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  1. Martin Gore talks about his love affair with music

    by romansgaisins2 years ago28,641 views

    Martin Gore of Depeche Mode shares the info on rehearsals, tour schedule and what he thinks of their new album.

  2. Martin Gore - In a manner of speaking

    by rubengiuliani19863 years ago170,689 views

    In a manner of speaking ( original version written by Tuxedomoon ) In a manner of speaking I just want to say That I could ...

  3. Martin Gore - Shake the disease at Milan

    by mrxxxmryyymrzzz5 years ago244,037 views

    Martin Gore - Shake the disease at Milan

  4. Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) interview

    by vegastiki2 years ago30,588 views

    Extra's Adam Weissler talks to Depeche Mode's Martin Gore - upon the release of his solo album Counterfeit 2 - 2003.

  5. Martin Gore - SURRENDER

    by julianaeng5 years ago164,125 views

    Martin Gore cantando essa maravilhosa música!


    by llema203 years ago100,928 views

    perfect beautiful music LYRICS Here is a song from the wrong side of town Where I'm bound to the ground by the loneliest ...

  7. Sister of night-Martin Gore

    by sonytarc7 years ago122,982 views

    Martin Gore en una excelente interpretacion! como siempre!

  8. Martin Gore funny :)

    by TheNatMary3 years ago58,255 views

    i hope you enjoy this human funny angel...

  9. Martin Gore interview

    by AliceinDave2 years ago21,838 views

  10. Depeche Mode: Dave Gahan Martin Gore Andrew Fletcher hotel - Bologna 23.02.14

    by DughiPlace28 months ago11,468 views

    Bologna 23.02.14: I nostri inviati speciali Marina e Piedibagnati filmano Andy, Martin e Dave all'uscita dell'hotel di Bologna.

  11. Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore Are Vcmg

    by themutechannel2 years ago116,348 views

    VCMG - EPK

  12. Depeche Mode (Martin Gore)-"HigherLove"+"Shake the disease" Prague 23/7-2013(part3)

    by fuckingdevotee1 year ago73,493 views

    Martins Birthday,and the czech fanclub had arranged a surprise for Martin. A real fanaktion.Martin seemed really overwhe ...

  13. Martin Gore - Entrevista Austin City Limits - Subtítulos Español

    by dmargentina5 months ago547 views

    Entrevista a Martin Gore en el marco del Austin City Limits (Texas-US) 11/10 2013. Habla sobre Delta Machine, la banda y ...

  14. Martin L. Gore - Loverman

    by michelled7012 years ago28,442 views

    Created with

  15. Martin L. Gore - Compulsion

    by Sinco776 years ago179,135 views

    From his 1989's album "Counterfeit e.p". The song was originally recorded by Joe Crow. COMPULSION Charms in limited s ...

  16. Martin Gore - Loverman [Live]

    by PatanaGore4 years ago59,996 views

    Martin L. Gore - Loverman Ep. [dvdmute322] Recorded live at The Alcatraz, Milan on the April 30th, 2003.

  17. Martin Gore - Counterfeit Full Album

    by Pinodm742 months ago176 views

    Release Date: 1989.06.12. CAT: CD Stumm 67 Track: 01-Compulsion 02-In A Manner Of Speaking 03-Smile In The Crowd 04-Gone ...

  18. Martin L. Gore - Oh My Love

    by xDhjinnx4 years ago170,456 views

    Martin L. Gore - Oh My Love

  19. Martin Gore - Counterfeit 2 Full Album

    by Pinodm741 month ago131 views

    Release Date:2003.04.28. CAT: CD Stumm 214 Track: 01-In My Time Of Dying 02-Stardust 03-I Cast A Lonesome Shadow 04-In My ...

  20. Martin Gore - I Cast A Lonesome Shadow

    by SynthMusicVideos3 years ago27,862 views

    2003 - Counterfeit²

  21. Martin Gore Interview

    by 26DaveGahan4 years ago44,718 views

  22. MOTOR feat Martin L. Gore "Man Made Machine" Official Video

    by clr3 years ago350,312 views

    MOTOR feat. Martin L. Gore "Man Made Machine" iTunes Album Buy Link: Amazon Album Buy Link: ...

  23. Martin L. Gore - The Best Laugh of The Universe

    by Sm7qJm3NNyKV5eOzkQn-2 years ago50,591 views

    From Depeche Mode The King of the Laughter!

  24. Motherless Child~Martin Gore

    by kashka3335 years ago92,229 views

    A beautiful version of this song from the very gifted Martin Gore of Depeche Mode fame from his brilliant solo effort from ...

