCraigFerguson23 years ago12,256 views

    Craig chats with Raquel Welch from "CSI Miami"...

  9. Raquel Welch - Total Beauty and Fitness

    by jasuminokoe4 years ago165,474 views

    Raquel Welch - Total Beauty and Fitness.

  10. Raquel Welch: Space-Girl Dance

    by Keithcrash7 years ago2,149,264 views

    An excerpt from Raquel! Deluxe Addition. A young and VERY sexy Requel Welch dancing a space girl dance in this kitchy video ...

  11. Raquel Welch go-go dances to 'Suzie Q'

    by retrophrenia9 months ago9,275 views

    A Raquel Welch clip from the film 'Flareup' which I've extended and coupled with the song 'Susie Q'

  12. Bluebeard 1972 Raquel Welch HD

    by teammovieshd+8 months ago62,172 views

    Bluebeard is a 1972 thriller starring Richard Burton, Raquel Welch, Joey Heatherton and Sybil Danning, filmed in Budapest ...

  13. What's My Line? Raquel Welch

    by EDH17126 years ago317,359 views

    Raquel Welch's appearance.

  14. Raquel Welch : Sex symbol de los 70s

    by Joel Bell2 years ago2,518 views

    A new reigning 1960s international sex symbol took to the cinematic throne as soon as Raquel Welch emerged from the sea in ...

  15. 1970 Raquel Welch in 'Sin' (Filmed in Cyprus)

    by Retrocyprus1 year ago51,423 views

    Filmed in Cyprus, legendary sex bomb Raquel Welch graced our shores with the making of 'Sin' (also released as 'The Beloved' ...

  16. Bluebeard 1972 Movie Clip Raquel Welch

    by teammovieschannel9 months ago545,223 views

    Bluebeard is a 1972 thriller starring Richard Burton, Raquel Welch, Joey Heatherton and Sybil Danning, filmed in Budapest ...

  17. Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before and After

    by Plastic Surgery Before and After6 months ago5,388 views

    Has Raquel Welch had plastic surgery ? Here in this video you will find Raquel Welch plastic surgery before and after photos ...

  18. Fathom Raquel Welch Opening

    by thesafekind4 years ago224,757 views

    Maurice Binder Title Sequence.

  19. Raquel Welch is Still A Bombshell!

    by TMZ7 months ago11,863 views

    Raquel Welch is still HOT, and we asked the actress if she feels she should get residuals for "Shawshank Redemption" since ...

  20. Raquel Welch - Aquarius & Let The Sunshine In

    by MothraBlues6 years ago135,825 views

    Raquel Welch & wild costumes - what more could you ask for?

  21. About Raquel Welch - A Collection part 13

    by Jacques Dupuis5 months ago1,930 views

    Music by Robert Miles - Fable. This video is the 2 of 4 parts. Some photographs by Terry O'Neil... I started my collection ...

  22. RAQUEL WELCH at Costume Designers Guild Awards February 22, 2014

    by NewsOneLive by Mark Steven Shepherd10 months ago5,422 views

    RAQUEL WELCH speaks with humor and from the heart about how much she owes to costume designers and the power of the "costume"

  23. La fata Elena - Raquel Welch e Jean Sorel

    by Er Romano Cubano2 years ago35,811 views

    Tratto da "Le fate" del 1966. Film che racconta le storie di una ninfa concupita da un bruto, una zingara corteggiata da ...


    by pixiwoo5 years ago614,549 views

    PRODUCTS USED Armani luminous silk foundation MAC Peach colour corrector Bobbi Brown brow gel Clinique brush on liner Dior ...

  25. TAINTED BLOOD directed by Matthew Patrick - Raquel Welch

    by Matthew Patrick2 years ago13,584 views

    Thriller starring Raquel Welch about two young orphan women who are involved in murder. Also starring Joan Van Arc, Allie ...

  26. Raquel Welch White Satin Robe

    by Marija Badric12 months ago3,425 views

    Trouble In Paradise.

  27. Raquel Welch talks about MYRA BRECKINRIDGE

    by cavettbiter6 years ago101,834 views

    Add "&fmt=18" for the high-resolution version. From THE DICK CAVETT SHOW. June 25, 1970.

  28. Raquel Welch - A Week with Raquel

    by Hard Stars5 years ago75,023 views


  29. Farrah Fawcett & Raquel Welch Lesbian Scene from Myra Breckinridge 1970

    by Celebrity Outdated1 year ago32,371 views

    SUBSCRIBE for upcoming new videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=celebrityoutdated Learn more about ...

