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  1. Perfect Sisters: Exclusive Interview with Georgie Henley from (The Chronicles of Narnia)

    by ScreenSlam1 year ago25,168 views

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  2. The Sisterhood of Night Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Kara Hayward, Georgie Henley Drama HD

    by movieclipsTRAILERS2 months ago266,184 views

    Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: http://g ...

  3. 'Perfect Sisters' Trailer (2014): Abigail Breslin, Georgie Henley, Mira Sorvino

    by MoviefoneVideo1 year ago37,563 views

    Official trailer for "Perfect Sisters" starring Abigail Breslin, Georgie Henley, Mira Sorvino, and James Russo. Subscribe ...

  4. Perfect Sisters - Ending with Abigail Breslin and Georgie Henley

    by 1VuaGUwwVrDsOJsHSVfO1 year ago129,677 views

    I rewatched this scene a thousand times and I just can't get enough. This scene shows you how amazing acting and great song ...

  5. The Chronicles of Narnia - Interview with James McAvoy and Georgie Henley

    by JustATwilightfan4 years ago76,371 views

    This is an interview with James McAvoy and Georgie Henley playing Mr. Tumnus and Lucy Pevensie from the movie: The Chronicle ...

  6. Georgie Henley William Moseley interview for Prince Caspian

    by chuckthemovieguy7 years ago452,915 views

    Chuck the Movieguy interviews Georgie Henley and William Moseley for the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

  7. Georgie Henley: Behind the Beat

    by GeorgieHenleyLife3 years ago61,196 views

    Coca-Cola presents Georgie Henley on Behind the Beat. Doesn't she look lovely! I DO NOT make money of this video in any way ...

  8. PERFECT SISTERS Full Interview With Georgie Henley

    by filmcourage1 year ago11,420 views

    Pre-Theatrical Video On Demand on March 10, 2014 Opening in NYC, LA and select cities nationwide on April 11, 2014 PERFECT ...

  9. The Sisterhood of Night Trailer #1 [2015] - Kara Hayward, Georgie Henley Drama [HD]

    by TjhSsmf6dBWVCXfrDT-Z2 months ago5,160 views

    Trailer For: The Sisterhood of Night Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Kara Hayward, Georgie Henley Drama HD (International) ...

  10. Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley kissing???

    by morbidzerah3 years ago302,360 views

    Narnia on-screen siblings: Did Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley kiss? Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley acted as siblings ...

  11. Georgie Henley - Jane Eyre

    by NARRRNIAAX4 years ago14,651 views

    georgie henley in jane eyre i dont own this clip.

  12. Anna Popplewell VS Georgie Henley 2013

    by KSLDIBJ3PcyqVFpTnn6X2 years ago100,156 views


  13. Georgie Henley presents an award at BAFTA

    by GeorgieHenleyLife3 years ago51,027 views

    *If you use we would appreciate to the credited as the distributor! Georgie Henley present an award at Children's BAFTA 2010 ...

  14. Skandar and Georgie (2004-2013)

    by SkandarandGeorgie2 years ago189,180 views

    A pictorial gallery of British actors Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley, from when they met on the first Narnia set to now ...

  15. skandar keynes georgie henley ~ love is here ~

    by tqawillmosanpop4 years ago108,092 views

    this is my video about cute skandar keynes and georgie henley,, their moments off and on screen.. i feel bittersweet about ...

  16. Georgie Henley With Friends at Parties

    by NarniaForeverxx5 years ago114,533 views

    Before everything you can found the song here: Narnia is one of my favourite films and i love all the ac ...

  17. Interview with Georgie Henley and Will Poulter

    by SokolizNarnii3 years ago28,438 views exclusive interview with Georgie Henley and Will Poulter at the premiere of Voyage of the Dawn Treader ...

  18. Georgie Henley

    by videonarnia7 years ago106,552 views


  19. Georgie Henley "I'm not Emma Watson"

    by GeorgieHenleyLife3 years ago72,665 views

    *Please ask first if you want to use it. This show clip features Georgie Henley when she got the question about what she ...

  20. Georgie Henley | "Dawn Treader": Press Conference - Mishaps on Set

    by georgiehenleycom4 years ago48,942 views

    Georgie Henley and Skandar Keynes talk about mishaps and shennigans on the set of "Narnia" and Georgie recalls a particularly ...

  21. skandar keynes georgie henley ~ funny and cute moments ~

    by tqawillmosanpop4 years ago104,797 views

    few skandar keynes and georgie henley clips,, both are so cute.. and they also did some funny and cute moves.. song: miss ...

