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  1. Legendary Life of Chris Benoit-WWE Full Documentary

    by xBM7B7qn3Ut_DejES2m67 months ago18,207 views

    Life of Chris Benoit. Adolf Hitler The Cruel Dictator: The Legendary Life of Great ...

  2. CNN Larry King Live On Chris Benoit's Death (Full)

    by WrestlingClassics1231 year ago75,206 views

    CNN Larry King Live On Chris Benoit's Death (Full) Thanks For Watching!

  3. Triple H Vs Chris Benoit 11/18/05 (Eddie's Tribute Full Match)

    by MIaC6xPWvqkzQaoDtuki1 year ago220,976 views

    This was a tribute match to Eddie Guerrero by Triple H and Chris Benoit on Smackdown 11/18/05. No copyright infringement ...

  4. MVP's Controversial Shoot On Chris Benoit Incident - Must Watch!

    by WrestletalkTV1 year ago280,311 views

    Sponsored by The Maximum iMPACT Tour 2014: & WEBSITE: http ...

  5. Chris Benoit Vs Kurt Angle 2 out of 3 falls

    by WWEXXREVOLUTIONXX2 years ago90,988 views

    I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

  6. FULL MATCH - Raw - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit

    by DZ5kWrHZONdal92RMqIy1 year ago187,983 views

    Chris Benoit gets a shot at Stone Cold's WWF Championship. (28 May 2001)

  7. Loquendo - Analisis Al Caso Chris Benoit - ¿Que Pasó En Realidad?

    by _fWEbu8ZB3OzlhJ9z6Ui8 months ago14,254 views

    Un Analisis Al Caso De La Muerte Del Luchador De La WWE: Chris Benoit.

  8. La Misteriosa muerte de Chris Benoit y el articulo polémico de Wikipedia

    by gRUNgerOFICIAL6 months ago25,906 views

    Un caso que conmovió y que puso a dudar a miles. Se trata de una de tantas teorias conspirativas de la web, realmente Chris ...

  9. Eddie Guerrero & Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit Backstage Segment

    by 4EddieGGuerrero4ever2 years ago52,432 views

    Eddie Guerrero & Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit Backstage Segment.

  10. la muerte de chris benoit

    by thesharpshooter20007 years ago1,570,494 views

    un video hecho para intentar limpiar el nombre de chris benoit artista: Aalborg Fantasy Soundtracks álbum: Aalborg Soun ...

  11. RE-UPLOAD | WWE | The "Ultimate" Conspiracy | Chris Benoit - Viscera - Warrior (1080p ᴴᴰ)

    by KillTheOrderHD7 months ago33,328 views

    As soon as the 1st upload received over 200000 views, WWE had the video blocked worldwide. SEND THIS VIDEO TO EVERY WRESTLER ...

  12. Tragedy Myths: Chris Benoit Files #3

    by wrestlingpundit10 months ago30,170 views

    The Chris Benoit Conspiracy blog post: Chris Jericho interviews Chavo ...

  13. Chris Benoit Official Tribute from WWE Raw 25-06-2007

    by ThomasMak05246 years ago1,230,323 views

    Chris Benoit Official Tribute from WWE Raw 25-06-2007 In Memory of CHRIS BENOIT 1967 - 2007 This is exclusive property of ...

  14. Chris Benoit Theme Song

    by batistagoku7 years ago5,263,811 views


  15. WWF WRESTLEMANIA 2000 Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle

    by WWFWWEVideosTV22 years ago27,134 views

    Enjoy & Like.Intercontinental & European Titles Match.

  16. Very Rare Moment Between Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero at WWE WrestleMania XX In HD

    by GoodVXSEvil6 years ago370,073 views

    Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero Talking Up One Another In High Def Which WWE Will Never Show Again & Rather You Not See. SAP ...

  17. Chris Benoit and Y2J make fun of Vince McMahon

    by majorspanking7 years ago102,941 views

    More good times.

  18. WWE RAW 10-4-2004 Chris Benoit v.s. Batista

    by ChaoticMetal1234HD3 years ago49,194 views

    WWE RAW 10-4-2004 Chris Benoit v.s. Batista.

  19. Chris Benoit - La Verdadera Historia

    by LatinHD3 years ago26,795 views

    link: este es un video hecho por alguna persona que cree lo mismo ...

  20. Kurt Angle Talks Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero Deaths

    by WWEKnowLedgee6 months ago5,701 views

    Nothing to say on this really even though its 2014 i still miss them both... RIP.

