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  1. https://youtube.com/devicesupport

    by YouTubeHelp1 month ago23,422,261 views

  2. Michael Ironside

    by TheHour4 years ago73,636 views

    George interviews Michael Ironside

  3. Sam Fisher's voice: Michael Ironside (Interview)

    by semajmarc872 years ago23,013 views

    Sam Fisher's voice: Michael Ironside (Interview)! Please "like," comment and subscribe!

  4. Neon City (1991) : Post-apocalyptic road-trip with Michael Ironside and Vanity : Full Movie English

    by GGJDINO4IYxyRXyeKxKr9 months ago40,511 views

    "Take a deep breath, it may be your last. Welcome to the year 2053." The year is 2053. The ozone layer is fast disappearing ...

  5. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Michael Ironside & Eric Johnson [UK]

    by ubisoft3 years ago193,332 views

    Official website: splintercell.com Facebook page splintercell.com Splinter Cell Blacklist will be released in Spring 2013 ...

  6. Starship Troopers - Rasczak's Scene

    by TheAndrewsProduction6 years ago134,174 views

    Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien), Dizzy Flores (Dina Meyer) and Ace Levy (Jake Busey) are becoming acquainted with the terrifying ...

  7. Michael Ironside Always Losing Limbs

    by GeneraIGrin4 years ago20,510 views

  8. Michael Ironside On Sam Fisher

    by Gamehelper9 years ago176,664 views

    Michael Ironside gives a little insight on what makes Sam Fisher tick, as well as his thoughts on what he brought to the ...

  9. The Adam Carolla Show ACS: Michael Ironside and Kristin Chenoweth

    by r1SNQlpuhwdjMZEIfsRB6 months ago341 views

    The Adam Carolla Show ACS: Michael Ironside and Kristin Chenoweth Michael Ironside joins for a podcast about fighting bugs ...

  10. The Evolution of Sam Fisher

    by ubisoft5 years ago37,103 views

    See what Michael Ironside has to say about being Sam Fisher

  11. Michael Ironside I love quiche

    by Retrontario3 months ago1,142 views

  12. The Real Dark Knight

    by Mestaajaz7 years ago13,389 views

    From the episode of Batman - Gotham Knights: Legends of the Dark Knight (s02e06) I think this was worth sharing :D Michael ...

  13. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Why Michael Ironside isn't in the game - Interview with game director

    by ZoominGames3 years ago49,409 views

    We talk to Ubisoft Game Director Patrick Redding and ask him all the important questions on Splinter Cell Blacklist. Learn ...

  14. TURBO KID with Trailer, Michael Ironside & Filmmakers

    by TheLipTV2 months ago744 views

    TURBO KID is shared with the the trailer and discussion from the filmmakers and star Michael Ironside, from the Sundance ...

  15. Splinter Cell: Conviction - Inside Xbox: Michael Ironside Interview (HD 720p)

    by MattyBlogVideos3 years ago1,795 views

    Inside Xbox: Michael Ironside Interview for Splinter Cell: Conviction, which was developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and was ...

  16. The Nerdist Podcast Presents Michael Ironside

    by p8Z9v4XYmY997-ozbSsh6 months ago343 views

    Michael Ironside chats with Chris about why Canadians are so funny (and don't know it), why he has played so many serious ...

  17. Kris Abel Interviews Michael Ironside

    by Mindslinger5 years ago10,058 views

    Reprising his role as the iconic Sam Fisher for the fifth time, Toronto-born actor Michael Ironside discusses the intelligent ...

  18. Michael Ironside Tribute

    by sunclov7 years ago19,358 views

    Some insane pictures of the legendary Michael Ironside in various flicks like "total recall" "Scanners" and "Highlander" ...


    by zosblinha3 months ago215 views


  20. Michael Ironside's Reaction to Splinter Cell Blacklist

    by Johny40Se7en3 years ago25,236 views

    I made this video as a kind of joke because I was disappointed and a bit angry that the iconic Michael Ironside wasn't doing ...

  21. bombcast (best of) drunk michael ironside in littlebigplanet

    by fearlessAx5 years ago20,002 views

    Hilarious moment during the bombcast.

  22. The Lizzie Borden chronicles shootout scene Michael ironside vs Charlie Siringo

    by 2TYJrI-BuhfOXFH8f-lh2 months ago46 views

    The Lizzie Borden chronicles season 1 episode 1.

  23. YouTube Poop: Michael Ironside Is a Woman

    by spartan01875 years ago908 views

    and so is Sam.

  24. Michael Ironside Talks Tank Domination

    by GamerHubVideos1 year ago602 views

    Justified actor Michael Ironside explains why he went mobile in the new Game Insight video game, Tank Domination, in this ...

  25. Michael Ironside in Mindfield (1989)

    by NightmareSeasons3 years ago1,814 views

    also starring Lisa Langlois ( Class of 84, The Nest, Happy Birthday to Me ) and Christopher Plummer


    by zosblinha3 years ago3,985 views


  27. EXCLUSIVE- Blair Underwood Discusses New Role In NBC's 'Ironside'!

    by TheHumorMill2 years ago976 views

    A couple of days ago the news was released that NBC had recently signed actor Blair Underwood in a deal to relaunch the 1967 ...

