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  1. Sasha Cohen 2006 Olympic Short Program

    by tinyequestrian8 years ago793,649 views

    I love this performance to death. She did her best and to do it at the Olympics is awesome. Go Sasha!

  2. Sasha Cohen Torino 2006 (Olympics) Romeo and Juliet

    by Felipe Valenzuela6 years ago346,862 views

    Sasha Cohen.

  3. Sasha Cohen 2004 Worlds SP HQ

    by Leotjoe8 years ago414,481 views

    Her short program to "Malaguena", earning 4 perfect 6.0's and which she won.

  4. Sasha Cohen - Golden Skate Awards 2008 - Hurt by Christina Aguilera + encore (HQ)

    by pattygdc756 years ago190,117 views

    Sasha Cohen - Golden Skate Awards 2008 - Forum di Assago (Milano) - Hurt by Christina Aguilera + encore.

  5. Sasha Cohen on Skating, the Olympic Village, and College Life (The Halfy Hour)

    by SB Nation1 year ago15,632 views

    Torino silver medalist Sasha Cohen joins Matt and Dan to discuss taking Russian at Columbia University, sharing a name with ...

  6. Sasha Cohen | TEDxColumbiaCollege

    by TEDx Talks4 months ago2,748 views

    In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share ...

  7. Ice Skating with Sasha Cohen

    by FAWN2 years ago306,074 views

    Olympic figure skating silver medalist Sasha Cohen takes Michelle out on the ice rink and teaches her a few basic ice skating ...

  8. Sasha Cohen - 2006 Nationals LP

    by cangp086 years ago118,974 views

    WIDEscreen, high res.: Free program Champion/Gold Medalist "Romeo & Juliet" ...


    by santamoris2 years ago8,849 views


  10. Sasha Cohen - Stars on Ice 2008 - beautiful and unusual performance without skates!!!

    by pattygdc756 years ago191,902 views

    Sasha Cohen - Stars on Ice 2008 - beautiful and unusual performance without skates!!! Music : Enchantment - Brief introduction ...

  11. Sasha Cohen Nationals SP 2010 - España Cañí

    by Myl es5 years ago72,266 views

    Credit goes to Universal Sports and NBC for this video. Sasha Cohen returns for her first competitive skate in nearly four ...

  12. Sasha Cohen 2004 Marshalls LP Swan Lake

    by helenerund9 years ago162,934 views

    Absolutely Wonderful!!

  13. Sasha Cohen (USA) - 2002 Salt Lake City, Figure Skating, Ladies' Short Program

    by 3Axel19965 years ago122,013 views

    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - 2002 Winter Games, Figure Skating, Ladies' Short Program - Sasha Cohen of the United States placed ...

  14. Sasha Cohen - 2003 Grand Prix Final - Long Program 2

    by GoldenAgeofFS1 month ago133 views

    Music: Piano Concerto No.2 by Rachmaninoff.

  15. 2010 Sasha Cohen - Hallelujah (AOI)

    by azucarlitoinlove4 years ago82,125 views

  16. Sasha Cohen - 2002 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Ladies' Short Program

    by 3Axel19965 years ago9,114 views

    Los Angeles, California, USA - 2002 United States Figure Skating Championships, Ladies' Short Program - Sasha Cohen placed ...

  17. Sasha Cohen 2004 Worlds sp Malaguena

    by Femke Verheyen5 years ago21,486 views

  18. Sasha Cohen - "Just A Kiss" (Improv Ice 2012)

    by OfADifferentColor3 years ago149,121 views

    Sasha Cohen improving to "Just a Kiss' by Lady Antebellum.

  19. Sasha Cohen - Healthy Living Part 1.wmv

    by TrulyOutrageous802 years ago7,600 views

    2008 A behind the scenes look at Sasha's healthy choices at home and on tour with SOI.

  20. Sasha Cohen 2010 Nationals LP Free Skate - Moonlight Sonata

    by Myl es5 years ago113,889 views

    Copyright: NBC : ( Sorry for the audio being out of sync with the video, I'm not sure why it uploaded like that.

  21. Sasha Cohen 2006 Olympics Cohen Fluff

    by Rob Polmann7 years ago12,301 views

    Sasha Cohen 2006 Olympics Cohen Fluff kunstschaatsen.

