Chris Benoit Videos

  1. Chris Benoit: True Hollywood Story (Full Documentary)

    by gambit102 5 months ago 115,441 views

    Chris Benoit: True Hollywood Story (Full Documentary): The life of Canadian wrestler Chris Benoit, who gained worldwide fame ...

  2. Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesnar (Smackdown, 4 December 2003)

    by Carl Johnson 9 months ago 558,655 views

    After defeating John Cena to become the number one contender, Chris Benoit takes on Brock Lesnar on the same night in this ...

  3. Kurt Angle Shoots on Chris Benoit's Murder Incident

    by YourEternalDestiny1 2 months ago 5,431 views

    Kurt Angle Shoots on Chris Benoit's Murder Incident.

  4. CNN Larry King Live On Chris Benoit's Death (Full)

    by WrestlingClassics123 12 months ago 49,415 views

    CNN Larry King Live On Chris Benoit's Death (Full) Thanks For Watching!

  5. John Cena And Chris Benoit Vs The FBI

    by thomas cenalee 1 year ago 117,733 views

  6. Triple H Vs Chris Benoit 11/18/05 (Eddie's Tribute Full Match)

    by Juan Carlos Veras Sanchez 10 months ago 165,152 views

    This was a tribute match to Eddie Guerrero by Triple H and Chris Benoit on Smackdown 11/18/05. No copyright infringement ...

  7. Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels (World Heavyweight Championship)

    by Carl Johnson 9 months ago 75,623 views

    After defeating Shawn Michaels and Triple H twice at Wrestlemania XX and Backlash, Shawn Michaels challenges Chris Benoit ...

  8. MVP's Controversial Shoot On Chris Benoit Incident - Must Watch!

    by WrestletalkTV 9 months ago 245,049 views

    Sponsored by The Maximum iMPACT Tour 2014: & WEBSITE: http: ...

  9. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit (Raw, 28 May 2001)

    by Carl Johnson 9 months ago 131,653 views

    Chris Benoit gets a shot at Stone Cold's WWF Championship. (28 May 2001)

  10. Chris Benoit vs Viscera RAW 12 27 2004

    by Adam H 2 months ago 1,245 views

    Viscera takes it to Benoit in this exciting Beat the Clock match for a spot in the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Rev ...

  11. Chris Benoit Vs Kurt Angle 2 out of 3 falls

    by WWEXXREVOLUTIONXX 2 years ago 62,405 views

    I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

  12. Chris Benoit Death - Official Press Conference (part1)

    by shitstinx 7 years ago 283,428 views

    police and d.a. in georgia release details of benoit's death. (part 1 of 2)

  13. Loquendo - Analisis Al Caso Chris Benoit - ¿Que Pasó En Realidad?

    by Austin Rivera 4 months ago 7,464 views

    Un Analisis Al Caso De La Muerte Del Luchador De La WWE: Chris Benoit.

  14. Tragedy Myths: Chris Benoit Files #3

    by Wrestling Pundit 7 months ago 20,975 views

    The Chris Benoit Conspiracy blog post: Chris Jericho interviews Chavo ...

  15. Kevin Nash on Hannity and Colmes Discussing the Chris Benoit Case

    by MrAdrenaline1982 3 years ago 172,167 views

    Kevin Nash discusses the Chris Benoit case on Hannity and Colmes. From the summer of 2007.

  16. WWE Raw (2004) - Triple H Calls Out Chris Benoit After WrestleMania XX - 3/15/04

    by Dwayne Pounds 1 year ago 49,712 views

    From "WWE Raw" in March 15th, 2004: The Night after WrestleMania XX Triple H calls out the World Heavyweight Champion Chris ...

  17. Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley & Shelton Benjamin vs Evolution (Raw 12.4.2004)

    by Carl Johnson 8 months ago 43,754 views

    A week before Backlash, the dream team of Benoit, Foley, Michaels and Benjamin take on all four members of Evolution in this ...

  18. Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit vs Rey Mysterio 26/9/02

    by Dispossession22 6 months ago 1,451 views

    26th of September 2002. PS - sorry about the quality, my DVD copy of this was pretty average.

  19. Eugene vs Chris Benoit 07 12 2004

    by OrtonFan WWE 5 months ago 12,961 views

  20. Loquendo WWE - La verdad sobre la muerte de Chris Benoit (Evidencia Real) - Por EdgecatorLoquendero.

    by Edge Loquendero 8 months ago 17,661 views

    Un video para la gente que aun tiene dudas sobre la muerte de Benoit, realmente este caso fue resuelto 6 meses luego de lo ...

  21. la muerte de chris benoit

    by thesharpshooter2000 7 years ago 1,528,383 views

    un video hecho para intentar limpiar el nombre de chris benoit artista: Aalborg Fantasy Soundtracks álbum: Aalborg Soundtracks ...

