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  1. Psychopath Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker (Documentary)

    by TheEsotericNation1 year ago210,807 views

    Ricardo "Richard" Muñoz Ramirez (February 29, 1960 -- June 7, 2013) was an American serial killer, rapist, and burglar who ...

  2. RICHARD RAMIREZ "THE NIGHT STALKER" - Serial Killer Documentary

    by iRnIG5jwSsIVnx7USPXT9 months ago14,306 views

    richard ramirez "the night stalker" - serial killer documentary. thanks for watching. history life discovery science tec ...

  3. Richard Ramirez Part 1 - Capture and Trial

    by beautynumbertwo5 years ago212,264 views

    Richard Ramirez aka the Night Stalker Résumé: The devilishly handsome Satan-worshiping rapist and serial killer terrorized ...

  4. Richard Ramirez ►Le Traqueur de la nuit [ENTIER] [FRANCAIS] [2014] [SKC]

    by daftpunk422 months ago8,224 views

    Richard Ramirez est un tueur en série américain ayant sévi à Los Angeles et San Francisco en 1985. Il a été condamné à la ...

  5. el asesino nocturno richard ramirez

    by mariazj243 years ago150,133 views

  6. rare clip of richard ramirez in court

    by SofiaMasaad12 months ago20,832 views

    richard ramirez in court 1986.

  7. Richard Ramirez Documentary - The Night Stalker

    by FLBrizzle4 months ago880 views

    Ricardo Leyva "Richard" Muñoz Ramírez (February 29, 1960 -- June 7, 2013) was an American serial killer, rapist, and burglar ...

  8. Born to Kill? - Richard Ramirez

    by SVH-IzMA9aXgGybqJ7291 month ago3,172 views

    Born to Kill - Als Mörder geboren? Richard Ramirez - The Nightstalker Staffel 3, Folge 3 Gewalt gehörte von Kindesbeinen ...

  9. The Night Stalker Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Interview

    by TurnFromSin50003 years ago82,686 views

    They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll ...

  10. Richard Ramirez crying in court

    by pdUMyjGfvmG7aB7iTDpf4 months ago2,451 views


  11. In Love With A Killer (Full Documentary)

    by ek1300265 months ago16,220 views

    Even in his death row cell, the recently deceased satanic serial killer and rapist Richard Ramirez, the "Night Stalker," ...

  12. The Night Stalker : Documentary on Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

    by 50H4ByOsV4NNaxsGMSCk8 months ago8,661 views

    The Night Stalker : Documentary on Serial Killer Richard Ramirez . 2013 2014 This documentary as well as all of the rest ...

  13. richard ramirez : serial killer the Night stalker

    by eldritch19693 years ago24,106 views

    Arrest and trial of infamous Night Stalker : Richard Ramirez.

  14. rare footage of Richard Ramirez speaking on a talkshow

    by SofiaMasaad2 years ago69,874 views

    thiis is recorded with my iphone(sorry for that)'s from a dvd i just got recently "rare footage of Richard Ramirez ...


    by aleciareid11 year ago8,977 views

  16. Serial Killers: Assassino da Noite-Richard Ramirez (DUB)

    by fimdostempos0711 months ago20,745 views

    Ele atacava mulheres jovens e idosas, sempre à noite, no início da década de 1980. Richard Ramirez foi condenado por 14 ...


    by MilhoWonka2 months ago8,112 views

    Mini documentário sobre Richard Ramirez, sua vida, seus assassinatos e sua prisão, morreu após se casar na cadeia Série de ...

  18. Very Strong Pictures Of Richard Ramirez Crime Scene and Bio NIGHT STALKER

    by MTparanormal4 months ago18,940 views

    THE NIGHT STALKER, Crime scene pictures of one of the most evil serial killers ever, 18+ very strong pictures.

  19. Disturbing Richard Ramirez Real Crime Scene Story Night Stalker

    by LIVESCIFIdotTV5 months ago7,071 views

    Disturbing Real Serial Killer Richard Ramirez (aka the Night Stalker) known for the 14 brutal murders he committed, his story ...

  20. Richard Ramirez 1993 Great Crimes And Trials Collection. The Night Stalker

    by patrilopes4 weeks ago336 views

    Richard Ramirez , The Night Stalker . Ramirez was dubbed the "Night Stalker" by the news media and terrorized Southern C ...

  21. (Filme) Night Stalker RICHARD RAMIREZ

    by iki3wScBnXSnfLkVER4v1 year ago11,971 views

    Este é um filme baseado em fatos reais sobre a história do serial killer Richard Ramirez que causou o terror em Los Angeles ...

