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  1. David Spade - Full Stand Up Comedy

    by 08eNpGqcUzKrIZIzftpZ2 years ago1,765,936 views

    From 1998. It's Called (Take The Hit)

  2. David Spade | Norm Macdonald Live | Video Podcast Network

    by NormMacdonaldLive7 months ago144,723 views

    David Spade joins Norm on Norm Macdonald Live. SUBSCRIBE TO NORM: http://bit.ly/NormSUBSCRIBE About Video Podcast Netw ...

  3. David Spade's Highballing | Ep. 6 | Laugh Lessons

    by aolonoriginals1 month ago18,003 views

    David Spade knows how to deal with a joke that bombs -- even when the audience hasn't reached middle school. His classroom ...

  4. David Spade: My Fake Problems - Performing for the President

    by comedycentral8 months ago38,804 views

    David Spade learned a terrifying bit of information right before he performed for the president. David Spade: My Fake Problems ...

  5. David Spade - Full Stand-Up [HQ] - Funny Comedian

    by NeverSkipLaughDay3 months ago6,092 views

    David Wayne Spade (born July 22, 1964) is an American actor, comedian, writer and television personality. He rose to fame ...

  6. PlatinumCity Presents David Spade On Late Show With David Letterman

    by TonyMountaina1 year ago11,029 views

    Your Destination For Premium Programming...David Spade On Late Show With David Letterman.

  7. Ridiculousness Season 5 Episode 3 David Spade

    by rWmdru8GXANoVYX5TE-T2 months ago10,046 views

    Ridiculousness Season 5 Episode 3 David Spade Ridiculousness David Spade Ridiculousness Season 5 Episode 3 David Spade R ...

  8. David Spade interview on Letterman

    by Gibson42a1 year ago13,712 views

    Hilarious maid story (2011?)

  9. David Spade at the Eagles Concert

    by TheEllenShow10 months ago124,811 views

    The always hilarious David Spade told Ellen a story about attending an Eagles concert, you don't want to miss it.

  10. DP/30 Emmy Watch: David Spade: My Fake Problems

    by TheHotButton6 months ago5,632 views

    You may know David Spade from films like Tommy Boy or Joe Dirt... or TV's Saturday Night Live, Just Shoot Me, Rules of E ...

  11. David Spade gets HECKLED by JOE DIRT FANS

    by mattstheboss2 months ago332 views

    David Spade gets heckled during his stand up set.

  12. American Talk Show | Chelsea Lately 2014 | David Spade Brad Wollack Arden Myrin Tone Bell

    by ChelseaLatelyHD2 months ago559 views

    Chelsea Lately was an American late night comedy talk show hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler on E!. The show debuted on ...

  13. David Spade on Stern 1996 (1)

    by Gibson42a1 year ago5,545 views

    His first appearance on the show in '96

  14. Chris Farley and David Spade at the Oscars®

    by Oscars10 months ago38,851 views

    Chris Farley and David Spade present the Oscar® for Short Film (Live Action) for "Dear Diary" to David Frankel and Barry ...

  15. Uncensored - Comedy Central Re-Animated - David Spade - Tiger's Baggage

    by comedycentral8 months ago43,619 views

    David Spade knows that it must be hard for Lindsey Vonn to explain her new relationship to her friends. David Spade: My Fake ...

  16. David Spade - The Kevin Nealon Show

    by TheLaughFactory7 months ago24,620 views

    David Spade swings by the show to talk with Kevin about SNL days, the pressures of tipping while famous, and what it's like ...

  17. New Employee Spotlight -- David Spade

    by JimmyKimmelLive9 months ago39,065 views

    Jimmy highlights one of our newest employees who happens to bear a striking resemblance to David Spade. Modern Family's Julie ...

  18. David Spade on Letterman (2012)

    by awesomerobot159 months ago8,459 views

    Stand-up and interview.

  19. Howard Stern Interviews Chris Rock and David Spade

    by PQcDGKN0TuY_dd4zL_dq1 year ago65,377 views

    Howard TV 2013.

  20. David Spade - Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

    by CTBarbarin5 years ago94,680 views

    From the movie "Lost & Found". David Spade doing an imitation of Neil Diamond sing Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show ...

  21. David Letterman, HQ, David Spade, 02/19/09

    by QJuWhb4Od25Hs72jC_T81 year ago3,322 views

    david letterman, letterman 2013, david letterman 2013,david letterman 2012, david letterman 2011,david letterman 2010,david ...

  22. David Spade's Complicated Love Life

    by TheEllenShow4 years ago56,531 views

    The hysterical David Spade talked to Ellen about his convoluted love life -- and shared why he has trouble staying in a relationship!