  22. Rachael & Georgie Henley

    by Dakota4ever9 years ago131,493 views

    Rachael & Georgie Henley

  23. Perfect Sisters Interview With Georgie Henley and Stanley M. Brooks [HD]

    by wgtcsite1 year ago6,070 views

    We Got This Covered sits down with Georgie Henley and Stanley M. Brooks to discuss their new film, Perfect Sisters, which ...

  24. Georgie henley

    by fabianacosta19734 years ago627 views

    Voooce Conhece?Entao Sabe Que ela é Glamorosa!

  25. Georgie Henley & Kara Hayward Take 'Sisterhood Of The Night' To Atlanta Film Festival

    by 4P8qq5Omxi8mKUe9A2Uy4 weeks ago695 views

    Georgie Henley and Kara Hayward share a laugh together while attending the 2015 Atlanta Film Festival held at The Plaza ...

  26. William Moseley & Georgie Henley

    by Apfelgriebs807 years ago73,720 views

    National Movie Awards 2008, London, September 8.

  27. georgie henley & ben barnes | even now

    by verigood4 years ago7,382 views

    NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENTED || I OWN NOTHING || HD IS YOUR FRIEND! ________________________________________­­____ ...

  28. Georgie Henley - Operation Narnia #2

    by chicaedada4 years ago123,145 views

    Georgie Henley talks about Operation Narnia :) Video #2

  29. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Georgie Henley Will Poulter and Skandar Keynes Interviews

    by chicaedada4 years ago188,411 views

    Intervista a Will Poulter ,Georgie Henley e Skandar Keynes .

  30. Georgie Henley Interview

    by GeorgieHenleyLife2 years ago29,470 views

    Cinema-Interview holds an interview with Georgie Henley back in 2010 to promote the release of her new film The Chronicles ...

  31. Georgie Henley pictures

    by sxck1014 years ago20,736 views

    Georgie Henley pictures with the song what dreams are made of. No copyright intended.

  32. georgie henley interview 2

    by narnia10097 years ago219,005 views

    georgie henley the chronicles of narnia prince caspian

  33. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Georgie Henley Interview

    by waldenfans4 years ago9,974 views

  34. Your Watching Disney Channel - Georgie Henley (Narnia)

    by dedicated2disney7 years ago234,772 views

    The 'Your Watching Disney Channel' bumper featuring Georgie Henley from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

  35. Georgie Henley and Will Poulter sing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

    by BarbarianMichael4 years ago77,871 views

    Georgie Henley and Will Poulter sing the Christmas carol during the Narnia event (lighting of the Ice Castle) at Beverly ...

  36. Georgie Henley and William Moseley - My Happy Ending

    by TheBlueeGirl6 years ago11,365 views

    Like brother and sister...

  37. The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian: Georgie Henley interview

    by Empiremagazine6 years ago105,098 views

    The actress on Prince Caspian

  38. Georgie Henley

    by 3Angelk5 years ago1,021 views

    this is just a quick video i made of one of my fav actresses georgie henley pls commet and rate pls thanx u enjoy!!!!:):):)

  39. Georgie Henley and Skandar Keynes - This is Magic

    by Georgie100014 years ago15,999 views

    In this of 2:19 minute movie shows a few scenes that Georgie Henley and Skandar Keynes are appearing be boyfriends.

  40. georgie henley vs dakota fanning

    by blassdemiamor6 years ago2,166 views

  41. Georgie Henley

    by Narniamoviefan5 years ago6,581 views

    This is the final video for the Character series, and their may not be any new videos coming until the New Narnia Comes out ...

  42. william moseley/georgie henley/ben barnes

    by FLOBEA16794 years ago109,510 views

    georgie va t-elle choisir ben (alias prince caspian ) ou william (peter) ?

  43. Georgie Henley Interview ''Perfect Sisters'' via Cieon

    by Lorenannsite1 year ago502 views

    Red carpet interview w/ Georgie Henley at the premiere for Perfect Sisters xx via: Cieon Check our social media accounts ...

  44. Georgie Henley - Fifteen [Happy 15th Birthday Georgie!!]

    by gayanip12345 years ago5,903 views

    Okay so this got kind of late to reupload but all the same Happy 15th B'day Georgie!!

  45. Jodelle Ferland vs Isabelle Fuhrman vs Georgie Henley

    by SassiFeatAlessa4 years ago28,455 views

    Jodelle is an canadian actress, she ist 16 years old and she played in movies like: Eclipse, Case 39, Silent Hill, Tideland ...

  46. Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley (the classic pair)

    by 96daine3 years ago2,561 views

    Read more about them: Skandar Keynes - Georgie Henley - ...

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