  22. Chris Benoit Returns To WWE 2013 - Scares Triple H And The Shield (Fan Edit)

    by NewWoldOrder Coachman 11 months ago 7,663 views

    Chris Benoit makes a Shocking returns to put ends to Triple H,s Reings.

  23. Chris Benoit returns from the dead to take out Ric Flair!

    by Benoit Flair 2 years ago 465,107 views

    Ric Flair concludes his promo and is terrified when the black-clad Grim Reaper, in the form of Chris Benoit, hits the ring ...

  24. Chris Benoit Titantron (November 2002 - June 2007) [HD]

    by Fyqnatic 2 years ago 28,947 views

    Chris Benoit titantron featuring the theme of "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace, used from mid-November 2002 till his death on ...


    by ClubAttitude2000 2 months ago 3,005 views

    WWE Smackdown November 13th 2003.

  26. The Miz Shoots on Chris Benoit Kicking Him Out the Locker Room

    by YourEternalDestiny1 3 weeks ago 869 views

    The Miz Shoots on Chris Benoit Kicking Him Out the Locker Room.

  27. Chris Benoit vs The Big Show-Smackdown 2003

    by ShawnNN 3 years ago 78,091 views

  28. Rare Segment: Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit & John Cena backstage 11/14/2003

    by AC316Gaming 3 months ago 3,230 views

    Back at a time when: Angle was still in WWE Benoit was still alive Cena was still entertaining.

  29. RE-UPLOAD | WWE | The "Ultimate" Conspiracy | Chris Benoit - Viscera - Warrior (1080p ᴴᴰ)

    by KillTheOrderHD 3 months ago 13,088 views

    As soon as the 1st upload received over 200000 views, WWE had the video blocked worldwide. SEND THIS VIDEO TO EVERY WRESTLER ...

  30. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho make fun of Vince McMahon

    by Mohanad114 6 years ago 24,673 views

    RAW 2001 Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho make fun of Vince McMahon WWE WWF WCW ECW.

  31. Chris Benoit Canción Subtitulada 'Whatever' + Tribute

    by Niikotaker100 5 months ago 2,742 views

    ИιҜ؆ΔҚЄЯ ♫♪ 】 ····· 1 like porfas :D [f] [[© 2014 WWE All Rights Reserved...]]

  32. Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (Remix) (Ft. Ice Cube & Scarface)

    by Young Nas 2 years ago 36,787 views

    Purchase the album below Make sure you subscribe!

  33. Chris Benoit Vs. M.V.P. Highlights - HD Wrestlemania 23

    by baurzhan bah 2 years ago 6,222 views

    Chris Benoit Vs. M.V.P. Highlights - HD Wrestlemania 23.

  34. WWE: Chris Benoit Last Theme Song ► "Whatever" (WWE Edit) + Download Link (CDQ)

    by WSXoficial 3 years ago 70,959 views

    Title: "Whatever" Artist: Our Lady Peace Album: WWF Forceable Entry Released Year: 2002 | ○ Download Link ○ | ▻http://ba ...

  35. CM Punk and Chris Benoit vs Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von (6_12_2007).mp4

    by barrybondsjrson 3 years ago 24,658 views

    CM Punk, Chris Benoit vs Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von ECW.

  36. Owen Hart VS Chris Benoit

    by KingOfPuroresu 4 years ago 23,741 views

    A rare match for pure wrestling fans, Chris Benoit under a mask as the Pegasus Kid takes on the great Owen Hart in New Japan ...

  37. Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit (Smackdown 30.12.2005)

    by Carl Johnson 1 month ago 485 views

    After Booker T gets injured, Randy Orton replaces him in his Best of Seven series against Chris Benoit for the United States ...

  38. Chris Benoit Theme Song

    by batistagoku 6 years ago 4,777,222 views

    Chris Benoit Theme Song R.I.P.

  39. La muerte de Chris Benoit (la verdad)-LOQUENDO

    by JHB-LOQUENDO 8 months ago 1,465 views

    FACEBOOK: Esta es la verdadera causa de la muerte de CHRIS ...

  40. Chris Benoit le Rompe el Cuello a Sabu en ECW (Lucha Complet

    by lawrestling 7 years ago 763,314 views

    Aquí vemos como en una lucha en ECW, Benoit le Rompe el Cuello a Sabu, la lucha está completa, aunque duró muy poco debido ...

  41. Chris Benoit Returns At Wrestlemania 30

    by ZackAttack1806 3 months ago 663 views

    Chris Benoit returns at Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans. R.I.P. Chris Benoit 1967-2007. All footage and music is property ...

  42. Chris Jericho & Christopher Nowinski on Chris Benoit

    by Raz Haze 1 month ago 161 views

    Concussion expert and ex WWE wrestler Christopher Nowinski talks about Chris Benoit on Talk is Jericho. Episode 3/13/14.

  43. Finisher Compilation - Chris Benoit

    by tvwrestlemaniacos 2 years ago 6,735 views


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