  21. Chris Benoit vs Viscera RAW 12 27 2004

    by Romulus1235 months ago5,809 views

    Viscera takes it to Benoit in this exciting Beat the Clock match for a spot in the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Rev ...

  22. Loquendo WWE - La verdad sobre la muerte de Chris Benoit (Evidencia Real) - Por EdgecatorLoquendero.

    by xui9KGqOPi1YQ8fhMxK212 months ago36,807 views

    Un video para la gente que aun tiene dudas sobre la muerte de Benoit, realmente este caso fue resuelto 6 meses luego de lo ...

  23. RAW 02-05-05 Triple H vs Chris Benoit

    by Dima95ism2 years ago23,014 views

  24. The Miz comments on Chris Benoit incident, the WWE Locker Room atmosphere.

    by AC316Gaming9 months ago20,344 views

    On the 3/26/2014 edition of "Talk is Jericho" with Chris Jericho.

  25. Chris Benoit Returns as the Monday Night Raw GM

    by MontellSmoothVidz3 years ago326,426 views

    Chris Benoit Return

  26. Chris Benoit 1st Theme "Shooter"

    by ImpactAJstyles6 years ago74,238 views

    Chris Benoits 1st WWE Theme "Shooter"

  27. WWE Backlash 2004 Chris Benoit Vs Shawn Michaels Vs Triple H Highlights

    by Jbs16RR4jv6wDxwjRHNP9 months ago10,308 views

    Song Used : Bring Me To Life By Evanescence Match Request : Romulo Mariotte.

  28. Chris Benoit le Rompe el Cuello a Sabu en ECW (Lucha Complet

    by lawrestling7 years ago778,007 views

    Aquí vemos como en una lucha en ECW, Benoit le Rompe el Cuello a Sabu, la lucha está completa, aunque duró muy poco debido ...

  29. Kevin Nash DEFENDS his comments about Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero!

    by TVTraX2 years ago90,210 views

    Watch the ENTIRE shoot interview: From the LagSpikeTV Channel, former ...

  30. Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit (Smackdown 30.12.2005)

    by DZ5kWrHZONdal92RMqIy5 months ago12,496 views

    After Booker T gets injured, Randy Orton replaces him in his Best of Seven series against Chris Benoit for the United States ...

  31. The Authority erases Chris Benoit

    by sXeLeonardo1 month ago1,231 views


  32. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit

    by majorspanking7 years ago120,868 views

    Another funny segment

  33. Chris Benoit Wwe Debut

    by PjWilliamsWweMizFit3 years ago11,979 views

    The Radicalz Debut In 2011.

  34. Chris Benoit DVD (Creepypasta)

    by TIZ3kriTLg1GA1z80aMS1 year ago4,558 views

    Chris Benoit was one hell of a wrestler. I don't think many men stack up with him when it comes to pure in-ring talent. His ...

  35. Chris Benoit WWE 2K15 Superstar Creation (Xbox One/ PS4)

    by UNITEDWWE4 weeks ago1,494 views

    Chris Benoit WWE 2K15 Superstar Creation (Xbox One/ PS4) Follow me on Twitter : Like Me On ...

  36. Chris Benoit returns 2014 to scare off the Wyatt Family

    by JGlTvsZzBZ2U8qkIz4Ya6 months ago1,264 views

    This is fake (fan made). R.I.P. Chris Benoit: 1967-2007.

  37. Chris Benoit crippler crossface on Chyna

    by lfceng7 years ago166,591 views

    Chris Benoit crippler crossface on Chyna

  38. John Cena & Chris Benoit make Paul Heyman eat Soap

    by NevermindHDx2 years ago277,014 views

    Chris Benoit puts Paul Heyman in the Sharpshooter and John Cena makes him eat a whole bar of soap!! Very funny!!

  39. Chris Benoit Four Years Later: Looking Deeper Than the Surface While Vince McMahon, WWE Still Cower

    by undertakerfreak11273 years ago20,099 views

    Facebook: Twitter:!/iamnotimportant Four years later, I finally ...

  40. Triple H Calls Chris Benoit After WM-20

    by KingOfKingsO16 years ago418,450 views

  41. Chris Benoit Death Tape Parody

    by shawnbicknell7 years ago134,844 views

    Chris Benoit Death Tape Parody.

  42. WWE Chris Benoit 4th WWE Titantron 'Whatever' HQ

    by MrWWEdge17HD3 years ago30,616 views

    Hey guys it's me wwetok (Sander) uploading the seccond video for this channel. I dont know when MrEdge17HDv5 will be uploading ...

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