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  1. Stephen Baldwin on gay marriage debate

    by HLN 3 years ago 84,688 views

    Stephen Baldwin and George Takei debate Kirk Cameron's controversial comments on gay marriage. Showbiz Tonight has more.

  2. Ron Paul owns Stephen Baldwin in marijuana debate.

    by Jeezy42O 5 years ago 609,297 views

    Ron Paul against former actor Stephen Baldwin in a marijuana debate. Baldwin should stick to acting.

  3. Stephen Baldwin preaching at Man Alive 2013

    by XtreMEDIA Baldwin McCullough 1 year ago 2,476 views

    Laughter, openness and rapt attention were present on Saturday at La Misión de Jesus church as actor and Christian activist ...

  4. Stephen Baldwin Explains his Belief in the Illuminati on Sway in the Morning

    by SwaysUniverse 1 year ago 10,685 views

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  5. Stephen Baldwin: How I Came to Christ

    by K-LOVE Fan Awards 1 year ago 8,756 views

    Stephen Baldwin shares about his wife's faith and how she brought him to know Christ.

  6. May 2014 The Mark Unleashed - Stephen Baldwin - Last days Final Hour News Update

    by u2bheavenbound 2 years ago 619,234 views

    May 2014 Final Hour last days news prophecy update The Mark Unleashed - Stephen Baldwin The Mark Unleashed Six: The Mark ...

  7. Stephen Baldwin and Rosie Discuss Gay Rights - The Rosie Show - Oprah Winfrey Network

    by OWN TV 2 years ago 40,361 views

    Stephen Baldwin and Rosie talk about how they both grew up on Long Island—and how they ended up with varying views on gay ...

  8. Stephen Baldwin Testimony

    by J S 6 years ago 42,557 views

    Stephen Baldwin's Testimony of his Acepting Jesus as his savior.

  9. CNN Weekend Shows - Stephen Baldwin arrested in New York

    by CNN 2 years ago 3,180 views

    Actor Stephen Baldwin talks to Don Lemon about his arrest in New York and says he knew it was coming.

  10. Born Again Christian Stephen Baldwin vs Atheist Richard Dawkins

    by badreligionuk 5 years ago 1,398,147 views What would happen if Born Again Christian Stephen Baldwin got into a debate with Atheist Richard ...

  11. Actor Stephen Baldwin speaks out about his faith

    by foxnewstest 11 months ago 487 views

    Stephen Baldwin talks about being a Christian and what drew him to role in new movie 'I'm in Love with a Church Girl'

  12. Star of '2047: Sights of Death,' Stephen Baldwin

    by citytvofficial 3 months ago 108 views

    Stephen Baldwin, actor.

  13. The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000) Official Trailer - Stephen Baldwin Movie HD

    by MOVIECLIPS Classic Trailers 10 months ago 10,285 views

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  14. Stephen Baldwin - świadectwo nawrócenia

    by Przemek Owczarski 4 years ago 20,260 views

    Stephen Andrew Baldwin (ur. 12 maja 1966 roku w Massapequa, na Long Island, w stanie Nowy Jork, USA) -- amerykański aktor ...

  15. Dr. Brown interviews Stephen Baldwin

    by Michael Brown 3 months ago 2,297 views

    Dr. Brown interviews outspoken Christian actor Stephen Baldwin about coming to faith, being a follower of Jesus in Hollywood ...

  16. Stephen Baldwin on Stern show 2004*1/3

    by Mark Pontius 3 years ago 1,929 views

    Former Hollywood womanizer has turned born again douche bag, found Jesus, and now pushing promotion that nobody gives a rats ...

  17. CNN: Stephen Baldwin's New Movie "Loving The Bad Man"

    by XtreMEDIA Baldwin McCullough 2 years ago 843 views

    Stephen Baldwin talks about his new movie "Loving The Bad Man" on CNN. For more information visit ...

  18. Stephen Baldwin -- 'Bio-Dome' on Broadway!?

    by TMZ 1 year ago 5,072 views

    Stephen Baldwin could be joining his brother Alec Baldwin on Broadway... in a "Bio-Dome" musical! Well, he hopes so... which ...

  19. Stephen Baldwin on Manny Pacquiao

    by Rappler 10 months ago 55,486 views

  20. Stephen Baldwin Testimony (Part 1) From Unusual Suspects Livin It

    by TheSevenBright 3 years ago 2,770 views

    Stephen Baldwin Testimony (Part 1) From Unusual Suspects Livin It.

  21. Ignore Stephen Baldwin - Restore Joss Whedon

    by thebighonkin 4 years ago 138,282 views

    In response to the restoration of Stephen Baldwin, we proudly present an alternative: Joss Whedon. *Update - The original ...

  22. Stephen Baldwin Chats About Kirk Cameron and Faith - The Rosie Show - Oprah Winfrey Network

    by OWN TV 2 years ago 44,337 views

    Watch as Stephen Baldwin and Rosie chat about his religious beliefs. Plus, hear what Stephen thinks about actor Kirk Cameron's ...

  23. Ron Paul debates Stephen Baldwin on Legalizing Marijuana on CNN Larry King 03-13-2009.mp4

    by kalifornya1 5 years ago 114,103 views

    Ron Paul on Larry King live debating Steven Baldwin about the legalization of Marijuana and Hemp. As far as I'm concerned ...

