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  1. Tim Allen: "Rewires America" & "All Men Are Pigs"

    by seetherfan13283 years ago115,826 views

    I combined both videos into one. Enjoy.

  2. Tim Allen: Men Are Pigs

    by ShawnCPU53 years ago65,282 views

    Tim Allen - Men Are Pigs (Messina Baker Entertainment Corporation) (1990) Aargh, aargh, aargh. To millions who watch TV's ...

  3. Tim Allen's 1968 Camaro 427 COPO - Jay Leno's Garage

    by JayLenosGarage9 months ago1,081,010 views

    Did you know Tim Allen is a car guy? Check out the muscly Camaro of his teenaged dreams, exquisitely upgraded with a 505 ...

  4. Tim Allen - Stand-Up Comedian (late 1980s)

    by pXfEY6I5tk1gSI9xVX4B2 years ago32,330 views

    Tim Allen - Stand-Up Comedian (late 1980s)

  5. Tim Allen Loves Gadgets

    by JimmyKimmelLive3 weeks ago85,907 views

    Tim talks about his love of gadgets and he reveals that he has a murse. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: http://bit ...

  6. Tim Allen on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

    by JimmyKimmelLive6 months ago46,961 views

    Tim talks about having such a young kid at his age. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: http://bit.ly/JKLSubscribe Connect ...

  7. Tim Allen on Raising a Daughter

    by JimmyKimmelLive3 weeks ago57,391 views

    Jimmy and Tim talk about Jimmy's new baby girl and Tim's five-year-old daughter. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: ht ...

  8. Tim Allen's Car Collection of Authentic American Made Motors and More -- Car Collectors - S2 EP11

    by GQVideos1 year ago399,379 views

    Tim Allen may have more cars than necessary, but no one's mad about it. He shares his private garage containing an eclectic ...

  9. TLLS Craig Ferguson - 2013.01.10 - Tim Allen

    by fgOdfJIhF9DUr9wH3lXO2 years ago11,542 views

    TLLS Craig Ferguson - 2013.01.10 - Cold Open and Monologue: http://youtu.be/ecxLBtIlmNA TLLS Craig Ferguson - 2013.01.10 ...

  10. "Home Improvement" Tim Taylor Accident Clips

    by JohnnyL805 years ago390,831 views

    Home Improvement" Tim Taylor is accident prone. Some of the accidents Tim Taylor caused on "Home Improvement" over the years ...

  11. Tim Allen's 1996 LT5 Impala SS

    by Beast00453 years ago203,869 views

    Tired of pulling up to special events in the customary limousine, Tim worked in partnership with Chevy's Jon Moss and Wheel ...

  12. Tim Allen - Rewires America, Part 2

    by 0b3ron7 years ago72,393 views

    Part 2 of the Tim Allen comedy routine

  13. Tim Allen präsentiert 'Das große Special zu Hör' mal, wer da hämmert!'

    by 2lTimeUploader3 years ago58,392 views

    Drei Jahre nachdem die letzte Folge von 'Hör' mal, wer da hämmert!' abgedreht wurde, hat Tim Allen seine ehemaligen Mits ...

  14. The Talk - Tim Allen Talks 'Last Man Standing' Season Premiere

    by SV8iMrDMdzc79kPCS9qu3 weeks ago4,187 views

    Tim Allen discusses tonight's season premiere of "Last Man Standing" and getting a second shot at another television series ...

  15. Tim Allen's Car Collection

    by DerSerienkritiker2 years ago21,735 views

    Sitcom Star Tim Allen ("Home Improvement", "Last Man Standing") gives a look in his incredible garage.

  16. Tim Allen Brings Buzz Lightyear to Ellen!

    by Ellenfunhouse4 years ago96,746 views

    While taking the time to show a brand new Buzz Lightyear toy, Ellen noticed that the voice sounded a little too lifelike ...

  17. Tim Allen - The Kings Of Comedy

    by LaffsLoudProductions4 years ago40,349 views

  18. Tim Allen On Duck Dynasty - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

    by tonightshownbc1 year ago106,262 views

    Tim Allen on getting to know the guys from Duck Dynasty. Subscribe to The Tonight Show for more Leno: http://full.sc/IbG1mW ...

  19. Jay Leno Tim Allen Burnout contest early 90's (1).mpg

    by graven572 years ago131,842 views

    Jay challenges Tim to a burn out contest in the parking lot of NBC studios.

  20. Tim Allen Answers Five Questions About His Cars - GQ's Car Collectors - Los Angeles

    by GQVideos1 year ago20,239 views

    Tim Allen answers five questions and gives us some insight about driving naked, stealing cars and buying a tank. Subscribe ...

  21. Tim Allen Brings Buzz Lightyear to Ellen!

    by TheEllenShow4 years ago18,284 views

    While taking the time to show a brand new Buzz Lightyear toy, Ellen noticed that the voice sounded a little too lifelike ...

  22. Tim Allen on Last Man Standing Pt 1 - The View

    by ABCTheView2 years ago8,183 views

    Watch full episodes of The View at http://abc.go.com/watch/the-view/SH559080?cid=YTV_VIEW ...

  23. Tim Allen "Flight Improvement" with the Blue Angels

    by neverendsproduction3 years ago20,951 views

    When I worked at The Production Studio I got to edit a video for Tim Allen of Home Improvement when he flew with the Blue ...

