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  1. Carlos Bernard and Reiko Aylesworth 24 Inside Interview

    by twentyfourspoilers4 years ago66,243 views

    Carlos Bernard and Reiko Aylesworth (24's Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler) are interviewed on 24 Inside by host Daphne ...

  2. 24 Panel at C2E2

    by thegorgeousgeeks8 months ago554 views

    Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida), Louis Lombardi (Edgar Stiles) and James Morrison (Bill Buchanan) get together to talk about ...

  3. 24 Star, 24 Questions - Carlos Bernard takes the 24 Test

    by Empiremagazine5 years ago33,872 views

    As 24s Tony Almeida, Carlos Bernard has endured some pretty intense interrogation situations. Empire, though, may be res ...

  4. Carlos Bernard on Sharon Osbourne Show 10/21/2003

    by twentyfourspoilers3 years ago3,480 views

    Carlos Bernard interviewed on the Sharon Osbourne Show.

  5. ワンナイ Funny 24 Carlos Bernard on Japanese comedy show 1/2

    by DvWUzEsW6nr8CeK8xi-M1 year ago14,971 views

    Japanese comedy show "one night rock'n roll" ワンナイ,雨上がり決死隊,ペナルティ,ガレッジセール,山口智充,小池栄子.

  6. Carlos Bernard on Fox News

    by simplyobsessed6 years ago6,514 views

    Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) is interviewed by Fox News entertainment reporter Bill McCuddy regarding the 4th season of ...

  7. Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) 24 Season 6 Interview

    by twentyfourspoilers3 years ago7,137 views

    Carlos Bernard is interviewed at a 24 Season 6 event on whether Tony Almeida is really dead, where the cubs mug is, and what ...

  8. "24" - Carlos Bernard - Tony Almeda - Comic-Con '08

    by teamwwk6 years ago32,293 views - Carlos Bernard discusses his role of Tony Almeda at the "24" panel at Comic-Con '08

  9. Carlos Bernard Interview

    by PennyKeating105 years ago4,517 views

    Carlos Bernard Interview

  10. Carlos Bernard speaks about injury to TV Land

    by twentyfourspoilers4 years ago1,254 views

    Carlos Bernard on TV Land Confidential "When Real Life and Screen Life Collide" documentary (9/21/05), speaks about his ankle ...

  11. Carlos Bernard on Live With Regis and Kelly 4/18/05

    by twentyfourspoilers4 years ago3,362 views

    Carlos Bernard on Live WIth Regis and Kelly, April 18 2005. Thanks to Paul S for the video. &

  12. Carlos Bernard 2005 British Interview

    by twentyfourspoilers3 years ago1,007 views

    Carlos Bernard interviewed about 24 Season 4 on British TV in 2005. Sorry about the text in the middle of the screen, wasn't ...

  13. Carlos Bernard - 24's 100th Episode Interview

    by twentyfourspoilers3 years ago2,393 views

    Carlos Bernard (24's Tony Almeida) interviewed on set of CTU during filming 24's 100th episode and talks about where he sees ...

  14. Carlos Bernard 2012 Diego Navarro on trial

    by B2K13 years ago1,585 views

    CSI Miami Rights music tv all reserved Island Records Flo Ryder and machines "No Light No Light " Cd Ceremonials 2011 Columbia ...

  15. Carlos Bernard (24)

    by stylecritics5 years ago2,098 views

    Carlos Bernard was rushing to go inside but he was kind enough to chat with us even for a few seconds. At the 2009 Imagen ...

  16. Carlos Bernard and Reiko Aylesworth

    by theabbygrace3 years ago2,252 views

    Carlos Bernard and Reiko Aylesworth

  17. Reiko: Promotion of 24 the game part II with Carlos Bernard

    by gocows427 years ago17,956 views

    Actors of 24 having fun together. "I can touch my nose, I'm not drunk yet"

  18. Soccer AM Carlos Bernard aka Tony from 24 Interview

    by vickym20005 years ago8,334 views

    Carlos Bernard's appearance on Soccer AM. 17/10/09

  19. 24 - Sutherland on the Real Time Format (Paley Center)

    by paleycenter6 years ago9,754 views

    Actor/producer Keifer Sutherland ("Jack Bauer") and actor Carlos Bernard ("Tony Almeida") explain how they work with show's ...

  20. Carlos Bernard on The Tony Danza Show 1/13/06

    by twentyfourspoilers4 years ago1,966 views

    Carlos Bernard (24's Tony Almeida) interviewed for the second time by Tony Danza on The Tony Danza Show January 13, 2006 ...

  21. Carlos Bernard of 24 attends SAG Celebrity Golf Classic

    by PhyllisShnell1 year ago547 views

    Follow me on Twitter @Phyllis_Thomas.

  22. Ep7 Carlos Bernard Dallas

    by B2K12 years ago948 views

    With Josh Henderson /Jon Ross

  23. Carlos Bernard Gideons War

    by GideonsWar4 years ago1,512 views

    Carlos Bernard at the 24 watching marathon where the Guinness World Record for longest continuous TV-watching period was ...

  24. 24's "Tony Almeda" Carlos Bernard interview

    by xues19848 years ago93,374 views

    Answers questions "How many times have you been 'dead on the page' that you've been able to talk your way out of it?" And ...