  22. Richard Ramirez Phone Call Death Row 1997

    by cihangiryemenoglu5 months ago1,904 views

    Very rare pictures & nice chat 09:45 my favorite part! Enjoy..

  23. Richard Ramirez: A Rebel Yell High On Violence

    by Kiefer892 years ago11,009 views

    For all the Night Stalker's b*tches.. uhm, FANGIRLS!!

  24. Richard Ramirez - mein größter Verlust

    by ChoreaHuntington3 months ago1,615 views

    Hier die erwähnten Links: Da hatten ...

  25. Richard Ramirez: Back In Black

    by Kiefer891 year ago3,800 views

  26. Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker R.I.P

    by cihangiryemenoglu1 year ago7,749 views

    Rest in Peace Richie.. I Love You My Friend..

  27. richard ramirez vid. 5

    by rainbowlez046 years ago27,316 views

    word gets out about the night stalker's name being richard ramirez & eventually leads to the arrest of him.

  28. ♥♥♥ RICHARD RAMIREZ ♥♥♥

    by TFY0aaXtNTr5uyF507uK5 months ago729 views

    For my dark prince, I will always love you.

  29. Richard Ramirez Part 2 of 5

    by CrazedLunatic837 years ago155,536 views

    Richard Ramirez Part 2 of 5 wWw.BeStPaGeOnEaRtH.Com

  30. NBC News archive footage of Richard Ramirez

    by -PUXsv9uVXvHo4X1FuXO2 weeks ago113 views

    NBC News archive footage of Richard Ramirez.

  31. Richard Ramirez: Wild Side

    by Kiefer899 months ago5,365 views

    "All the killings are going to be blamed on me." - Richard Ramirez.

  32. Amerikas Albtraum - Die gefährlichsten Serienkiller der USA - E04 - Richard Ramirez (2009)

    by SerienkillerUSA2 years ago183,618 views

    Im Sommer 1985 machte sich Richard Ramirez auf den Weg nach Los Angeles, um bei wohlhabenden Buergern einzubrechen, sie zu ...

  33. VII - Les 112 nuits meurtrières de Richard Ramirez

    by DELEM0NIAK4 months ago313 views

    "Comme Richard Ramirez la nuit je vous traquerais" [Couplet 1] Toujours seul et souvent défoncé J'écoute Judas Priest dans ...

  34. Funeral by Hon. Richard Ramirez

    by yancyman5 years ago33,370 views

  35. Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

    by cihangiryemenoglu1 year ago9,442 views

  36. Richard Ramirez - Man in the Box

    by darlingdino5 years ago26,169 views

    The video I would've made for the Man in the Box song by Alice in Chains! (Though their's was pretty f**king awesome too ...

  37. "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez Died Today

    by sanctisbovis1 year ago5,179 views

    I don't often deal with famous prisoners but Richard was a friend, albeit an odd duck. I hope he repented before he died; ...

  38. Richard Ramirez Part 1 of 5

    by CrazedLunatic837 years ago389,717 views

    Richard Ramirez Part 1 of 5 wWw.BeStPaGeOnEaRtH.Com

  39. Richard Ramirez

    by Helline78prod4 years ago9,289 views

    Capture, trial.

  40. Best Serial Killer interview Richard Ramirez speaks from prison:I am evil

    by hkworldnews11 year ago10,383 views

    The serial killer dubbed the Night Stalker, who terrorized Los Angeles in the mid-1980s, speaks from prison.

  41. Serial Killer Richard Ramirez in court angry at the judge

    by forgivebutdontforget9 years ago167,920 views

    Richard Ramirez with long hair being escorted from court to his cel.

  42. RICHARD RAMIREZ Photoalbum

    by Helline78prod4 years ago4,693 views

    Many pictures of him.

  43. Richard Ramirez: A Vicious Valentine's Day

    by Kiefer892 years ago3,159 views

    This is a video with words from his fans, supporters, defenders etc. Love you all for your inspiring contributions... ;- ...

  44. Richard Ramirez - Nightstalker (Baphomet's Blood)

    by YeahHuah5 years ago19,208 views

    A tribute to Richard Ramirez, with photos and videos. Song : Nightstalker - Baphomet's Blood (Album: Satanic Metal Attack ...

  45. AC/DC - night prowler Richard Ramirez

    by psychopathBTK3 years ago10,374 views

    AC/DC - night prowler Richard Ramirez.

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