  30. The Muppet Show - S3 E11 P1/3 - Raquel Welch

    by MultiMumpitz5 years ago60,177 views

    The Muppet Show, Season 3, Episode 11, 1978. Guest starring Raquel Welch.

  31. One Million Years B.C. 1966 Movie Raquel Welch

    by PickOfTheFlicks Tony1 year ago16,367 views

    Classic Trailer for the caveman creature feature One Million Years B.C. starring Raquel Welch & John Richardson. For more ...

  32. The Muppet Show - S3 E11 P2/3 - Raquel Welch

    by MultiMumpitz5 years ago47,136 views

    The Muppet Show, Season 3, Episode 11, 1978. Guest starring Raquel Welch.

  33. Raquel Welch Human Hair Bangs | How To Apply Clip In Bang / Fringe

    by hairtalk3 years ago76,482 views

    The Human Hair Clip In Bang by Raquel Welch transforms your look in a snap! Find the Human Hair Fringe here: http://bit ...

  34. Bob Hope Christmas Special (1967)

    by Nuclear Vault3 years ago240,339 views

    Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. Presents Bob Hope's annual USO tour of Southeast Asian military bases ...

  35. Tom Jones Sings I Who Have Nothing With Raquel Welch -HD

    by SKIPPYTVLIVE4 years ago77,540 views

    Tom Jones Sings I who have nothing, with Raquel Welch in HD In 1970, Welch teamed up with Tom Jones and producer/choreographer ...

  36. She's The Woman (Raquel Welch Tribute)

    by KevlarMonkey51502 months ago1,171 views

    Audio from the Goldenwest Ballroom - 5/9/76. Video tribute to the ever sexy Raquel Welch. No ownership claimed. Strictly ...

  37. Seinfeld - Raquel Welch Catfight

    by tfleish5 years ago75,186 views

    Seinfeld - Raquel Welch Catfight.

  38. Raquel Welch and the Muppets

    by Kay Gladys4 years ago41,056 views

    Raquel Welch sings and dances on 1970's Muppet Show....who said Muppets are just for kids?!

  39. The Muppet Show s03e11 Raquel Welch (Full episode)

    by The Muppet Show (FULL EPISODES)8 months ago7,380 views

    muppet show,the muppets show,die muppet show,muppet shows,the muppet show album,muppet show wiki,muppet show lyrics,muppet ...

  40. Q&A with Raquel Welch, "Myra Breckinridge"

    by Film Society of Lincoln Center3 years ago31,500 views

    Cinematic goddess Raquel Welch sat down with author and fashion commentator Simon Doonan for a Q&A before a screening of ...

  41. Raquel Welch Different Drum

    by BumpkinzFunckRock1 year ago3,574 views

    Performance for the soldiers (USO). "Different Drum" is a classic song written by Mike Nesmith in 1965 (also copyrighted ...

  42. raquel welch on the beach YouTube

    by hot-kiss-babes6 months ago258 views

    Please LIKE and Subscribe 4 more Videos ! mallu uncty hot scenes. Telugu Actress Hot Scenes. South Indian Hot Actresses ...

  43. Comparative Wig Review: Shilo (Noriko) - Zara (Jon Renau) - Scene Stealer (Raquel Welch)

    by CysterWigs4 months ago2,357 views

    Comparative Wig Review: Shilo (Noriko - Color: Champagne-R) - Zara (Jon Renau - Color: FS10/16) - Scene Stealer (Raquel Welch ...

  44. The Muppet Show - S3 E11 P3/3 - Raquel Welch

    by MultiMumpitz5 years ago36,513 views

    The Muppet Show, Season 3, Episode 11, 1978. Guest starring Raquel Welch.

  45. Raquel Welch On Her Life, Career and Philanthropy - My Generation | AARP

    by AARP2 years ago48,892 views

    Raquel Welch's new book 'Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage' is a memoir about her life beyond the big screen. SUBSCRIBE: http: ...

  46. Q&A with Raquel Welch, "The Three Musketeers"

    by Film Society of Lincoln Center3 years ago43,065 views

    Cultural icon Raquel Welch was joined by talk show host Dick Cavett for a Q&A after a screening of "The Three Musketeers" ...

  47. Raquel Welch Post Oscars 1990

    by JerseySurvivor6 years ago26,469 views

    ABC news caught up with the Hollywood bombshell and perennial Oscar favorite at Spago (the then 'Hot' spot) where she gives ...

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