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  1. Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free 1976.

    by alsmons5 years ago1,719,689 views

    Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free 1976.

  2. Candi Staton - He Called Me Baby

    by julesism24 years ago435,137 views

    Candi Staton - He Called Me Baby Label: Fame (US) Catalog#: 1476 Format: Vinyl, 7", Single Country: US Released: 1970 Genre: ...

  3. Candi Staton Victim

    by antiporcass7 years ago153,475 views

    When I started out It was just a matter of seeing you everyday I looked forward to the times When you would come my way oh ...

  4. Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free

    by 123tomot3214 years ago1,118,334 views

    Candi Staton (born Canzetta Maria Staton, March 13, 1940, Hanceville, Alabama) is an American soul and gospel singer, best ...

  5. Candi Staton - You Got The Love (Deep Chills Remix)

    by chillmasterschannel2 months ago89,895 views

    Chill Masters on Facebook : ▻ Artist Page : ...

  6. Candi Staton ~ Nights on Broadway

    by stardustdays2 years ago77,839 views

    From 1977.

  7. Candi Staton - You Got the Love

    by bongyb17 years ago2,386,807 views

    oldskool classics

  8. Love Lifted Me By Candi Staton

    by HerbertDennard7 years ago105,348 views

    Love Lifted Me By Candi Staton Candi Staton stopped singing R&B songs and started singing songs about the Gospel of Jesus ...

  9. Candi Staton You Got The Love ( Original 1986 Version )

    by markwrightrf7 years ago991,341 views

    I'm surprised this hasn't surfaced on YouTube yet - and I guess an actual video performance would be even more rare - but ...

  10. Candi Staton - Sweet Feeling

    by Zinzipinzi4 years ago49,961 views

    Candi Staton's Sweet Feeling (1970) from the Fame/Capitol label.

  11. Candi Staton - You Got The Love (Deep Chills Remix)

    by 3xS7KD-nL8dpireWEUIx2 months ago8,426 views

    The Deep Chills remix of 'You Got The Love' by Candi Staton. Free download Deep Chills ...

  12. Candi Staton - Just Jesus

    by dmamanoes4 years ago38,145 views

    Just Jesus

  13. Candi Staton Young Hearts Run Free

    by CandiMariaStaton6 years ago940,926 views

    This is Candi Staton's 1999 re-recording and video of her 1976 classic "Young Hearts Run Free." This song was on the British ...

  14. Candi Staton Heart on a String

    by mactheox4 years ago9,538 views

  15. Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal) [Full Length] 2012

    by DefectedMusic2 years ago386,525 views

    Released: 27/08/12 Candi Staton has legacy beyond compare. Responsible for some of the most memorable and best loved soul ...

  16. Candi Staton Honest I Do

    by CandiMariaStaton6 years ago14,589 views

    One of Candi Staton's lesser-known disco hits is given music video treatment in 1978.

  17. You Got The Love by The Source Feat. Candi Staton (Sex and the City Series Finale)

    by TheTjp805 years ago332,309 views

    The song that helped us die hard SATC fans,with very heavy hearts, watch the character of Carrie Bradshaw walk away from ...

  18. Candi Staton "In The Ghetto" (1972)

    by williamkinggospel7 months ago522 views

    Candi Staton Title: Candi Staton Track: In The Ghetto (By Request) Year: 1972 Vinyl LP: Artists Records Genre: Produced by ...

  19. Candi Staton - Victim

    by anghel733 years ago3,131 views


  20. Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free

    by IanLevine6 years ago244,321 views

    In 2001, we got a chance to re-record all of Candi Staton's numerous hits for Marathon Music, and my friend Paul Savory ...


    by CandiMariaStaton6 years ago70,701 views

    This is Candi Staton's live version of her 1969 deep soul classic "That's How Strong My Love Is" that she performed at the ...

