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  1. In Memory of John Dye -- A Tribute

    by VictoryStarr074 years ago47,132 views

    This tribute is dedicated in memory of John Dye, who passed away all too soon on January 10th, 2011. He touched the lives ...

  2. John Dye Memorial

    by gonewiththewindlover6 months ago217 views


  3. John Dye Memorial: When You Cry (TBAA)

    by 007stargate2 years ago14,258 views

    A video about Andrew, the angel of death in TV Series Touched by an Angel. In loving memory of John Dye, may he rest in ...

  4. In Memory of John Dye a Touched By an Angel Tribute

    by JennMystic4 years ago12,069 views

    *Please stop with the rude comments. I made this because I loved this show growing up and he was my favorite character it's ...

  5. Tribute to John Dye-Testify to Love by Wynonna Judd (2nd Version)

    by emptyvoices313 years ago30,047 views

    I edited the first version slightly to make the ending a bit smoother.

  6. John Dye in "The Perfect Weapon" (2/2)

    by beverleebent914 years ago883 views Grab your FREE iPad through this link!!

  7. Touched By an Angel, John Dye, Dies at 47

    by TVNewsGlobal4 years ago25,305 views

    John Dye, best known as the angel of death Andrew on "Touched By an Angel," has died. He was 47. Born in Mississippi, Dye ...

  8. All I Want For Christmas Is You (John Dye and Roma Downey)

    by FridaRoxs19983 years ago1,865 views

    Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all enjoy this ...

  9. John Dye Makeup Tutorial:5 MINUTE FIERCE!

    by JohnDyeMakeupArtist4 years ago3,068 views

    We are silly..hope you enjoy it :)

  10. A John Dye Tribute

    by VictoryStarr077 years ago28,521 views

    Today, January 31, 2008 is the 45th birthday of John Dye. He has played many different characters that we have come to love ...

  11. John Dye invites you to P2B

    by BYUIAlumni4 months ago838 views

    Director of Digital Media for Bonneville Communications, John Dye, invites you to P2B at BYU-Idaho while attending a con ...

  12. 'Touched By An Angel' Star John Dye, 1963-2011

    by CBS4 years ago32,193 views

    Actor John Dye, a cast member with Valerie Bertinelli and Della Reese on CBS' long-running drama series "Touched By An Angel," ...

  13. John Dye Memorial: Once in a lifetime

    by 007stargate2 years ago3,721 views

    It's been 2 years since our beloved "angel" left this world. He was an amazing actor and a wonderful person. John, you have ...

  14. The View Seqment 2.mp4

    by mariatash6 years ago6,384 views

    Maria Tash on The View

  15. Tribute to John Dye

    by TourOfDutyFan6 years ago12,425 views I made this Clip two years ago and upload it yet again. With Scenes from Tour of Duty, Touched by an Angel ...

  16. Watch John Dye Killed Touched by an Angel Star (Video)

    by hmoon634 years ago429 views

    Your Video is ready,click , and you can see Watch John Dye Killed Touched by an Angel Star (Video) Watch ...

  17. a tribute to John Dye

    by wherearetheynowguy4 years ago2,210 views

    a tribute to John Dye

  18. John Dye Tribute~That A Hero Lies In You

    by CodyKitforDisney4 years ago13,374 views

    K......I know I am a bit late on making this for John Dye, but I was a bit tied up with my personal life as well as school ...

  19. Make-Up tips For men! With John Dye And Joshua Lorenzana

    by toysoldier109873 years ago3,061 views

    Ladies listen up!! If you have 13 minutes to spare and you want yo man to look alittle more sexier on date night........Put ...

  20. {John Dye} A song reserved for angels

    by JusticeForTheYoung4 years ago1,073 views

    I cried making this video. John Dye was born on January 31, 1963. He appeared in numerous television shows, the most notable ...

  21. RIP John Dye ~Touched By An Angel

    by xXKiragaXx4 years ago7,240 views

    A Tribute to Late Actor, "John Dye" aka~ "Andrew - The Angel of Death" from the TV series "Touched by An Angel" I know ...

  22. John Dye

    by tctmd994 years ago2,624 views

    A tribute video to a true angel. May god speed and heaven be everything you imagined.

  23. Actor John Dye found dead in San Francisco Full Latest News Video Here

    by pmorro11304 years ago1,203 views

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  24. John Dye Dies

    by freenexton3 years ago589 views

    It is tragic, but rhymes. Source: ...

  25. Bonnie Franklin, One Day At a Time and John Dye (Andrew) Touched By a Angle Dies

    by Marygreeley19542 years ago797 views

    Bonnie Franklin One Day At a Time and John Dye (Andrew) Touched By A Angle Dies "Copyright ...

