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  1. Richard Z. Kruspe on the Rammfire amp emulation

    by NativeInstruments4 years ago624,143 views

    Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe about the story of his setup, and about his partnership with Native Instruments. Setting ...

  2. Richard Kruspe (RAMMSTEIN/EMIGRATE): U2's FREE Download APPLE iTunes Campaign!

    by hornsuprocks1 month ago7,762 views

    EMIGRATE, the side project of Richard Z. Kruspe from RAMMSTEIN will be unleashing a brand NEW album entitled 'Silent So Long' ...

  3. Richard Z. Kruspe interview New Zealand 2011 (English)

    by RZK4Evr4 years ago36,977 views

    Richard looks great here! :D What's with the guy at the beginning with 'Rammschteen'? xD Also the interviewer wearing a Justin ...

  4. Richard Z. Kruspe Interview 2010 [english subtitles]

    by TheLockDown4 years ago18,030 views

    The recent interview with Richard Z. Kruspe from Rammstein. Very interesting if you ask me. If you notice any mistakes or ...

  5. ESP Guitars: Richard Z. Kruspe (Rammstein) Interview -- Oct 2011

    by espguitarsusa3 years ago61,457 views

    In this in-depth interview, Rammstein's Richard Z. Kruspe talks about how he got into guitar, what he likes about ESP Guitars ...

  6. Richard Kruspe and Rakim

    by UltimateLIVE4 years ago22,799 views

    Industrial and Hip-Hop together? Let's see...

  7. Richard Kruspe-The best scene from clips

    by audinka44 years ago28,026 views

    Richard KruspeThe best scene from clips. audinka49 videos. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 742. 4379. Like 44 Dislike 0 ...

  8. Richard Z. Kruspe - Vergissmeinnicht

    by RZK4Evr5 years ago49,057 views

    Mmmmm, I finished earlier today, and I like it! xD I think the song totally suits him, because he's so damn sexy and who ...

  9. Richard Z Kruspe - Scandalous

    by xXVenomsGloryXx2 years ago2,881 views


  10. Tom Morello VS Dimebag Darrell VS Richard Z. Kruspe guitar solo battle - Neogeofanatic

    by NeoGeofanatic2 years ago51,631 views

    Facebook : Logo by Shinsei MATOS/GEAR : ESP Horizon from the 90's (don't know the exact reference), ESP ...

  11. Richard Kruspe Tribute

    by akP6OvJl8wqJ6cbb9lGg2 years ago8,154 views

    Un video con imágenes del maravilloso guitarrista de Rammstein y Emigrate (donde también canta) y además fundador de ambas ...

  12. Richard Kruspe tribute

    by Rammsteingirl982 years ago11,260 views

    A Richard Kruspe Tribute!!

  13. Entrevista - Richard Kruspe / Rock Werchter, Belgica [06.07.2013]

    by rammsteinmxOficial1 year ago6,945 views

    Entrevista Richard Kruspe / Rock Werchter, Belgica [06.07.2013]

  14. Richard Kruspe: "TEMPTATION"

    by pWkbC9cle4KVgU8844E61 year ago2,475 views



    by pWkbC9cle4KVgU8844E62 years ago5,050 views

    Depeche Mode Live one Night in Paris Full ConcertThe Exciter Tour 2001by hjkotyu 936164 views; 324. Watch Later Richard Z ...

  16. Richard Kruspe Tainted love

    by KruspyGN13 years ago16,048 views

    Richard Kruspe tribute

  17. "O Rammstein é uma dessas coisas que nunca acaba" | Richard Kruspe

    by moitarock2 months ago1,691 views

    Em entrevista a Metal Hammer, o guitarrista do RAMMSTEIN Richard Kruspe fala sobre o tempo sem atividade da banda.

  18. Rammstein Richard kruspe guitar solos

    by Seven7Rammstein3 years ago23,892 views

    Rammstein Richard kruspe guitar solos. seven7rammstein2 videos. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 3. 3220. Like 32 Dislike ...

  19. Richard Z. Kruspe solos en Rammstein

    by RichardRammPussy4 years ago21,669 views

    [Español] Pzz aki les traigo un video kon los solos de richard kruspe en Rammstein Disfrutenlo y Komenten!! [English] Hello ...

  20. 2009.12.15 Richard Kruspe interview Denmark [tv 2 go]

    by espRZkruspe5 years ago53,012 views

    Hey, a new Interview with Richard Kruspe from Rammstein.Its done in Denmark.Have fun

  21. Richard Kruspe - I'm not

    by LestattDeLioncourt3 years ago24,728 views

    RZK - Tribute Made by LestatDeLioncourt from

  22. Cutest Couple In The World:Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe

    by Geparde2 years ago18,604 views

    No copyright infringement is intended. I do not own any rights involved in the making of my video. No do I make any money ...