  24. Tim Allen on Batman - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

    by tonightshownbc1 year ago15,539 views

    Tim Allen on Superman teaming up with Batman. Subscribe to The Tonight Show for more Leno: http://full.sc/IbG1mW Watch ...

  25. Tim Allen On NOT Working With Tom Hanks In TOY STORY

    by afi6 years ago384,174 views

    Tim Allen makes an amusing speech at the 30th AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Tom Hanks (2002). CONNECT WITH AFI: ...

  26. Tim Allen's Contractor Woes

    by TheEllenShow8 months ago112,212 views

    It's not always easy being a homeowner, as Tim Allen will be the first to tell you, just like he told Ellen.

  27. Film Star Tim Allen's Cool 56 Ford 490 Hemi Truck from Nelson Racing Engines.

    by nelsonracingengines5 years ago93,987 views

    This video has been edited from a longer version at NelsonRacingEngines.com and brought to You Tube for the first time. Go ...

  28. Tim Allen - Stand Up Comedy

    by IWJAF3 years ago44,628 views

    Tim Allen - "Men Are Pigs" (1990) - Stand Up Comedy - from old VHS tape.

  29. Tim Allen grunt audio manipulation

    by synthburn1 year ago19,110 views

    First highly time stretched, then with a forward/back loop slowly descending in pitch, then pitching up into madness.

  30. Comedian Tim Allen Talks Classic Cars & Comedy — Car Collectors LA — GQ Magazine

    by GQVideos1 year ago12,400 views

    Size doesn't matter to Tim Allen—at least when it comes to cars. In this episode, the car buff shows off his Volkswagen Beetle ...

  31. Tim Allen - Men Are Pigs, Part 2

    by 0b3ron7 years ago187,515 views

    Second of four segments from the show.

  32. Tim Allen Commercial Reel 2012

    by van22 years ago899 views

    Sample of TV Commercials with Tim Allen as Voice Over.

  33. Is Tim Allen Allowed to Say the N-Word?

    by TheYoungTurks1 year ago72,143 views

    Tell us what you think in our poll on the front page of http://www.tytnetwork.com "Tim Allen took heat on Sunday for his ...

  34. Lopez Tonight Tim Allen (6152010).flv

    by LopezTonight4 years ago11,333 views

  35. Tim Allen - Rewires America, Part 3

    by 0b3ron7 years ago64,708 views

    Third and final segment of the Tim Allen comedy routine.

  36. Tim Allen Mobile

    by theidecker5 years ago27,180 views

  37. Tim Allen - Men Are Pigs, Part 1

    by 0b3ron7 years ago413,047 views

    This was on a an old VHS tape with Richard Jeni's "Platypus Man." Figured I'd post it in case anyone enjoys Tim Allen's ...

  38. Tim Allen's Hemi Ford Pickup

    by shelby67boy2 years ago164,161 views

    Tim Allen's 56 ford pickup with a hemi

  39. Visiting Tim Allen at Home

    by bobvila3 years ago15,577 views

    Bob Vila visits "Home Improvement" star Tim Allen at home in Michigan. For more Bob Vila video, visit: www.bobvila.com

  40. Tim Allen vs Jay Leno in burnout contest.mp4

    by teg714 years ago109,988 views

    From the Tonight show back around 1996; Jay and tim stage a burnout contest. Jay drives a buick Grand National and Tim drives ...

  41. Tim Allen on The Ellen Show 24/02/2014 Full Interview HD

    by dWetwnnHgA7jcY9B604t7 months ago280 views

    Tim Allen on The Ellen Show 24/02/2014 Full Interview HD Tim Allen's Contractor Woes Tim Allens Contractor Woes Ellen Su ...

  42. tim allen 1989.flv

    by AndrewScorres2 years ago825 views

    from Rodney's yearly special.

  43. Reba and Tim Allen MSN Entertainment Interview

    by futurerebaofficial2 years ago3,927 views

    Last Man Standing Fridays @ 8/7c on ABC. Malibu Country Fridays @ 8:30|7:30c on ABC.

  44. Every Grunt from Home Improvement

    by koonjam1 year ago210,082 views

    This is every grunt (662), in order, from all 203 episodes of Home Improvement, with the exception of intro grunts and any ...

  45. Tim Allen on The Ellen Show 24 02 2014 Full Interview HD

    by worldnewshddtvv8 months ago861 views

    Tim Allens Huge Cat! on Ellen Tim Allens Huge Cat! on The Ellen Show Tim Allens Contractor Woes Tim Allen's Contractor Woes ...

  46. Tim Allen - You New(bie) 2014 Singlespeed Cyclocross National Champion!

    by cyclocrossmagazine10 months ago899 views

    Tim Allen built up his first singlespeed cyclocross bike two weeks ago, raced his first race one week ago, and then won the ...

  47. tim allen on the bob and tom show

    by erniefurglar8 years ago116,137 views

    tim allen on the bob and tom show

  48. For Richer or Poorer 'Tim Allen , Kirstie Alley'

    by thespyi5 years ago55,558 views

    This video is from the movie "For Richer or Poorer", i cut this clip because i really need to know the name of the music ...

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