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  1. Vanna White's first Wheel of Fortune appearance

    by CEbMrbhjr6JUAiJKLDEe1 year ago5,465 views

    Television hostess of Wheel of Fortune made her debut in 1982 when she was responsible for uncovering the letters on the ...

  2. Vanna White Celebrates 30 Years on "Wheel of Fortune"

    by KatieCouric2 years ago15,836 views

    Vanna White is smart, beautiful, and as the legendary-letter turner on "Wheel of Fortune," has been a part of our lives for ...

  3. Vanna White on the Price is Right

    by uwtitanfan6 years ago132,013 views

    From 1980 - Two and a half years before she replaced Susan Stafford as letter turner on WOF

  4. Pat Sajak Reveals Reason for 1-Day Job Switch With Vanna White on 'Wheel of Fortune'

    by ABCNews2 years ago66,034 views

    Game-show legend joins co-host Vanna White in giving "GMA" a tour of their traveling set. For more on this story, click here: ...

  5. Vanna White

    by sledgehammer1115 years ago83,273 views

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  6. Vanna White takes a shower

    by sledgehammer1116 years ago169,231 views

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  7. Vanna White - Mini Biography

    by BiographyChannel2 years ago2,830 views

    Watch a short biography video of Vanna White, the co-host of the game show "Wheel of Fortune." Learn more about Vanna White: ...

  8. Pat Sajak and Vanna White discuss their relationship- EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

    by TVLEGENDS4 years ago7,734 views

    Full interview at

  9. Vanna - White Light

    by BoxOFBodies3 years ago14,392 views

    From their 2011 album And They Came Baring Bones.

  10. Pat Sajak kisses Vanna White

    by bainsey899 years ago574,947 views

    On Pat's final daytime appearance on Wheel of Fortune, he goes out in style.

  11. The Tonight Show. Vanna White 5/2/1986

    by d-JKK-seXYupfyY5l6ty2 years ago5,634 views

    The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Guest Host: Joan Rivers. Guest: Vanna White. May 2, 1986

  12. Vanna White discusses turning letters for a living- EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

    by TVLEGENDS4 years ago4,124 views

    Full interview at

  13. W! Syndication 1989 Pat Sajack & Vanna White Episode 1

    by Adamdavidk13 months ago4,479 views

    Here is another Classic Wheel Of Fortune from 1989.

  14. Wheel of Fortune Vanna White's Premiere Episode 1982

    by onDuR6cdvZVSysLeSIqM7 months ago10,032 views

    wheel of fortune wheel of fortune clam digger wheel of fortune racist wheel of fortune million dollar winner wheel of fortune ...

  15. Pat Sajak and his wife are spending Valentine's Day with Vanna White and her man.

    by TMZ1 year ago11,679 views

    And by the way...did Pat and Vanna ever hook up?

  16. Vanna White - Gypsy Angels

    by TheMultiKingWorld4 years ago11,382 views

  17. VANNA WHITE BY RICHARD KIND - Celebrity Autobiography

    by MyDamnChannel5 years ago12,168 views

    Catch the entire series at Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: ...

  18. "Weird Al" Yankovic: Even Worse - Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White

    by sonicmario646 years ago51,248 views

    Part 2: "Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White"

  19. Twilight Wish Granted to Percy, 94, meets Vanna White

    by CassForkin7 years ago3,396 views

    March 1, 2008 Devoted 94 Year Old Fan of Vanna White Has Wish To Meet Her Granted WHAT: Local nursing home resident, Percy ...

  20. Live with Regis and Kathie Lee - Vanna White

    by hollywoodjim11 months ago590 views

    Vanna White talks about her impending TV movie.

  21. Vanna White up close

    by MrAllen69964 years ago9,213 views

    Allen Stewart interview Wheel of Fortune Vanna White the show was base in New Orleans , This interview was at a TV convention ...

  22. How Vanna White Learned to Crochet

    by LionBrandYarn3 years ago8,768 views

    Everyone remembers the person who taught them to crochet or knit. Vanna White shares her story of learning to crochet from ...

  23. Regis and Kelly - Vanna White

    by excuseyou775 years ago16,006 views

    From 2005: Vanna White makes an appearance on "Regis and Kelly."

  24. Vanna White Tribute

    by Max134606 years ago6,929 views

    This tribute is for the leading lady of Wheel Of Fortune: Vanna White!

  25. Vanna White Plastic Surgery 2014 Before & After

    by 2014OscarAwards8 months ago3,140 views

    Vanna White Plastic Surgery 2014 Before & After.

  26. Vanna White in Gypsy Angels (1982) trailer

    by Foywonder3 years ago3,117 views

    Before becoming famous turning letters on Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White co-starred in Gypsy Angels, a high flying romance ...