  23. Richard Kruspe viene tranquilamente hacia nosotros...

    by MrFausten4 years ago43,561 views

    Richard Kruspe viene tranquilamente hacia nosotros... disculpen lo mal filmado.

  24. Sexy Richard Kruspe

    by musichild877 years ago11,235 views

    All about hotty Richard Kruspe

  25. Khira Li and Richard Z Kruspe - Babe

    by derMondshein6 years ago61,873 views

  26. Richard Z Kruspe (Some sick dream)

    by penata872 years ago9,800 views


  27. Emigrate - "Babe" Subtitulado en español (Richard Z.kruspe)

    by FUCKYOUPUSSY7773 years ago17,827 views

    YEAH!! \m/ es una de mis canciones favoritas de Emigrate, Espero les guste...COMENTEN Y SUSCRIBANSE... ;)

  28. Richard Kruspe Join Me..

    by RtdreamsNdigital8 years ago56,615 views

    A Richard tribute video I made for my best friend. She loves the song, the man, and picked it so I made a video for her to ...

  29. Richard Z. Kruspe solos in rammstein

    by ichbinrammstein6 years ago69,270 views

    Richard Z. Kruspe solos in rammstein Richard solos 2 all solos!

  30. 2010 Richard Kruspe RZK of Rammstein interview with Stathis (HQ)

    by antoyaniss4 years ago33,759 views

    Richard Kruspe of Rammstein interview RZK (HQ) greece richard ntrevista en grecia ingls Globe Arena Sonisphere

  31. New York City - Emigrate

    by Mmaur7 years ago659,227 views

    Emigrate's New Video New York City

  32. Richard Kruspe - Interview Prague, Czech Republic 2009

    by RammsteinfansGermany2 years ago9,781 views

    Follow us/Folgt uns auf:

  33. Richard Kruspe 1996/1997

    by RuweDiamant7 years ago3,519 views

  34. Richard Kruspe- Coma White

    by penata872 years ago2,134 views

    1996-1999 Richard Kruspe tribute, with the exception of Volkerball and footage from 2001. This song always reminded me of ...

  35. Emigrate - My World Richard Kruspe

    by Steinpoller3 years ago1,209 views

  36. Richard Kruspe x Paul Landers

    by Pandakyo10001 year ago4,345 views

    This is a video for all Richard x Paul Fans. They are members of the band Rammstein. And I love them so much *.*

  37. Richard Kruspe: "IN MY TEARS"

    by pWkbC9cle4KVgU8844E62 years ago1,144 views

  38. Richard Kruspe Demos 2010 // "Rammfire"

    by IceBreacker034 years ago42,138 views

    Demos hechos por RZK para el programa "Rammfire" de Native Instruments (compatible con Guitar Rig), que saldra a la venta ...

  39. Richard Kruspe @ Moscow - February 11, 2012

    by Gvozdoderr3 years ago8,768 views

    Richard Kruspe. Rammstein. Made in Germany 1995-2011 Tour @ Moscow, Olympijskiy Stadium - 11.02.2012.

  40. Richard Kruspe New Album 2014

    by OY804C_7IuoY73EbXCDf3 weeks ago16 views

    Here's the first video in a series about the making of Silent So Long. Just another day at the office:) Enjoy!

  41. Richard Kruspe's Message to Wayne, Who Could Not Be There

    by waynecouldnotbehere3 years ago9,122 views Rammstein's Richard Kruspe has a message for Wayne, who could not be there


    by LETICIALINDEMANN3 years ago4,043 views


  43. Solos de Richard Kruspe en Rammstein

    by Zenakku874 years ago4,504 views

    Pues aka les dejo los solos de guitarra ke ha hecho el gran Richard Kruspe kon la banda Rammstein, inkluye el nuevo disko ...

  44. Richard Kruspe Interview LIFAD englisch

    by Drummer39914 years ago24,477 views

    Ein kleines relativ neues Interview mit Richard von Rammstein auf englisch.

  45. Richard Zven Kruspe cigarette

    by audinka44 years ago10,457 views

    Richard Kruspe Interview Prague Czech Republic 2009by Rammsteinfans Germany 2642 views · Thumbnail 41 videos Thumbnail ...

  46. Richard Z. Kruspe (Emigrate) In My Tears

    by RZK4Evr6 years ago29,022 views

    Depressing song. RZK, du bist so wundershoen.

  47. + Richard Kruspe - Personal Jesus +

    by Myrtusz16 years ago11,610 views

    This's to my role model, who accomplish all his ideas. So he's my "personal jesus".:P Sorry, this copulation (Richard - ...

  48. Richard Kruspe Birthday

    by kataxkruspe5 years ago3,922 views

    Well there is margaux ¬¬ ( i hate u xD) // Bueno ahi ests margaux (te odio xD)

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