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  1. LOST Brittany Murphy on David Letterman Nov 8, 2002 - Speaks on Eminem relationship

    by kaigrabmydigits7 months ago67,026 views

    R.I.P Brittany Murphy on David Letterman Nov 8, 2002.

  2. Brittany Murphy's Death - Nancy Grace Mysteries

    by CitizensCommittee8 months ago56,371 views

    Sign the petition to re-open the investigation into the deaths of Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack! ...

  3. Brittany Murphy's Final Days

    by thrnetwork4 years ago288,044 views

    Although she died at 32, Brittany Murphy left behind a rich legacy of her work in movies and on TV, dating back almost two ...

  4. Happy Feet (Brittany Murphy) - Somebody To Love

    by OtroWnMas4 years ago1,296,407 views

    Cover de la banda Queen, interpretada por B. Murphy para la película Happy Feet.

  5. Brittany Murphy on Late Show with David Letterman (June 20, 2006)

    by Makki94xD1 year ago71,760 views

    An unbelievable actress, talented singer and irreplaceable human being Brittany Murphy as a guest on Late Show with David ...

  6. 'Clueless' Reunion Includes Alicia Silverstone, Others: Cast Remembers Movie, Brittany Murphy Death

    by ABCNews2 years ago478,464 views

    Entertainment Weekly welcomes cast back together from classic US film.

  7. "The Tragic Side of Fame: Brittany Murphy" + comments Part 1

    by BrittanyMurphyStory3 years ago62,785 views

    Brittany Murphy segment of the Biography Channel's "The Tragic Side of Fame", complete with my comments. I welcome debate ...

  8. The Brittany Murphy Story 2014 - USA Drama - Full HD movies

    by cKE_6mKitU6vXbn_7nXy2 months ago5,914 views

    The Brittany Murphy Story 2014 USA Drama Full HD movie Schwarzenegger (Raw Deal) full movie (HD) completo,filmes,filmes ...

  9. Brittany Murphy 911 Call

    by TheHollywoodGossip15 years ago268,950 views

    The chilling 911 phone call by Brittany Murphy's mother as she calls to report finding her daughter not breathing.

  10. Solstice Sacrifices Exposed Part 2 (Brittany Murphy)

    by truth777exposed4 years ago657,342 views Proof Brittany Murphy was indeed a Solstice Sacrifice. Yet another disturbing ritual ...

  11. Brittany Murphy Dead at 32 - Last Interview (December 1st 2009)

    by escapadia5 years ago82,991 views

    Brittany Murphy interview at Los Angeles Premiere of 'Across The Hall' at Laemmle Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills,Ca USA D ...

  12. The Brittany Murphy Story

    by lifetimeshows5 months ago0 views

    Brittany Murphy was only 32 years old when she died...but how? Drugs? Poison? As tabloid reporters pounce on her home, B ...

  13. RIP Brittany Murphy - Acting/Singing Career Tribute

    by KirstenElizabeth6135 years ago56,476 views

    When I found out that Brittany Murphy died, I was deeply saddened by the tragic news. I still can't believe it. She was gone ...

  14. DHS Backlash; Was Brittany Murphy Murdered for exposing Department of Homeland Security

    by alexexum1 year ago44,678 views

    Film and television star Brittany Murphy was named as a witness in Julia Davis' litigation against the Department of Homeland ...

  15. ‘The Brittany Murphy Story’: Stars Speak Out About the Truth Behind the Film

    by EntertainmentTonight5 months ago20,829 views

    Brittany Murphy's untimely death in 2009 at just 32 years old shocked and saddened fans everywhere. While the late actress ...

  16. Brittany Murphy Murder Conspiracy?!?

    by TheLipTV1 year ago72,465 views

    Brittany Murphy has been the subject of recent speculation about a murder conspiracy that also claimed the life of her h ...

  17. 'The Brittany Murphy Story', Trailer 1

    by allhailme5 months ago163,866 views

    “The Brittany Murphy Story” to air Saturday, Sept. 6

  18. Brittany Murphy on Late Show with David Letterman (March 29, 2005)

    by Makki94xD1 year ago26,034 views

    An unbelievable actress, talented singer and irreplaceable human being Brittany Murphy as a guest on Late Show with David ...

  19. Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy flirting

    by RSdgOQLhasEBdqp7XZgr9 months ago12,567 views


  20. Diary of Brittany Murphy

    by blastsfromthepastv312 months ago11,595 views

    Diary of Brittany Murphy.


    by CitizensCommittee6 months ago6,651 views

    Brittany Murphy's mother Sharon Monjack did not want an autopsy of her daughter's body.

  22. Family: Brittany Murphy Was Ill Days Before Death

    by AssociatedPress5 years ago366,123 views

    Authorities said Monday it appeared actress Brittany Murphy died of natural causes after becoming ill with flulike symptoms ...

  23. Happy Feet Soundtrack - Brittany Murphy - Somebody to Love (HQ) + Lyrics

    by GlassWonderland5 years ago488,723 views

    Brittany Murphy performing "Somebody To Love" from the hit movie Happy Feet. SUBSCRIBE for more Happy Feet songs & songs ...

