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    by cutiecentral13 years ago84,999 views

    Esther Baxter Teaser Part 2!!

  2. Exclusive: Esther Baxter Talks Acting, Cooking, and Her Experience in the Entertainment Industry

    by HipHopEnquirer2 years ago20,522 views Exclusive: Esther Baxter Talks Acting, Cooking, and Her Experience in the Entertainment Industry

  3. Joe Budden - Gets his Float on with Esther Baxter

    by HipHopRealityShowTV4 years ago60,689 views

    Joe Budden - Gets his Float on with Esther Baxter

  4. Esther Baxter Tells Bossip Exclusively "Joe Budden Killed Our Baby"

    by BOSSIP3 years ago19,162 views

    Esther Baxter Sat Down With And Cleared The Air About Joe Budden Putting An End To Their Unborn Child's Life ...

  5. Esther Baxter Hip Hop Video Model

    by SelfMadeStarz6 years ago100,590 views Esther Baxter Hip Hop Video Model

  6. Esther Baxter - Black Men Magazine [Exclusive Model Shoot]

    by blackmenmag3 years ago45,326 views

    Black Men Digital brings you an Exclusive behind the scene video shoot with Esther Baxter's Bio: Esther Baxter rose to p ...

  7. Esther Baxter & Sabrina Athena

    by Ivankmccartney4 years ago39,511 views

    Oil Spill Shoot, Esther Baxter, Sabrina Athena, Controversial Death, Ivan K. McCartney

  8. Esther Baxter The Baddest

    by BluuGuy7 years ago44,587 views

    Ma First Video

  9. Kickball With Joe Budden & Esther Baxter Pt. 3

    by dafamcam4 years ago15,409 views

    This was probably the most eventful of all the kickball games yet with Joe Budden and Esther Baxter. This one had a little ...

  10. Only You - Dukeman Ft. Esther Baxter

    by dukedaking1 year ago6,191 views

    new single by Duke Da King.

  11. Esther Baxter "Got Lunch?" Comedy Skit - EB Delights! Summer 2012

    by EstherBaxterTV2 years ago13,653 views

    Introducing... EB Delights! by Model/Actress Esther Baxter. Visit for the best of home cooking with a ...

  12. Esther Baxter is back

    by kosky212936 years ago258,889 views

    guess who yea hot sexy Esther baxter is back

  13. Esther Baxter * FROSTY * Official Version FT Macallee King

    by SexXxyMiami6 years ago373,592 views

    Download The Song Here :: ...

  14. Esther Baxter "Everything"

    by Yellapimp7 years ago647,086 views

    Vid Of The One And Only Esther Baxter

  15. The Breast Of Esther Baxter 1

    by foreverflylove9 months ago1,682 views

  16. Joe Buddens DISS Esther Baxter - HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM

    by gmhhhiphoptwo3 years ago8,556 views (CLICK HERE)

  17. Esther Baxter - Ting Ting Video By J Menace!!

    by PaPaSmurfONYA8 years ago376,746 views

    Hot Esther Baxter Video from BET UNCUT

  18. Esther Baxter une idole

    by 3LhVOreURJMxQFAI1mN12 years ago1,482 views

    Les photos parlent

  19. Joe Budden Interview With Funk Master Flex About Esther Baxter. Part 1

    by Trillatracks4evermak3 years ago7,131 views The Hottest Beats For Artists & Best Sounds For Producers

  20. jay z esther baxter lupe fiasco smartz

    by buggerbuns6 years ago19,795 views

    sexy pics hip hop

  21. Cliff mac singing Yo Body to Esther Baxter

    by cirocboiduke1 year ago1,979 views

    cliff mac rapping the song yo body to super model Esther Baxter At Z Club in Flint Mi.

  22. Exclusive: Tahiry speaks on Joe Budden, Somaya Reece, Esther Baxter & Gloria Velez

    by djvlad4 years ago97,592 views - Tahiry clears the air between her and Joey's ladies.

  23. Kickball With Joe Budden & Esther Baxter - Games 3 & 4

    by dafamcam4 years ago32,639 views

    Two weeks after the first Kickball games of the season, Joe Budden and Esther Baxter joined friends and fans once again to ...


    by cutiecentral13 years ago36,083 views

    Esther Baxter Teaser

  25. A Tribute To Esther Baxter

    by Yellapimp8 years ago79,497 views

    Eshter Baxter Pics And Vids

  26. Presents Kickball With Joe Budden & Esther Baxter 4-0

    by itsbizkit4 years ago4,473 views

    Def didn't know how serious these n*ggaz took kickball, but it aint a game shout out to the big homie ICE & Team Verified ...