  25. EBOLA RELIEF: Martin Gore Calls for Increased Support

    by directrelief2 months ago9,566 views

    We are witnessing a human catastrophe in West Africa with the Ebola crisis. Direct Relief needs your help to airlift medicines ...

  26. Martin Gore DJ Set - Delta Machine Tour

    by djstrangeman1 month ago282 views

    Various Artists Pre Show DJ Set Delta Machine Tour Depeche Mode DJ Martin L. Gore.

  27. Martin L. Gore - Stardust

    by xDhjinnx4 years ago80,078 views

    Martin L. Gore - Stardust

  28. Martin Gore 'Coming back to you'

    by DepecheSam13 years ago32,567 views

    This track only to be found on the 'Tower of song' U.S. Compilation needed a bigger audience,,,,Here it is

  29. Martin L. Gore - Gone

    by Grasi115 years ago48,437 views

    Audio only, 1989, Track 4, Counterfeit E.P.

  30. Martin Gore Loverman (Whit Viva And Ava Gore)

    by INZAGHITOjr4 years ago7,726 views

    Loverman (with Viva and Ava Gore)Live L.A..

  31. Depeche Mode(Martin Gore)-"But not Tonight" Berlin Olympiastadium 2013 HD

    by fuckingdevotee1 year ago43,491 views

    ohh God,it´s raining,but I´m not complaining....Mart sings suitable. Thanks for this old one.....

  32. Martin Gore - In a Manner of Speaking(Original)

    by hannibalsx4 years ago22,502 views

    Martin Gore - In a Manner of Speaking(Original)

  33. Enjoy The Silence - Martin Gore

    by dmodert669 years ago409,190 views

    Martin Gore of Depeche Mode singing Enjoy The Silence (Live - The Mayan Theater - 5-7-03) - Only time this song was played ...


    by linafnda5 years ago58,638 views


  35. Martin L. Gore - In A Manner Of Speaking

    by mlgore2873447 years ago113,205 views

    In a manner of speaking from the "Counterfeit Ep" 1989.

  36. "Somebody" (Soundcheck with Alan Wilder and Martin L. Gore)

    by dmdotcom5 years ago431,847 views

    "Somebody" (Soundcheck with Alan Wilder and Martin L. Gore) This was recorded at the soundcheck for the Royal Albert Hall ...

  37. Higher Love - Martin L. Gore of Depeche Mode - Nice, May 4th 2013

    by gdmfan1 year ago43,937 views

    Warm Up Show in Nice @ Palais Nikaïa - Delta Machine Tour 2013 --- Martin on mic and Fletch-dancing in the background ...

  38. Compulsion' by Martin L. Gore

    by inferno17923 years ago11,276 views

    esta es una cancion que saco el teclado de Depeche Mode como solista . . . una de mis favoritas.

  39. Martin Gore - Yesterday

    by gahana7 years ago144,370 views

    this is Yestarday from BEATLES a cover version made by Mr. Martin L. Gore..a great performance...the sound isn't very good ...

  40. Martin L. Gore - Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen

    by michelled7012 years ago4,129 views

    Created with

  41. Martin Gore -Loverman- Live

    by useless7813 years ago6,141 views

  42. "Martin Gore" The Best Moments: Happy Birthday Martin Gore

    by DevotionMODEpuntocom4 years ago17,045 views

    Estos son algunos de los mejores momentos de Martin Gore, Hoy celebramos su cumpleaños número 49. Happy Birthday!

  43. Martin L.Gore-compulsion(remix)

    by TheUltrabar3 years ago11,807 views

    pequeño tributo a Martin Gore y a Ultra bar.UMPG Publishing.

  44. Jezebel - Martin Gore's Women (photo-presentation)

    by ladyphantom702 years ago10,486 views

    I hope, I do not violate any body's right for private life as I have found all the pictures to be publicly accessed in the ...

  45. Gear Run: Martin Gore of Depeche Mode

    by tcelectronic5 years ago26,374 views

    Guitar tech Jez Webb gives us a gear run of Martin Gore's guitar rig, which includes the TC Electronic G-System. Also a chance ...

  46. Martin Gore - Lost in the stars [Live]

    by PatanaGore4 years ago19,908 views

    Recorded live at The Alcatraz, Milan on the April 30th, 2003.

  47. Martin Gore - Candy Says

    by SynthMusicVideos3 years ago25,680 views

    2003 - Counterfeit²

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