  22. Candi Staton Christmas in My Heart

    by CandiMariaStaton5 years ago12,438 views

    Candi Staton performs her own composition "Christmas in My Heart" in fall 2001 on her former TBN TV show "Say Yes."


    by eve4719623 years ago4,894 views

  24. Silent Night - Candi Staton

    by DvNQAa2twfEYiG5VZa-_12 months ago234 views

  25. CANDI STATON I'd rather be an old man's sweetheart

    by funkgetier3 years ago9,487 views

    70s Soul Classic

  26. Candi Staton Mr and Mrs Untrue

    by mactheox4 years ago14,185 views

  27. Candi Staton In The Ghetto

    by vanwindjammerjones6 years ago119,459 views

    Sorry, Elvis, but this is Candi's song!

  28. Candi Staton - "Even the Bad Times Are Good" (Live at WFUV)

    by WFUVRADIO6 months ago5,005 views • Follow @wfuv: Candi Staton performs "Even the Bad Times Are Good" live in Studio A ...

  29. YouTube - Candi Staton young hearts run free.flv

    by fukemduk6 years ago184,729 views


  30. Young Hearts Run Free - Candi Stanton

    by snapshotofharlech6 years ago932,910 views

    graphics, windows movie maker effect " colour spectrum over the top of animated dancer, also added windows movie maker ...

  31. Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway (Bartes & Kubala Bootleq)

    by COztUn1k2xzEo5egjDEV9 months ago6,953 views ...

  32. candi staton - too hurt to cry

    by livisoul7 years ago119,018 views


  33. MASHUP : Candi Staton - Speedy J - Ultramagnetic MCs - Chad Jackson

    by statenhal6 years ago17,057 views

    Download the mp3 here Please leave a comment if you download it! Speedy J - De-Orbit Candi Staton - ...

  34. Candi Staton - What A Feeling (Warner Vinyl Single)

    by tomsmusicforallofyou5 months ago257 views

    Excerpt from July 2014 Interview by Michael Dunaway, see full link below. For a poor small-town girl from Alabama—a real-life ...

  35. Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway (SevenHills Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD!!

    by t0ccShSVLlSkOEwj6xzC1 year ago18,473 views

  36. The Source Featuring Candi Staton - You Got The Love (Erens Bootleg Mix)

    by mcna1mcna12 years ago54,358 views

    If the poducer of this track wants me to remove it...then please contact me directly and i will remove it immediately ...

  37. Candi Staton ~ Young Hearts Run Free To Me 1976 Disco Purrfection Mashup

    by DJDiscoCatV29 months ago19,179 views

    This is such a great song, I always felt it should be extended, but I never found any other versions except for the LP and ...

  38. Candi Staton Vs Frankie Knuckles - You Got The Love (Rare original)

    by MigoiMusic6 years ago137,377 views Candi Staton Vs Frankie Knuckles - You Got The Love (Rare original) A selection of tracks that ...

  39. John Paul White, Candi Staton, You Aint Easy To Love, Alabama Music Hall of Fame Induction 2014

    by barbgh2510 months ago3,676 views

    John Paul White, Candi Staton You Aint Easy To Love, Alabama Music Hall of Fame Induction 2014 - Was far away, so shot the ...

  40. Candi Staton - When You Wake Up Tomorrow 12"

    by paoloamatoitaly1 year ago4,944 views

    Paolo Amato Collection.

  41. Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway(David Penn Remix)

    by DefectedMusic2 years ago79,205 views

    Released: 18/03/13 ...

  42. The Source ft.Candi Staton-You Got The Love (New Voyager Radio Edit)

    by BardseyAndBurlo6 years ago161,222 views

    The Source feat. Candi Staton-You Got The Love(new voyager Radio Edit)

  43. Candi Staton - When You Wake Up Tomorrow (Jay Santi Remix)

    by Scotty3594 years ago24,606 views

    Candi Staton - When You Wake Up Tomorrow (Jay Santi Remix)