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  1. Cassandra Peterson becomes Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! (1982)

    by Bobblehead2k8 months ago9,702 views

    Cassandra Peterson exclusive footage applying Elvira's make-up in October,1982 - Clip property of Elvira's Manor Macabre!

  2. This Week in Horror - Summer Spooktacular: Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

    by ThisWeekIn3 years ago71,294 views

    Hello Darlings and welcome to our Summer Spooktacular as hosts Matt Raub and Staci Layne Wilson are joined by actress Ca ...

  3. Cassandra Peterson In Uncensored 1984 (Complete role)

    by johndc7772 years ago132,475 views

    the sound it´s not good, but is pretty cool the role of cassandra enjoy it.

  4. Cassandra Peterson Interview - Scares That Care Weekend 2014

    by ScaresThatCare3 months ago2,816 views

    Michael Stever interviews Elvira herself, Cassandra Peterson!

  5. RuPaul Drives... Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira

    by WOWPresents12 months ago61,164 views

    In this episode of RuPaul Drives... Ru picks up the Queen of Halloween HERSELF, Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira! They talk ...

  6. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson) Interview at Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Preview

    by JeffLangeDVD2 months ago2,634 views

    Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) talks with us about her show at Knott's Scary Farms this year! Elvira will be headlining her ...

  7. Full Movie Comedy || Elvira: Mistress of the Dark 1988 - Cassandra Peterson

    by e2YQGgWjHx9CCw5GpXHA2 weeks ago1,041 views

    Full Movie Comedy || Elvira: Mistress of the Dark 1988 - Cassandra Peterson Director: James Signorelli Writers: Sam Egan ...

  8. Oprah: Where Are They Now? Cassandra Peterson (clip)

    by ElviraVideos4 months ago8,126 views

    Sunday 07/06/14 at 8/9c on OWN Network - Oprah: Where Are They Now? You know her as the 'Mistress of the Dark'. Now, Cassandra ...

  9. Cassandra Peterson In Burlesque

    by johndc7772 years ago4,296 views

  10. Portland Comic Con 2014 Cassandra Peterson Q and A. Jan 26, 2014

    by CoCoLavenderlass9 months ago784 views

    Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira Q and A at Portland Comic Con, 2014. She talks about how she got involved in horror, and how ...

  11. Cassandra Peterson Elvira Arrives & Meets Fans at Frankenweenie Premiere in Hollywood

    by PopCandiesTv2 years ago10,747 views

    Hot autographs incoming guys!

  12. EVIL Jwow with Cassandra Peterson!!

    by MissHannahMinx2 years ago326,418 views

    Miss Hannah Minx and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira Mistress of the Dark) teach you the word for EVIL at Comikaze Expo.

  13. Cassandra Peterson Elvira pt 2

    by papichulo8112 months ago98 views

    via YouTube Capture.

  14. Cassandra Peterson Fantasy Island

    by johndc7773 years ago4,001 views

  15. Cassandra Peterson Elvira pt 1

    by papichulo8112 months ago79 views

    via YouTube Capture.

  16. Cassandra Peterson pt 4

    by papichulo8112 months ago90 views

    via YouTube Capture.

  17. Cassandra Peterson Discusses The Early Days Of Her Elvira Character - 2011

    by Nino75002 years ago679 views

    Cassandra Peterson discusses how she came up with the character of Elivira and she speaks a bit about getting her gig as ...

  18. Cassandra Peterson Inking A Fan's Elvira Tattoo!

    by ElviraVideos1 year ago7,711 views

    Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) tries her hand at inking a fan's Elvira tattoo at FanBoy Expo in FL. How many people can ...

  19. Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira at HORRORHOUND COLUMBUS 2012

    by Fidram3 years ago2,197 views

    All in the title friends. :) I later got her lipstick smudge and autograph signature tattooed on my arm. She loved it and ...

  20. Cassandra Peterson Elvira pt 3

    by papichulo8112 months ago76 views

    via YouTube Capture.

  21. Cassandra Peterson

    by uLD-SR09O_EFucmLDkIA2 months ago50 views

    американская актриса , певица и продюсер, прославилась благодаря главной роли в комедии Джеймса Синьорелли «Эльвира – по ...

  22. Cassandra peterson Red Riding Hood End

    by johndc7773 years ago1,147 views

  23. Elvira's Movie Macabre Intro: Behind the Scenes - Cassandra Peterson

    by ElviraVideos4 years ago3,256 views

    On location at The Vista Theatre in Hollywood, shooting the opening sequence for Elvira's Movie Macabre. Directed by Gris ...


    by photobygil8 months ago234 views

    Here are some snapshots I took at the first preview, then the theatrical debut, and finally the official premiere of ELVIRA's ...


    by ZaMEx3vTpKsKBS-z0nXj2 months ago46 views


  26. Cassandra Peterson

    by dls7502 months ago77 views

    elvira a rainha das trevas.