  26. Andrew-The Angel Of Death Moments Part 1

    by CutieSmartGurl074 years ago10,881 views

    Summary: This is part 1 of the moments of Andrew- The angel of death from the series.... Also its a dedicated to John Dye ...

  27. John Dye Tribute

    by 0udDVuAwKFErsV8MnIg33 years ago310 views

    i own nothing this is for John RIP

  28. John Dye Tribute

    by SLPikachu3 years ago5,414 views

    Okay, same video but I edited it because I realized the speed of the pictures were too fast for the tempo of the song. It ...

  29. In Memory of John Dye

    by DareToDream1o2 years ago2,281 views

    In memory of John Dye, who went to Heaven 2 years ago today. Rest in peace John, you are forever in our hearts.

  30. John Dye Interview

    by JohnDyeMakeupArtist3 years ago2,492 views

  31. Watch John Dye, 'Touched by an Angel' Actor, Dead at 47 (VIDEOS)

    by wariahook994 years ago2,764 views

    Your Video is ready,click , and you can see Watch John Dye, 'Touched by an Angel' ...

  32. 'Touched By An Angel' Star John Dye Dies At 47 Video Exposed

    by insarbery4 years ago5,471 views

    Click Video Link To watch full video 'Touched By An Angel' Star John Dye Dies At 47 Touched by an Angel ...

  33. RIP John Dye Tribute "What is lost but never will be forgotten"

    by TvMovieSparks884 years ago2,063 views

    Read First I created this video at I meshed together scenes i did of past videos of Touched by an angel ...

  34. John Dye Makeup Tutorial- Red Lipstick

    by JohnDyeMakeupArtist3 years ago1,551 views

    we are silly

  35. John dye I was here

    by TvMovieSparks882 years ago1,994 views

    Read first On Jan 10, 2011 John Dye the man we know as Andrew the angel of death on tv's Touched by an angel passed away ...

  36. John Dye Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    by JohnDyeMakeupArtist3 years ago700 views

    John Dye, makeup artist and Editor & Chief of To Dye For Magazine, shows you how to create the perfect beautiful bridal look ...

  37. MRZACHISBEAST Ft. Will He Is-Do The John Dye

    by MRZACHISBEAST3 years ago496 views

    Lyrics: yea! we taking you way around what it is what up john we bout to show these boys how to do the john dye all you gotta ...

  38. In Loving Memory of John Dye

    by SLPikachu4 years ago19,477 views

    Wow! Over 10000 views! Never got this many on one video. Thank you for watching my video! I was so sad to hear that John ...

  39. "Conversations from St. Norbert College" featuring John Dye and Thomas Kunkel

    by stnorbertcollege6 years ago1,108 views

    Tom Kunkel, former journalist and president of St. Norbert College and John Dye, executive editor of the Green Bay Press ...

  40. Prevent Heart Disease - 3 Tests May Save Your Life - John Dye (RIP)

    by HeartLifePlus4 years ago832 views

    Dr. Dan Pilgreen DC talks about how to prevent heart disease and reveals simple 3 tests that could save your life. Wouldn' ...

  41. John Dye #alsicebucketchallenge

    by dyejo5 months ago26 views

    I was nominated by Robert Barrett and RickandAmy Pearmain to participate in the #ALSicebucketchallenge. I smell like pickles ...

  42. Castulo Guerra, John Dye, "Touched by an Angel", again

    by castuloguerra7 years ago1,214 views

    ... do you believe in Saints and Angels?

  43. John Dye in "Modern Girls"

    by pmorro1154 years ago899 views

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    by JohnDyeMakeupArtist3 years ago151 views

    OK GIRLS! GIVE-A-WAY TIME! we have already had 2 AMAZING John Dye Makeup Artist winners this week! @amanda lyn and Crystal ...

  45. John Dye - R.I.P. Big Galah (29/11/1951 - 14/12/2014)

    by musickenny131 month ago294 views

    John Dye - R.I.P. Big Galah (29/11/1951 - 14/12/2014) My little tribute video to one of my best mates who I've known & grew ...

  46. At Home With John Dye BMX

    by 4downdistribution4 years ago1,598 views

    We spent the weekend of the Anthem II premiere with John Dye where they set up an jump box in the middle of a park and he ...


    by mayhemjedi4 years ago1,253 views

    John Dye, who played the angel of death on Touched by an Angel, died today. I found it ironic because I saw a billboard about ...

  48. John Dye - R.I.P. Big Galah (29/11/1951 - 14/12/2014) (Alternative version)

    by musickenny131 month ago45 views

    Dedicated To Carmen...x Dance With My Father - Celine Dion RIP John Dye. You Big Galah. (Alternative version with a different ...

  49. I Dont Like Diesel Ft. Paperboy & Levon

    by v7ih-QPMd71CsuHqVk2x2 years ago244 views

    3 members of NA$A Gang Spitting to Chief Keef's "I Dont Like"

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