  25. 24 - Jeffrey Nordling and Carlos Bernard

    by FoxSource6 years ago11,031 views

    What would you do if you saw your killer at a golf match? Jeffrey Nordling had some ideas about what he'd do when he saw ...

  26. Carlos Bernard CSI Miami Ep 2X16

    by B2K13 years ago3,791 views

    Rest in pieces part 4 all rights Jerry Bruckheimer Television, CBS Television Studios Soundtrack "No Light, No Light" Written ...

  27. Carlos Bernard CSI

    by B2K13 years ago2,221 views

    First appearance on show all rights for CSI MiAMI CBS Television Studios copyright Jerry Bruckheimer Television Alliance ...

  28. 24 - Carlos Bernard - Day 7 Finale

    by FoxSource6 years ago17,925 views

    Carlos Bernard didn't reveal much but assured us there's a logical explanation to all of Tony Almeida's swings.

  29. Carlos Bernard TNT 2012

    by B2K12 years ago1,579 views

    Dallas TV series Entertainment use only all rights to TNT network Larry Hagman Carlos Bernard Josh Henderson

  30. Csi Miami Carlos Bernard

    by B2K13 years ago1,356 views

    Ep 16 s-10 All rights Jerry brunckheimer Television CBS Television Music. "No Light, No Light" All rights Florence and the ...

  31. Carlos Bernard of '24' Chats With Korbi Ghosh of Zap2it

    by Zap2itVideo6 years ago4,715 views

    Carlos Bernard tells about his character's ongoing relationship with Jack Bauer.

  32. ワンナイ Funny 24 Carlos Bernard on Japanese comedy show 2/2

    by DvWUzEsW6nr8CeK8xi-M1 year ago5,588 views

    Japanese comedy show "one night rock'n roll" ワンナイ,雨上がり決死隊,ペナルティ,ガレッジセール,山口智充,小池栄子.

  33. Carlos Bernard on Wayne Brady Show 1/6/2004

    by twentyfourspoilers3 years ago1,910 views

    Carlos Bernard (24's Tony Almeida) on Wayne Brady Show January 6, 2004.

  34. Carlos Bernard on the Return of Tony Almeida

    by adidaxryx6 years ago23,802 views

    Carlos Bernard and the rest of the "24" panel at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con talk about bringing back Tony Almeida.

  35. Carlos Bernard on The Tony Danza Show 4/25/05

    by twentyfourspoilers4 years ago1,538 views

    Carlos Bernard (24's Tony Almeida) is interviewed by Tony Danza (a huge fan of 24) on The Tony Danza Show. Thanks to Paul ...

  36. CSI Miami "Ringer" Carlos Bernard

    by B2K13 years ago2,645 views

    Diego returns to bail out his son has words Horatio Caine All rights reserved Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer: CBS Television

  37. Carlos Bernard on "Extra!" - May 2009

    by almeidaisgoddotcom6 years ago12,044 views

    A brief video spot in which Carlos Bernard defends Tony against the "evil" accusations.

  38. Your Father's Daughter - A Short Film by Carlos Bernard

    by RyanMonroe19892 years ago1,383 views

    Starring Vanessa Marano ('Switched at Birth') and Nestor Serrano ('Act of Valor', 'Dexter') - available exclusively at ...

  39. Yes We Can Video: Carlos Bernard on Possibilities

    by illwilly7 years ago8,297 views

    Yes We Can Video: Carlos Bernard on Possibilities.

  40. Carlos Bernard

    by nenivola5 years ago1,754 views

  41. Carlos Bernard CSI. Miami Ringer

    by B2K13 years ago2,536 views

    2nd appearance in CSI Miami

  42. Carlos Bernard and Reiko Aylesworth Moving Closer

    by 4X5ubwiUIrUdUwV-7xcJ3 years ago1,595 views

    24's Reiko Aylesworth and Carlos Bernard (Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida) off-camera Music by Never the Strangers "Moving ...

  43. 24 Season 7 German Trailer Carlos Bernard [Premiere]

    by DragonSource6 years ago2,622 views

    24 Season 7 deutscher Trailer mit Carlos Bernard.

  44. Carlos Bernard on Acting in "24"

    by adidaxryx6 years ago4,713 views

    Carlos Bernard talks a bit about acting on the show, especially with a change in his character.

  45. Carlos Bernard Spills 24 Season 3 Plot on Golf Course 10/28/2003

    by twentyfourspoilers3 years ago1,424 views

    Carlos Bernard goes golfing and spills some 24 Season 3 plot secrets hours before the premiere (Oct 28, 2003).

  46. Carlos Bernard part 2 CSI Miami

    by B2K13 years ago567 views

    Ep 2x16 All rights reserved CBS Television Jerry Bruckhimer Music from island records and Columbia records Flo Ryder and ...

  47. Dennis Haysbert, Carlos Bernard post-Emmys 2004 red carpet

    by twentyfourspoilers4 years ago1,098 views

    Dennis Haysbert and Carlos Bernard interviewed on the red carpet post-Emmys 2004. Thanks Paul S for the video. www.24spo ...

  48. Actor Carlos Bernard from the tv show 24 seen having breakfast with a female compa

    by TheLovelyCelebrities2 years ago86 views

    Actor Carlos Bernard from the tv show 24 seen having breakfast with a female compa

  49. 24 Carlos Bernard

    by heychenchen6 years ago384 views


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