  27. The Price is Right | Vanna White's appearance (6/20/80)

    by Digifangsn3 years ago33,150 views

    Vanna White Come on Down!!! here's Vanna White appearance on "The Price is Right" (And her frist time on TV) you've may have ...

  28. Young J Tha Prince • Vanna White Instrumental (Prod. By YJTP)

    by YoungJThaPrinceTV1 month ago110 views

    This Is the official Instrumental Of Young J Tha Prince's Vanna White Song... Like, Share, Comment, & Subscribe #GGEM Fa ...

  29. Behinds the Scenes and Outtakes with Vanna White

    by LionBrandYarn3 years ago9,589 views

    Get a behind the scenes look at our video shoot with Vanna White.

  30. Vanna - White Light (Lyrics In Description)

    by TheRISEofROCKmusic2 years ago1,679 views

    All copyrights and trademarks are property of their respective owners. I assume no ownership or rights to (said) properties ...

  31. Vanna White - Gypsy Angels

    by cessnico3 months ago95 views

    Vanna White - Gypsy Angels Vanna White - Gypsy Angels Vanna White - Gypsy Angels Vanna White - Gypsy Angels Vanna White - ...

  32. Vanna White - Get Slim Stay Slim

    by resetcounter5 years ago7,891 views


  33. Vanna White discusses her Wheel of Fortune audition- EMMYTVLEGENDS

    by TVLEGENDS4 years ago3,794 views

    Full interview at

  34. Wheel of Fortune: Sitting Down With Vanna White

    by KDRV123 years ago3,281 views

    While we all know Vanna as the glamorous beauty who works "Wheel's" puzzle board on NewsWatch 12's cameras, she talks with ...

  35. 1986 - Pat Sajak & Vanna White (takes my breath away:)

    by AllDavidLetterman6 months ago328 views

    Late Night with David Letterman (Dave explains the bit)

  36. DOS Wheel of Fortune Featuring Vanna White Run Game #2

    by BreezyAubsStation872 weeks ago93 views

    Here is my 2nd game of Wheel of Fortune Featuring Vanna White for the DOS, in which so far, I have won $35850. Will I be ...

  37. Vanna White's Favorite Places to Crochet

    by LionBrandYarn3 years ago15,784 views

    Everyone has a favorite place to craft. Vanna White shows us her favorite place to crochet afghans.

  38. Vanna White STOP IT!

    by FLuffee4theWin10 months ago2,754 views

    More retro gaming! Main channel: gaming channel: ...

  39. Speakeasily Clips: Klingon Vanna White & Shecky Davis Jr. Reunited (Happy Valentine's Day)

    by OdessaLil3 weeks ago15 views

    Clip from episode 2.14 (May 17, 2014). Klingon Vanna White & Shecky Davis Jr. reunite in a blur of clowns and blow. Odessa ...

  40. Vanna White Dyslexia PSA (1988)

    by mycommercials5 years ago2,610 views

    Public Service Announcement on dyslexia starring Vanna White & Stephen J Cannell, also with a television tag on with Al Lewis ...

  41. Perfect Smile with Vanna White Commercial (1993)

    by wnPUYMSrw1ezC_bsS3Yh5 months ago256 views

    You too could have a perfect smile just like Vanna White and Miss America 1978, Susan Botsford. Seems a bit pricey considering ...

  42. Vanna White in Portland

    by midvalleynewspapers3 years ago628 views

    Co-host Vanna White visits with Sunday editor Steve Lundeberg on Monday prior to taping of five "Wheel of Fortune" episodes ...

  43. Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White - weird al

    by weirdalsong6 years ago8,604 views

    Doctor, every night I have the strangest dreams Doctor, listen to me, tell me what this means First I'm goin' shoppin' in ...

  44. Dick Lamb and Vanna White

    by 929Wave2 years ago208 views

    Over the years Dick Lamb has had the opportunity of meeting a lot of celebrities.

  45. Pat Sajak and Vanna White discuss laughing on the Wheel of Fortune set- EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

    by TVLEGENDS4 years ago3,771 views

    Full interview at

  46. Wheel of Fortune: Featuring Vanna White (GG) Playthrough - NintendoComplete

    by NintendoComplete4 months ago157 views

    A complete playthrough of GameTek's 1992 Sega Game Gear game, Wheel of Fortune Featuring Vanna White. No cheats were used ...

  47. Vanna White's Underwear

    by TsarVandall3 years ago86,912 views

    Song performed by Big Fish Ensemble off of their album Raze the Duds. I liked the song and thought I would put a quick slide ...

  48. Vanna White - Special NBCAM Message

    by KomenfortheCure3 years ago1,846 views

    Special National br**st Cancer Awareness Month message on the importance of getting screened from Vanna White.