  22. Sasha Cohen -Imagine

    by Sasha Cohen FC3 years ago48,024 views

    2007 Showcase.

  23. Sasha Cohen 2004 US Nationals SP Malaguena

    by 宋天6 months ago211 views

  24. Sasha Cohen - 2002 Worlds Qualifying

    by iheartskating27 years ago15,881 views

    Sasha skates to "carmen" and lands an almost perfect 3lutz+3toe combination =)

  25. Sasha Cohen - "Don't Rain On My Parade" (Marshalls 2005)

    by OfADifferentColor5 years ago2,299 views

    Sasha Cohen's 2005 Exhibition to "Don't Rain On My Parade" by Barbra Streisand.

  26. Sasha Cohen 2003 World's LP Rachmaninoff

    by Samantha Wright5 years ago5,206 views

    Sasha's freeskate from 2003 World's. It starts off great, with a triple lutz-triple toe combination, then she makes the ...

  27. Sasha Cohen - 2006 Torino - Short Program

    by GoldenAgeofFS1 month ago98 views

    Music: Dark Eyes by Stanley Black with London Festival Orchestra, Dark Eyes by 101 Strings Orchestra, Dark Eyes by Andre ...

  28. Sasha Cohen - Till I Collapse

    by darkeyes109 years ago27,547 views

    A Sasha Cohen montage to "Till I Collapse" by Eminem. Warning: Song Contains Explicit Lyrics.

  29. 2003 Worlds SP - Sasha Cohen "Malaguena"

    by futurechampion228 years ago22,629 views

    Sasha Cohens short program at the 2003 Worlds to Malaguena.

  30. Sasha Cohen 2005 World

    by Godfrey Chan5 years ago1,300 views

    2005 Worlds LP.

  31. 2001 Champions on Ice EXB Aria Sasha Cohen

    by rosewithoutathorn5 years ago2,924 views

    Sasha Cohen's 2001 Champions on Ice exhibition with a ribbon.

  32. Sasha Cohen-Requiem For A Tower

    by Hollyoaks934 years ago3,968 views

    A Sasha Cohen montage to the music Requiem For A Tower played by Escala. I hope you enjoy it and please leave your comments ...

  33. 2001 Masters of Figure Skating - Sasha Cohen

    by futurechampion228 years ago80,178 views

    Sasha Cohen's short program at the 2001 Masters of Figure Skating. Her performance was much better then her low and diss ...

  34. Sasha Cohen Anytime, Anywhere 2000

    by vokame3 years ago4,746 views

    The Beautiful Showdance performance of the very young, but stil great Sasha Cohen. :)

  35. Sasha Cohen - "The Nutcracker" (Nationals 2005)

    by OfADifferentColor4 years ago7,678 views

    Here is a higher quality version of Sasha's LP at the 2005 Nationals "The Nutcracker"

  36. Sasha Cohen 2002 Skate Canada Rachmaninoff LP

    by xxkawaiichixx6 years ago2,311 views

    Sasha Cohen performs her LP to Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2 at the 2002 Skate Canada competition FOR SOME REASON THE ...

  37. Sasha Cohen -Interview local TV-

    by Sasha Cohen FC2 years ago1,069 views

    2006 Thanks to @mopme2008.

  38. Sasha Cohen - Sentimental Waltz of Destiny

    by Yulihyee6 years ago8,228 views

    Sentimental Waltz of Destiny Sasha Cohen 2002 Olympic Sp Sentimental Waltz, 경성스캔들OST - Waltz of Destiny.

  39. Sasha Cohen (USA) - 2002 Salt Lake City, Figure Skating, Ladies' Free Skate

    by 3Axel19965 years ago21,609 views

    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - 2002 Winter Games, Figure Skating, Ladies' Free Skate - First, an interview with Sarah Hughes ...

  40. Sasha Cohen - 2000 Nationals Exb

    by futurechampion228 years ago4,091 views

    Sasha Cohen's exhibition at the 2000 Nationals. I believe it is to Madame Butterfly but correct me if I am wrong. Definately ...

  41. [080719 SSOI]Sasha Cohen-Anytime, Anywhere(homevideo)

    by yw12066 years ago15,578 views

    Superstars on ice 2008 in Korea.

  42. Sasha Cohen | 'Never Say Never'

    by OfADifferentColor5 years ago4,368 views

    don't let me go...« comments are welcome ♥. • Coloring | min...

  43. Sasha Cohen Montage - The Chairman's Waltz

    by flamehairedbeauty7 years ago26,640 views

    This is not my best montage by any means. I don't know, I had great visions of it being this heart-wrenching work of art ...

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