  23. Jimmy Fallon & Jim Breuer Tell David Spade Story

    by ebenesfan20113 years ago31,468 views

    Eddie Murphy calls Spade to Complain about SNL joke

  24. David Spade on Conan

    by campbpar3 years ago3,180 views

  25. David Spade -- ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Hit Close to Home

    by TMZ4 months ago48,697 views

    David Spade didn't do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (and donate a whopping $100000) to be funny or cool, he did it because ...

  26. Interview Clips of David Spade

    by JWu5TwgwP19MWbC0F6fT11 months ago670 views

    David Spade is awesome. i do not own any of this footage.

  27. TACS - The Adam Carolla Show - David Spade Interview

    by RUGUNIT4 years ago3,258 views

    From 4-11-2008 - Guest David Spade talks about Artie Lange, getting beat up in the middle of the night by his drugged out ...

  28. Disney's The Emperor's New Groove Behind The Voices

    by 7UpDoll3 years ago397,152 views

    I love Patrick Warburton!!! xD

  29. Howard Stern - David Spade Interview 1 of 3

    by Clausfarre3 years ago22,065 views

    3-20-06 - David Spade visits the Sirius studio. I deemed it upload worthy.

  30. The Infamous David Spade & Eddie Murphy Incident

    by antmaurizio2 months ago582 views

    "Look children, it's a falling star. Make a wish." After leaving SNL, David Spade cut a joke on Eddie Murphy during his ...

  31. David Spade attacked with a stun gun - his story told

    by korwedge7 years ago21,169 views

    David Spade tells the story about his assistant attacking him with a stun gun while he was asleep in his own house! The story ...

  32. David Spade: ASU Drop Out

    by TMZ8 months ago15,839 views

    Charles isn't the only ASU "alum", so is David Spade! We asked the comedian if he would ever go back and finish. Then he ...

  33. Tony Hawk Interviews David Spade, Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris and more - Dissent

    by RIDEChannel3 years ago22,166 views

    Tony Hawk's Dissent TV is an interview series hosted by legendary skateboarder, Tony Hawk. Viewers are given a "backstage ...

  34. David Spade Dating Nicollette Sheridan?? Ellen !! KRMA leather jacket

    by edelart6 years ago4,643 views

    David Spade Dating Nicollette Sheridan?? Ellen !! KRMA leather jacket

  35. Top 10 David Spade Movies

    by MrExtremedinos1002 years ago1,816 views

    Top 10 David Spade Movies(IN MY OPINION)

  36. DAVID SPADE: What CHRIS ROCK said to KOBE!

    by eatthatpopcorn5 years ago209,837 views

    David Spade reveals what Chris Rock was telling Kobe Bryant! MTV Movie Awards, Red Carpet Interview! David Spade was sitting ...

  37. David Spade interview-Dennis Miller Live 1997

    by earl60213 years ago18,079 views

    April 1997

  38. Jiminy Glick Interviews David Spade

    by Y3rX2mFbozkuqNaoUy5x9 months ago3,359 views

    Born Malcolm Glickman March 12, 1948, in Akron, Ohio (although he has claimed to have been born in Omaha, Nebraska, or Baton ...

  39. Reese Witherspoon Arrested -- David Spade Trashes Her!

    by TMZ2 years ago86,377 views

    Reese Witherspoon isn't as famous as she thinks ... according to David Spade, and probably the cop who arrested her. You ...

  40. David Spade Stand Up from Comedy Central's "Funny People Live"

    by davidspadecomedy5 years ago205,062 views

    David Spade performs stand up for Comedy Central's "Funny People Live".

  41. Todd Glass on David Spade's Reaction To Him Coming Out

    by JimmyKimmelLive5 months ago36,486 views

    Todd reveals David Spade's reaction when he came out of the closet. Jimmy shares some observations he had about Todd before ...

  42. David Spade comedy in Vegas!

    by singerchick12214 years ago4,115 views

  43. David Spade on Ellen (full) - Part 1

    by EllenLDegeneres7 years ago184,095 views

    David Spade on The Ellen Degeneres Show (2008/04/14)

  44. Ridiculousness Season 1 Episode 11 Full HD 2014 - "Ridiculousness David Spade"

    by 8RMSSkhmerifu0PUAMud2 months ago655 views

    Ridiculousness Season 1 Episode 11 Full HD Ridiculousness Season 1 Episode 11 Full HD Ridiculousness Season 1 Episode 11 ...

  45. David Spade Tells Ellen About his Daughter

    by TheEllenShow10 months ago172,539 views

    The actor/comedian told Ellen about his experience being a dad.

  46. Celebrity Deathmatch - David Spade vs. Steven Seagal

    by cdmfan3 years ago30,534 views

    A grudge match. David Spade had enraged Steven Seagal during the "Presented By Big Bull Beer" episode and challenged him ...

  47. Gold Derby Q&A: David Spade ('My Fake Problems')

    by goldderby6 months ago1,219 views

    Subscribe to Gold Derby's YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/subscribe_widget?p=GoldDerby Comedian and actor David ...

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