  24. Somebody to Love (happy feet) lyrics- Brittany Murphy

    by Macr8882 years ago99,451 views

    No copyright intended!

  25. Brittany Murphy Singing at the MTV Movie Awards - Movies Kick Ass

    by auntiemel5 years ago280,273 views In honor of Brittany Murphy's death today, I thought I'd dig out this clip of her singing at the MTV movie ...

  26. Something Wicked Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Brittany Murphy Horror Movie HD

    by FilmFestivalVideos5 months ago50,892 views

    Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to INDIE TRAILERS: ...

  27. ‘Brittany Murphy Story’ Stars Speak Out About the Truth Behind the Film

    by StarsHighLife2 months ago45 views

    Brittany Murphys untimely death in 2009 at just 32 years old shocked and saddened fans everywhere. While the late actress ...


    by HIIPHOPNEWSS247COM5 years ago2,181 views


  29. Brittany Murphy: la joven actriz murió de un ataque cardiaco

    by uled4595 years ago130,457 views

    Famosa por las películas Clueless, 8 Mile y Sin City, a los 32 años perdió la vida la actriz Brittany Murphy, víctima de ...

  30. Vea la última aparición pública de Brittany Murphy a pocos días antes de morir (Erbol/RPP))

    by rederbol5 years ago162,645 views

    La pequeña actriz brilló para las cámaras de TV, mientras hablaba con mucha felicidad sobre su familia, y sobre las ganas ...

  31. Brittany Murphy and Husband Simon Monjack LOVEING LIFE

    by tonyvera19025 years ago13,495 views

    Brittany Murphy and Husband Simon Monjack HAPPY TIMES loveing life tv shows news tony vera

  32. LIfetime's Brittany Murphy Movie Trailer: A Murder Mystery?

    by thewrapnews5 months ago116,761 views

    Was she the victim of a crime? That's what the network teases in movie's first trailer Read the story: ...

  33. Brittany Murphy, Dysautonomia (Pots syndrome), Her Brother

    by JeffBertolotti5 years ago37,259 views

    The video was made to reflect the Love and the loss all of us on the Bertolotti side of the family have experienced in the ...

  34. Brittany Murphy interview for Sin City

    by chuckthemovieguy4 years ago29,057 views Chuck the Movieguy interviews one of his absolute favorite people Brittany Murphy for the movie Sin City ...

  35. Brittany Murphy & Dakota Fanning In Uptown Girls | R.I.P Brittany

    by BrittanyMurphyVideos5 years ago9,974 views

    The scene in Uptown Girls from when Brittany Murphy's Character picks up Dakota Fanning's Character up from school for the ...

  36. La muerte de la actriz Brittany Murphy podría deberse a la acción de un tipo de moho

    by UNABenTV5 years ago317,794 views

    Crónica sobre la muerte de la actriz Brittany Murphy, quien falleció debido a la acción de un tipo de moho. Este silencioso ...

  37. Brittany Murphy llamada 911

    by 24tvMomento5 years ago73,940 views

    Trascendió hoy una llamada al 911 donde se escuchan los desesperados intentos de la madre de Brittany Murphy para revivir ...

  38. Brittany Murphy In Girl, Interrupted [Pills Addiction]

    by BrittanyMurphyVideos5 years ago66,605 views

    Brittany Murphy Pills scene In Girl, Interrupted, she was a true talent. And YES i am fully aware what day it is i don't ...

  39. Drive Part 4

    by AngelArch75 years ago10,632 views

    Brittany Murphy is cute XD

  40. Brittany Murphy Singing

    by 11Brigi115 years ago55,806 views

    Brittany Murphy Singing by Little Black Book

  41. Brittany Murphy's Poisoned

    by 71BYDAND1 year ago985 views

  42. Paul Oakenfold Ft. Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat

    by OtroWnMas4 years ago76,670 views

    Temazo del productor y VJ inglés Paul Oakenfold junto a la fallecida actriz y cantante Brittany Murphy.

  43. David and Lisa - Full Movie Romance Drama Lukas Haas Brittany Murphy

    by crittermalen2327 months ago4,538 views

    David a withdrawn but apparent near genius, who fears being touched. Lisa, a young woman seemingly suffering from split ...

  44. Brittany Murphy's Husband Found Dead

    by CBS5 years ago47,228 views

    Just 5 months after actress Brittany Murphy's mysterious death, her husband was found dead in the same home.

  45. Brittany Murphy its oh so quiet with PCD

    by johnghetto197 years ago308,353 views

    RIP Brittany you will defiantly be missed. Britany Murphy with PCD, shhhhhhhhhhhh its oh so quiet.

  46. Brittany Murphy's death story revealed

    by MrMs8ismail5 years ago26,444 views

    brittany dead :(

  47. The very strange death of Brittany Murphy

    by eXAWThNpwVd972Ik6phY11 months ago25,850 views

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