  27. Entertainment Minute: Cate Allen Interviews Cassandra Peterson Episode 10

    by entertainmentminutes4 months ago145 views

    Entertainment Minute is the show interviews those working in the entertainment industry. In this episode, Cate Allen, host ...

  28. Cassandra Peterson interview haunted.....

    by johndc7772 years ago4,865 views

  29. ELVIRA (Cassandra Peterson) - Extended Bonus Episode - Cocktails With Stan

    by worldofheroes2 years ago12,383 views

    Extended Bonus Episode, including the full length interview! Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, tells stories about dates with ...

  30. Cassandra Peterson

    by PicsOfBest1 year ago587 views

    cassandra peterson sadie pierson cassandra peterson children cassandra peterson tumblr cassandra peterson twitter cassandra ...

  31. Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira Interview 1993 The Word

    by CylHzPxJdegO4haDjs2Q1 month ago68 views

  32. Hollywood Actress Cassandra Peterson

    by hotyspicy4you2 years ago241 views

    Hollywood Actress Cassandra Peterson

  33. Cassandra Peterson and R.H. Stavis -- The Iconic Elvira Gets a Comic

    by ComikazeExpo1 year ago781 views

    Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) and writer R.H. Stavis announce their upcoming comic book collaboration ...

  34. Cassandra Peterson "the haunted world of superbeasto"

    by johndc7773 years ago3,839 views

  35. Cassandra Peterson "Red Riding Hood" 2004

    by johndc7773 years ago4,432 views

  36. Cassandra Peterson saying hello to me ;)

    by johndc7772 years ago1,518 views

  37. Cassandra Peterson aka ELVIRA - Happy Gay Pride Month Boston 2012 - June 25

    by bostonpridevideos2 years ago1,277 views

    Cassandra Peterson aka ELVIRA - Happy Gay Pride Month Boston 2012 - Celebrity Video #16 - June 25

  38. Cassandra Peterson Biker Mama take 2

    by johndc7772 years ago633 views

  39. Hey, Homo! & Terror Tuesday Present Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira)

    by cfood30005 years ago2,867 views

    Hey, Homo! and Terror Tuesdays present writer/actor Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) at screenings of HAUNTED HILLS & HOUSE ...

  40. Why We Loves Vampires (Cassandra Peterson)

    by johndc77712 months ago315 views

  41. TMRS: Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) Interview on WFDU

    by GhostyTMRS3 years ago728 views

    Cassandra Peterson aka "Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark" was a guest on 89.1 WFDU fm's "That Modern Rock Show" hosted by Ghosty ...

  42. Cassandra Peterson Elvira Fashion Sense at Frankenweenie Premiere in Hollywood

    by PopCandiesTv2 years ago706 views

    Wow, Elvira is looking fantastic today!

  43. Lunatic Fringe with Selene Luna, special guest Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson)

    by officialseleneluna8 months ago877 views

    Selene returns from her sold-out headlining Vegas review, the "Dog and Pony Show", and shares her exhausting, yet, successful ...

  44. Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) Panel at Wondercon

    by hdkeith349 months ago165 views

    Here is footage of Cassandra Peterson doing a panel after the release of Elvira's Haunted Hills at Wondercon in San Francisco ...

  45. Elvira Cassandra Peterson with Kat Sheridan at Stan Lee's Comikaze

    by katsheridanactress2 years ago798 views

    Check out Elvira at: http Jurassic Con event on Oct. 13th! ...

  46. Cassandra Peterson Q & A Part One SuperMegaFest November 2013

    by captphil11 months ago3,161 views

    Halloween icon Elvira, Mistress of the Dark was the first horror host ever to be syndicated throughout the US on national ...

  47. Valentine's Horror Story featuring Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson - Written By A Kid Episode 13

    by geekandsundry2 years ago89,485 views

    No matter how you feel about Valentine's Day you'll love Emily's ("La Munkya") tale with a horrifying twist starring Cassandra ...

  48. Cassandra Peterson "Elvira" & Count Midnight ® HorrorHound W

    by CountMidnight5 years ago852 views

    Cassandra Peterson aka "Elvira" and Count Midnight ® meet again at the HorrorHound Weekend 2010 Indianapolis, IN. They discuss ...

  49. Cassandra Peterson

    by protector270003 years ago13,904 views

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