Lucas Grabeel Videos

  1. Lucas Grabeel - 135n8

    by lucasgrabeelVEVO 7 months ago 30,001 views

    Music video by Lucas Grabeel performing 135n8.

  2. Lucas Grabeel 'Broken' Acoustic Performance

    by ClevverTV 3 years ago 62,172 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical ...

  3. Mitt Romney Style (Bruno Mars Parody - Not Bleeped)

    by LunchBreak Media 2 years ago 117,578 views

    A Republican campaign worker sings his frustration with Mitt Romney - A Parody of Bruno Mars' Grenade. Starring Lucas Grabeel ...

  4. Lucas Grabeel on set interview about Season 3 of #SwitchedatBirth @ABCFsab

    by Mingle Media TV Network 3 months ago 959 views Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host Cathy Kelley were invited to cover the ABC Family ...

  5. Lucas Grabeel - Go the Distance

    by Kim Markham 7 years ago 347,150 views

    "Go the Distance" (originally from the movie "Hercules") sung by Lucas Grabeel. This song is featured on the latest Disn ...

  6. Sean Berdy & Lucas Grabeel Dish on "Switched at Birth" Success & New Characters

    by ClevverTV 3 years ago 444,004 views

    Check out photos from the Jan. 17 episode: - Become a Fan! http://Twi ...

  7. I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel

    by HSMVevo1 2 years ago 23,830 views

    Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel performing 'I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You'. Copyright Disney ...

  8. You Know I Will - Lucas Grabeel (The Fox and The Hound 2)

    by Wilson Kanadi 7 years ago 47,344 views

    It is a song about friendship.. Performed by Lucas Grabeel.. I think that it has a good meaning, and I really like this song!!

  9. Bop to the Top Dance Rehearsals (2)

    by speedy1373 3 years ago 178,084 views

    Bop to the Top Dance Video. Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel show you how to dance to Bop to the Top. (Version Two)

  10. The Real Son - Lucas Grabeel

    by Tracie Marie 6 years ago 84,876 views

    A short film Lucas Grabeel did.

  11. {HSM2} - I Don't Dance - Lucas Grabeel & Corbin Bleu

    by Freedomflower 7 years ago 101,295 views

    Like it? Comment and tell me what you think! :) I Don't Dance - Lucas Grabeel & Corbin Bleu {Lyrics} (Ryan) Hey, batter ...

  12. Drown the Alarm - Lucas Grabeel - Official Video Clipe

    by Daniel Anjos 5 months ago 2,000 views

    Um olhar cômico em que negam a mudança climática através de uma paródia de vídeo de música de Nicki Minaj de "Pound o alarme." ...

  13. I Kissed A Vampire - WEBSERIES - Lucas Grabeel 'Outta My Head'

    by IKAVmusical 5 years ago 278,353 views

    Be sure to check out our hi-quality HD teaser @ Dylan Knight (played by Lucas ...

  14. Beautiful Day - Lucas Grabeel (Music is Medicine Original)

    by Lucas Grabeel 1 month ago 4,014 views

    Get the song on iTunes and help support! - “Beautiful ...

  15. Go The Distance- Lucas Grabeel

    by VanessaAshley1410111 7 years ago 802,310 views

    Go The Distance by Lucas Grabeel song from Disney Mania 5 lyrics: I have often dreamed Of a far off place Where a hero's ...

  16. THE MYSTERY HOUR | Lucas Grabeel (Full Interview)

    by The Mystery Hour 7 months ago 477 views

    Jeff interview Lucas Grabeel of High School Musical at Downtown Springfield's Hudson Hawk. The Mystery Hour Saturdays at ...

  17. Lucas Grabeel In Studio Interview

    by ClevverTV 3 years ago 15,954 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Joslyn Davis and Dana Ward sat down ...

  18. Ashley Tisdale And Lucas Grabeel - Bop To The Top Live

    by iLoveTisdaleChannel 5 years ago 4,095 views

    Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel are performing bot to the top in the HSM Concert.

  19. Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel - Bop to the Top

    by TotallyPrincessTube 6 years ago 2,474,288 views

    Te gusta Disney? Entra en: ¿Eres fan de AshleyTisdale? Entra en: Video ...

  20. Lucas Grabeel Going Bald

    by Marc Blackwell 8 years ago 590,475 views

    Lucas videos his head being shaved for the part of Young Lex Luther in Smallville.

  21. Lucas Grabeel (2013): Remembers

    by allendale101 9 months ago 1,928 views

    Vignettes from a December 13, 2013 interview with actor/singer Lucas Grabeel at the Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spe ...

  22. Sunshine - Lucas Grabeel

    by switchedatbirthmusic 3 years ago 32,509 views

    Emmett, Toby and Wilke play in the band. Switched At Birth Season 1 | Episode 4.

  23. LUCAS GRABEEL Talks High School Musical & Switched at Birth EXCLUSIVE w PIPER REESE!

    by Piper's Picks TV 3 years ago 9,827 views

    The pace has picked up on the Piper's QUICK Picks™ series and now we're getting back to the full length one that started ...

  24. Go the Distance lyrics - Lucas Grabeel

    by kainhigurashi 6 years ago 305,470 views

    This is the new version of "Go the Distance" It comes from the DisneyMania 5 album and is sung by Lucas Grabeel.