  28. Neon City (1991) : Post apocalyptic road trip with Michael Ironside and Vanity : Full Movi

    by U3HxaLt0kDogkQY5DIqO5 months ago55 views

    Neon City (1991) : Post apocalyptic road trip with Michael Ironside and Vanity : Full Movie English Take a deep breath, it ...

  29. Entrevista a Michael Ironside (extended version) - Festival de Cine Fantástico de Sitges 2011

    by ChickenTroopcom3 years ago1,240 views

    Entrevista en exclusiva a Michael Ironside, actor de "Scanners", "Desafío Total", doblador de Sam Fisher en "Splinter Cell" ...

  30. Michael Ironside is almost human

    by blarrrrgehh4 years ago2,326 views

    Should have just listened to the crickets and chilled with Ironside

  31. Michael Ironside E3 2005 Lost Interview and Why we need the 'Real' Sam Fisher Back in Splinter Cell

    by U0HcG7eYM6tV811r1h5Z2 years ago3,038 views

    Mr. Ironside was kind enough to let me interview him about the gaming industry while he was promoting his new SCI-FI TV series ...

  32. The Adam Carolla Show ACS: Michael Ironside and Kristin Chenoweth

    by 4lUP_7dt3Ay2qrfRvSBx5 months ago4 views

    One channel all podcast ACS: Michael Ironside and Kristin Chenoweth Michael Ironside joins for a podcast about fighting bugs ...

  33. Splinter Cell: Conviction interview with Michael Ironside @ Toronto Comicon March 27 2010

    by ConsoleCreature5 years ago25,713 views

    Michael Ironside definetly packs a PUNCH!! He sure knocked us out with how he got the role, what brought him back for the ...

  34. Michael Ironside likes Willy, hates Barney

    by TheHour4 years ago3,434 views

    As Canadian actor Michael Ironside explains, it's never a good idea to lash out at people during a bad day... especially ...

  35. Scanners Official Trailer #1 - Michael Ironside Movie (1981) HD

    by oldhollywoodtrailers3 years ago8,428 views

    Scanners Trailer - Directed by David Cronenberg and starring Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan, Lawrence Dane, Michael Ironside ...

  36. Starship Troopers (3/8) Movie CLIP - Welcome to the Rough Necks (1997) HD

    by movieclips3 years ago62,866 views

    Starship Troopers Movie Clip - watch all clips j.mp click to subscribe j.mp Lt. Rasczak (Michael Ironside) lays down the ...

  37. raw deal 1993 michael ironside

    by xaMAn2DmmVF12gH2A4KG4 months ago16 views

    www.atelier-roststaette.de in den 80ern und vor allem in den frühen 90ern habe ich einen haufen zeugs aus der glotze auf ...

  38. SCANNERS Trailer

    by UmbrellaEntAU2 years ago1,496 views

    Available on DVD through www.umbrellaent.com.au Welcome to David Cronenberg's dark, futuristic world of SCANNERS, a mind ...

  39. Major Payne Official Trailer #1 - Michael Ironside Movie (1995) HD

    by oldhollywoodtrailers3 years ago62,245 views

    Major Payne Trailer - Directed by Nick Castle and starring Damon Wayans, Michael Ironside, Scott 'Bam Bam' Bigelow, Joseph ...

  40. ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS (1987) - Man on The Edge

    by mrrjackforrester3 years ago13,468 views

    A shrink needs to convince a suicidal man to step away from the edge of a hotel top floor. Starring Mark Hamill and Michael ...

  41. Michael Ironside about Splinter Cell DA - Voice Acting

    by Ciumko7 years ago4,860 views

    Michael Ironside about Splinter Cell DA - Voice Acting.

  42. Splinter Cell DA - Interview with Michael Ironside #2

    by nintendopow349 years ago8,856 views

    Second part of the interview with Michael Ironside, the voice of Sam Fischer.

  43. Starship Troopers (6/8) Movie CLIP - Ripped Apart (1997) HD

    by movieclips3 years ago100,251 views

    Starship Troopers Movie Clip - watch all clips http://j.mp/VmYkzQ click to subscribe http://j.mp/sNDUs5 Despite some valiant ...

  44. Michael Ironside in Nowhere to Hide (1987)

    by NightmareSeasons3 years ago3,928 views

    Best Scenes with Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Scanners, Prom Night II, Top Gun, Extreme Prejudice, Starship Troopers)

  45. "Black Light"| Hindi Dubbed Movie "Vision Of Darkness" I Michael Ironside I Tahnee Welch

    by alfhindimirchmasala6 months ago5,156 views

    Synopsis: Sharon Avery is a blind woman who is having visions of murder. She "sees" children being killed and the face of ...

  46. Michael Ironside on Splinter Cell: Double Agent

    by Gamehelper9 years ago19,813 views

    Michael Ironside talks about his experience as a whole since the beginning of the Splinter Cell series.

  47. Michael Ironside Saves Continuum!!!

    by cv8_-XdZAOYhhb8ekywC5 months ago16 views

    I wanted to voice my opinion regarding the possible cancellation of the the TV series "Continuum". I decided to do it in ...

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