  27. Esther Baxter - Camera Phone Pics [Self Shots]

    by Hhlk_n2xM9HvCtSCZZI31 year ago1,927 views

    Visit: - See more self shot pics of the lovely Esther Baxter and 1000's more ...


    by BLACKARAZZI6 years ago10,731 views

    Blackarazzi President, Katrina Nelson got an exclusive behind the scenes look on the set of the movie "Speed Dating" starring ...

  29. Esther Baxter vs. Meylssa Ford

    by mistanderson6 years ago45,316 views

    Battle of the Vixen

  30. Enjoy while Esther Baxter is posing for a sexy photoshoot

    by blackmenmag5 years ago302,388 views

    Each Issue of Black Men Delivers the most beautiful and divers women in the world -- presented in provocative layouts shot ...

  31. Bow Wow - (Lost His Virginity At 16 To Esther Baxter)

    by Geniussoundofficial2 years ago538 views

    Bow Wow - (Lost His v*rginity At 16 To Esther Baxter) SUBSCRIBE ^ SUBSCRIBE ^ SUBSCRIBE & Like Fan Page http://www.faceb ...

  32. Joe Budden New Girlfriend Esther Baxter - HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM

    by THEFUTUREOFHHN5 years ago24,422 views



    by sexzuke20105 years ago10,926 views


  34. Katt Williams Interviews Esther Baxter

    by CLIPPERMANLAUGHS3 years ago7,922 views

    Clipperman sits down for a funny skit with Esther Baxter.

  35. Joe Budden (Airing Out His Former Girlfriend/Video Vixen Esther Baxter, Cheating With NFL Player

    by Droppingliveish3 years ago6,564 views The Hottest Beats For Artists & Best Sounds For Producers.

  36. esther baxter

    by gameplayer99920017 years ago46,465 views

    she's hot comment

  37. Joe Budden Talks About Esther Baxter On Funk Flex Show Part 1

    by meazy7573 years ago49,458 views

    Joe Budden Talks Esther Baxter,Abuse Allegations,Chris Brown,Pictures & more. From May 9, 2011. Budden Calls Into to Funk ...

  38. Speed Dating (Starring Esther Baxter, Chingy More) - HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM

    by IHHNEWS247DOTCOM4 years ago2,547 views


  39. Supreme Esther Baxter

    by tequierocojer67 years ago45,680 views

    Supreme NYC

  40. Esther baxter video drop for June 21 Zclub

    by cirocboiduke1 year ago1,588 views

    Ciroc Boi Entertainment presents Black shoes at the white show hosted by Esther Baxter for Ciroc Boy Tay bday.

  41. Here Is Why Esther Baxter Is Famous

    by kosky212936 years ago61,906 views

    Four pictures thats all it takes to tell you why Esther Baxter is Famous

  42. Joe Budden DISS Esther Baxter On Radio Show - HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM

    by TheGmhhhiphopppp3 years ago6,818 views (CLICK HERE)

  43. Esther Baxter

    by diamondstate8 years ago37,903 views

    9 Second Video

  44. R-Side ft. Esther Baxter Pt.2

    by koba32158 years ago58,123 views

    sexii esther ... great music.

  45. Esther Baxter Vs. Brittany Daily (Who's hottest)

    by zavasa557 years ago103,436 views

    The light skinned chic is Brittany vs. Esther. Let's hear you explain your answer. Either a quick yes or no, or a detailed ...

  46. Esther Baxter Interview

    by tommydanger4 years ago5,907 views

    Esther Baxter speaks on her transition from Video Vixen to Actress. Her current role in the comedy "Speed dating" and how ...

  47. Tahiry talks about Joe Budden, Esther Baxter, & DJ Prostyle on The Joy Daily Show

    by JoyDailytv4 years ago45,333 views

    Tahiry talks about Joe Budden & Esther Baxter, & her engagement to DJ Prostyle on The Joy Daily Show The Joy Daily Show is ...

  48. BET Awards 2011: Esther Baxter

    by FashionNewsLive3 years ago4,314 views

    Rocco interviews Esther Baxter talks about her fourth film coming up. She talks about deciding between modeling and acting ...

  49. Esther Baxter

    by TNHaZE7 years ago47,529 views

    esther baxter montage with ugk music

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