Catherine Bosley Videos

  1. News Anchor Gets Naked

    by AbnormalPsychology19 5 years ago 9,530 views

    also funny:

  2. Paul Levinson vs. Bill O'Reilly about Catherine Bosley

    by Paul Levinson 8 years ago 134,118 views

    O'Reilly and I debate the fate of Catherine Bosley, Youngstown, OH CBS TV news anchor - she was videotaped, nude, in a wet ...

  3. Catherine and Lynna Report on Taking Pictures with Phone

    by NewsFortheLocals 2 years ago 980 views

    No Copyright Infringement Intended RAYCOM© Catherine Bosley and Lynna Lai Report on Taking Pictures with Phone.

  4. Cleveland and the AIDS Epidemic; where are we now?

    by 19ActionNews1 3 years ago 1,560 views

    It's a growing epidemic affecting millions. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery of HIV and AIDS. Tonight ...

  5. Bosley Kids May

    by Catherine Bosley 2 years ago 115 views

    Bosley Creative is all about capturing moments for you to cherish for years and years to come. We want to tell your story ...

  6. Blending butter with your coffee for health benefits

    by 19 Action News 2 months ago 27 views

    Most of us have butter with our toast. How about butter with your coffee? Catherine Bosley shows you how some are using the ...

  7. WKBN 2003 Morning Show Promo

    by news89 7 years ago 15,229 views

    from 2003 new promo telling everyone that WKBN has went to 2 full hours from 5 to 7am. Has Catherine Bosley and Dave Sess ...

  8. Cure Search May 2012

    by Catherine Bosley 2 years ago 1,898 views

    Cure Search is an organization that raises funding for the research and education of pediatric cancer. Without this orga ...

  9. Sugar Daddy Dating

    by stepsolar 5 years ago 18,509 views

    Catherine Bosley reports on - the sugar daddy dating website.

  10. Cleveland Marathon Forecast for Sunday

    by Jason Handman 1 year ago 33 views

    Jason Handman with the marathon forecast featuring our own Catherine Bosley running the race. Good luck to Catherine and ...

  11. September 2011 Afternoon on WOIO 19ACTION

    by NewsFortheLocals 7 months ago 71 views

    Catherine Bosley and Lynna Lai report talk about Layoffs which is ironic because four months later Lynna Lai got canned ...

  12. Baby M

    by Catherine Bosley 11 months ago 193 views

  13. The birth of baby A!

    by Catherine Bosley 2 years ago 1,623 views

    Bosley Creative was able to be at the hospital on June 4th for the birth of Baby A. Our goal was to capture and show the ...

  14. Homegrown 2012 - Nebraska Children's Home Society - BRANCH Event

    by Dan Schneider 2 years ago 263 views It's "Homegrown 2012", put on by BRANCH for the Nebraska Children's Home Society. Held on Friday, October ...

  15. Maddie in the talent show 2013

    by Catherine Bosley 1 year ago 54 views

  16. Lulu playing at the zoo!

    by Catherine Bosley 1 year ago 14 views

    via YouTube Capture.

  17. Spraining the Ankle on 19 Action News This Morning

    by Jason Handman 2 years ago 323 views

    Meteorologist Jason Handman sprains his ankle in the weather center. Brian Duffy and Catherine Bosley need to step in to ...

  18. The Dreamweaver Foundation

    by Catherine Bosley 9 months ago 40 views

    The Dreamweaver Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling end-of-life dreams for impoverished seniors ...

  19. Bri & Ryan

    by Catherine Bosley 2 years ago 55 views

  20. Lulu's itsy bitsy

    by Catherine Bosley 1 year ago 68 views

    via YouTube Capture.

  21. Heart melter

    by Catherine Bosley 1 year ago 43 views

    via youtube Capture.

  22. Silly lulu

    by Catherine Bosley 1 year ago 13 views

    via youtube Capture.

  23. Okoboji 2012

    by Catherine Bosley 1 year ago 99 views

  24. Parents Fear Singulair Is a Prescription For Disaster

    by Chris Lawrence 6 years ago 3,227 views

    It's a drug that's helping millions of children with asthma and allergies breathe easier but some families believe Singulair ...

  25. Leland Talent Show 2013

    by Catherine Bosley 1 year ago 86 views

  26. Maddie's music video

    by Catherine Bosley 1 year ago 21 views

    Maddie's music video to Taylor Swift's "You belong with me". She spent a day just planning it out and getting everything ...

  27. VID 20111015 00059

    by Catherine Bosley 3 years ago 68 views

  28. Girls Night Out -Quiet Riot and wet t-shirt show

    by niknak222 7 years ago 127,108 views

    highlights from GNO TV with wet t-shirt show and Quiet Riot concert.

  29. Tom Bosley Workout

    by mitismondi 8 years ago 74,805 views

    Happy Days dad Tom Bosley is working out. He wants to lose weight, look good in swim trunks this summer.

  30. Bosley CAS 100H section 1

    by PSHSpeechAward 5 months ago 13 views

  31. Marc Bosley Testimony

    by Josh Hancock 5 years ago 106 views

    Testimony of Marc Bosley October 11, 2009.

  32. Bosley Choice

    by Acid 7 months ago 0 views

  33. Jesse Bosley

    by Mark Davis 6 years ago 363 views

    heres a video of Jesse Bosley, 160lb freestyle match. this is his 1st year in freestyle, Watch the shove (fleeing?) then ...

  34. Geoff Bosley - Light My Fire

    by Geoff Bosley 7 years ago 875 views

    This is my first attempt at recording, sadly it is with a camera phone, so sorry about the poor quality.


    by tramol 4 years ago 155 views

  36. Alderman Bosley picks up the spare!

    by Antonio French 5 years ago 70 views

    Bowling for charity.

  37. Bosley anyone?

    by Connor Devine 1 year ago 47 views

  38. Katrine Bosley 4 4

    by Sean Rooney 3 years ago 16 views

  39. Mark Bosley-Wish You Were Here

    by winkytiddler 8 years ago 445 views

    Mark Bosley playing a cover of Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' at Ignition, Witney, Friday 8th December.

  40. This is all Bosley does....

    by 2jmharris 3 years ago 77 views

    Bosley taking a noon nap.

  41. bosley is fake

    by Superpeoples97 4 years ago 196 views

    haha stupid bosley!! we knew btw im bethany meanie is melanie in the video and u can find us on facebook bethany Mccann and ...

  42. Sharon and Bosley

    by AAJS94 6 years ago 19 views

    Sharon and Bosley doing what they do best!

  43. Catherine y Carlos Amazing Race

    by caherinekelner 5 years ago 362 views

    Video para participar en The Amazing Race Latinoamérica.

  44. Catherine's here!!!!.......OH NO!!!!

    by ilovepiepro 6 years ago 71 views

    hahah lol. we were bored and we were waiting for jenn and cats she was our special guest today..o_0 jenn:noo ...

  45. Catherine Tate - Nan

    by angiebaby1985 7 years ago 591 views


  46. Weather Recap with Megamind

    by Jason Handman 4 years ago 806 views

    Part 2 of Jason Handman wearing the Megamind head.

  47. Roundtable On Afghanistan, Ft. Hood

    by CBS News 5 years ago 148 views

    Bob Schieffer spoke with Washington Post's Dana Priest and CBS News National Security Analyst Juan Zarate about the Ft. Hood ...

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