  24. Interview with Stephen Baldwin

    by churchgirlthemovie 3 years ago 611 views

    Learn more at

  25. Join The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin Movement

    by XanderHarris2012 4 years ago 9,868 views

    As seen in the Credits of the most Recent Episode of South Park... South Park -14×7- Crippled Summer ...

  26. Chews-4-Health Partners with Stephen Baldwin for Charity

    by Dr. David Friedman 5 years ago 567 views

    Dr. David Friedman sits down with celebrity Stephen Baldwin, to talk about br**st cancer, the impact it has had on the Baldwin ...

  27. LA Ink- Stephen Baldwin Gets Inked

    by TLC 3 years ago 4,280 views

    For more, visit | Stephen Baldwin stops by High Voltage to get some ...

  28. Conversation between Piers Morgan and Stephen Baldwin

    by Li Zhi Tan 7 years ago 27,456 views

    Some conversation on Christian beliefs.

  29. Stephen Baldwin Vs Richard Dawkins - Stephen Baldwin Win!

    by sanyo1974 3 years ago 1,518 views

    Atheist Darwinian Arguments I'm Tired of Hearing, I examine the fallacy of that well-worn Atheist Richard Dawkins answer ...

  30. Stephen Baldwin Interview - The Bible From 30,000 Feet

    by Calvary Albuquerque 7 years ago 9,036 views

    Skip Heitzig interviews Stephen Baldwin during Flight 10 of The Bible From 30000 Feet.

  31. Jesus Wants You To Save Stephen Baldwin

    by The Young Turks 4 years ago 29,797 views

    New TYT Facebook Page(!): Follow us on Twitter: http://twitte ...

  32. Piers Morgan and Stephen Baldwin

    by tickblack 7 years ago 27,475 views

    Piers Morgan and Stephen Baldwin.

  33. Stephen Baldwin: 'Sleeps Like a Baby with Holy Spirit' at RNC

    by AMTV 2 years ago 8,442 views


  34. Stephen Baldwin Supports Angus Jones of show "Two And A Half Men"

    by ChristianFirefighter 2 years ago 1,819 views

    Kirk Cameron, Stephen Baldwin, Now Angus Jones ... and many, many others. God's presence is working everywhere, even in Hollywood!

  35. Stephen Baldwin - I'm Second (sub esp)

    by YoSoySegundoTGZ 2 years ago 10,380 views

    Yo Soy Segundo TGZ "Copyright Disclaimer Bajo la Sección ...

  36. Let The Lion Roar - Stephen Baldwin interview

    by Let The Lion Roar 3 months ago 607 views

    "Let The Lion Roar" is a book and Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack that will open your eyes to the truth of God's plans for the church ...

  37. Stephen Baldwin Livin' It Clip Skateboarding

    by TheSevenSunny 3 years ago 956 views

    Stephen Baldwin Livin' It Clip Skateboarding.

  38. Stephen Baldwin -- actor, director, producer, and author

    by NewsmaxTV 6 months ago 209 views

    Joins Steve to share his thoughts on Bill Maher's comments about God.

  39. Is Stephen Baldwin The Dumbest Baldwin Of All?

    by The Young Turks 6 years ago 37,994 views

    Watch more at

  40. Howard Stern - Stephen Baldwin

    by jonblast 3 months ago 838 views

    Here is a hilarious interview from 1999 with Stephen Baldwin. Howard and Jackie get in a bunch of great one liners.

  41. Stephen Baldwin: "Barack Obama Is the Greatest Gangster to Ever Come Out of Chicago"

    by PoliJAM 5 years ago 26,699 views


  42. Solavei Reviews - Live Event, Interview Stephen Baldwin

    by FreeMinutesSolavei 2 years ago 81 views Learn how to get FREE MINUTES just by using your cell phone. Solavei partnered with T-Mobile ...

  43. Ron Paul Debates Stephen Baldwin About Marijuana Legalization On Larry King Live

    by SaveOurSovereignty3 6 years ago 13,612 views

    Airing Date March.13, 2009 Ron Paul Debates Stephen Baldwin About Marijuana Legalization On Larry King Live Ron Paul Smacked ...

  44. 'Teabagger' Stephen Baldwin Discusses Obama at GOP Convention

    by politicalarticles 2 years ago 213 views

    Pathological Hypocrisy, Greed & Debt: The True Story of 'Cardboard Opportunist' Mitt Romney & Bain Capital: ...

  45. Religious Zealout Stephen Baldwin vs. Ace Rockolla and Sal's Crazy Uncle Paulie (7/23/2004)

    by Mike Z 3 years ago 20,942 views

    I know pucksterz12 uploaded this segment, but thanks to Mammary Lane, now you can listen to a high-quality, uncensored version ...

  46. Stephen Baldwin with Amber Caparas and T-Bone 2004

    by Wayne Caparas 8 years ago 12,338 views

    A 14 year old Amber Caparas interviews Stephen Baldwin and T-Bone at the 2004 Charleston Live Back to School Bash featuring ...

  47. Stephen Baldwin on Being Anti-Abortion and Debating Politics With Alec Baldwin

    by POPSUGAR Entertainment 2 years ago 1,821 views

    Stephen Baldwin is a born-again Christian and a proud conservative. He's currently in Tampa for the Republican National ...

  48. Stephen Baldwin Shows Sway Hannah Montana Tattoo & Explains Why on Sway in the Morning

    by SwaysUniverse 1 year ago 1,423 views

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