  25. All I Want Is - Lucas Grabeel

    by switchedatbirthmusic 3 years ago 19,861 views

    Emmett, Toby and Wilke play in the band. Switched At Birth Season 1 | Episode 4.

  26. Lucas Grabeel Demo Reel :D:D

    by fabulous 5 years ago 6,163 views

    This is Lucas' Demo reel. Little clips of him in movies, episodes etc also there are clips of him in the upcoming movie Legend ...

  27. Lucas Grabeel | Baby Lyrics

    by alehDisneey 3 years ago 16,837 views

    Hey everybody this is the song ''BABY' with lyrics of Justin Bieber singing for Lucas Grabeel , at the movie ''Sharpay's ...

  28. Lucas Grabeel - Let It Snow

    by heonrad 7 years ago 158,011 views

    A very neat song from the Disney Channel Holiday cd. Copyright Hollywood Records and Disney.

  29. Lucas Grabeel - You got it [Official Video]

    by Musiic lee 6 years ago 28,932 views

    Lucas Grabeel - You got it ( music video FULL )

  30. You Know I Will - Lucas Grabeel

    by HSMluver17 7 years ago 29,328 views

    You Know I Will with lyrics. I don't own any copyright to this song.

  31. lucas grabeel - go to the distance official music video

    by lucasgrabeelofficial 7 years ago 34,748 views

    lucas grabeel - go to the distance official music video.

  32. Exclusive! Lucas Grabeel Dishes On Switched at Birth and Ashley Tisdale!

    by Alloy Digital 3 years ago 7,520 views Remember how Lucas Grabeel played Ashley Tisdale's twin in those High School Musical flicks? Well ...

  33. Lucas Grabeel in CHUCKLE BOY part 1

    by Daniel Aranyo 4 years ago 10,847 views

    Lucas Grabeel stars in a shortfilm by Daniel Aranyo about unexpected visitors with unusual demands.

  34. Lucas Grabeel - Behind the Scenes of 135n8

    by lucasgrabeelVEVO 6 months ago 1,681 views

    Music video by Lucas Grabeel performing Behind the Scenes of 135n8. 2014.

  35. Lucas Grabeel - Broken (with lyrics)

    by yayevi1Nme2 2 years ago 3,773 views

    Watch his acoustic performance here: Lyrics: Baby baby I'm Broken broken broken ...

  36. Lucas Grabeel & Ashley Tisdale

    by BrGrabeel 4 years ago 4,836 views

    A small music video I made with scenes Lashley. I love them! I hope you enjoy! Music: Cry - Mandy Moore.

  37. All I Want Is... Sean Berdy, Lucas Grabeel.avi

    by Vini Bhatt 3 years ago 12,534 views

    This is the "All I Want Is" song from Switched at Birth. Lucas Grabeel as Lead Vocalist, Austin Butler as Lead Guitarist ...

  38. Lucas Grabeel - Baby - Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

    by lucasgrabeelbr 3 years ago 214,608 views

    Clipe da música Baby , cover da música de Justin Bieber, que o Lucas canta em A Fabulosa Aventura da Sharpay. Triste, ele ...

  39. Lucas Grabeel - Superstar

    by TheTja94 4 years ago 17,091 views

    This is my fourth music video about the american actor Lucas Grabeel. The song is Superstar performed by Taylor Swift. At ...

  40. 135n8 - Lucas Grabeel

    by Daniel Anjos 2 years ago 5,194 views

    Nova Música do Lucas Grabeel ,Não me perguntem porque se chama 135n8 , vamos esperar ele dar uma entrevista!

  41. - Lucas Grabeel: Milk Trailer Oficial

    by MairaxChirzz 6 years ago 12,257 views

    Trailer de Milk pelicula donde participa lucas.

  42. Lucas Grabeel - Drown The Alarm (with Lyrics)

    by shineformanuelneuer 5 months ago 499 views

    Parody of Pound The Alarm by Nicki Minaj.

  43. Lucas Grabeel - Sexy Naughty Bitchy

    by untilted 6 years ago 9,456 views

    haha i actually loved making this =D Speaks for itself really. Credit to: Disney, Lucas Grabeel, Marc Blackweel, Mike Brown ...

  44. Lucas Grabeel singing 135n8

    by Mônica da Silva Madeira 9 months ago 616 views


  45. Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel behing the scenes of HSM3

    by AlmostClaire 6 years ago 8,966 views

    i think i spelt his name wrong comment.

  46. Lucas Grabeel and Vanessa Hudgens

    by VanessaAshley1410111 7 years ago 31,414 views

    Yes, I know they are not dating.

  47. Lucas Grabeel and Corbin Bleu Baseball Commercial

    by Thecoolyellowgirl2 7 years ago 710,141 views

    Lucas Grabeel and Corbin Bleu in a Baseball Commercial.

  48. Lucas Grabeel - You Got It Music Video Teaser

    by Thecoolyellowgirl2 7 years ago 69,067 views

    the teaser trailer of Lucas Grabeel's new music video You Got It.

  49. High School Musical 3: Senior Year: Lucas Grabeel "Ryan Evans" Interview

    by ScreenSlam 2 months ago 100 views

    Check out Movie Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Movie Red Carpet Premieres, Broll and more from Part of the ...

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