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  1. The White Stripes - Charly Rose Interview pt. 1

    by minniwhite5 years ago489,802 views

    the whole charly rose interview from 2005. it's still nice. :)

  2. Meg White - I'm Quiet

    by HauntyStarchild2 years ago112,485 views

    The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights.

  3. In the Cold, Cold Night by the White Stripes

    by sommsies8 years ago860,527 views

    Meg sings In the Cold, Cold Night while Jack mostly hides from view, then plays behind her in a manner suggesting that he ...

  4. the white stripes - fell in love with a girl letterman show

    by vacantmoon8 years ago228,749 views

    they opened for pavement once, on the terror twilight tour. remember? concert photos here ('Music' Gallery) -

  5. The White Stripes | Hotel Yorba (Live Video)

    by MEGAINDIEROCK4 years ago38,175 views

    "Hotel Yorba" Live Music Video (Nov, 2001). Later... with Jools Holland [Louder] [DVD]. © 2001, 2003 BBC Television & Warner ...

  6. Ray Lamontagne - Meg White

    by raylamontagne6 years ago379,146 views

    Ray LaMontagne - Meg White from the album Gossip In the Grain (c) 2008 RCA/ATO

  7. Meg - MTV

    by minniwhite5 years ago113,557 views

    some meg love :)

  8. The White Stripes - Interview ConanStudio 6A [HD]

    by RamielLemon4 years ago200,674 views

    Aired 2005 Watch their performance of Red Rain ~ For their album: Get Behind ...

  9. Meg White

    by mydarkwonderland6 years ago122,216 views

    Rare Pictures Of Meg White I hope you enjoy it *her childhood pictures are not in order i just put them in the order i thought ...

  10. The White Stripes - In The Cold, Cold Night (Under Great Northern Lights)

    by 291143112 years ago35,578 views

    Miss Meg White singing "In The Cold, Cold Night" on the DVD "Under Great Northern Lights"

  11. Jack White urges Meg to speak louder

    by CreamJudge3 years ago144,837 views

    Backstage after a gig during their Canadian tour, Jack confronts Meg about her shyness. From the movie 'Under Great White ...

  12. hyde park interview 2007

    by cheribobbins755 years ago74,096 views

    just because i like this interview.

  13. The White Stripes- Little Cream Soda

    by auddym6 years ago412,007 views

    The White Stripes perform Little Cream Soda at Germany's Rock am Ring. June 1st, 2007.

  14. Meg White of the white stripes photo reel

    by CentralScrutinizer07 years ago119,706 views

    Meg White. sexy drummer of my favorite living band. a little tasty photo collage i put together real quick

  15. Jack White sings White Moon to Meg

    by rugr8ful22 years ago44,882 views

    The White Stripes' Jack White sings White Moon to Meg I do not own the rights to this material.

  16. Jack shows Meg his Tesla Coil

    by mixmith492 years ago59,755 views

    Clip from the film Coffee and Cigarettes by Jim Jarmusch. Jack and Meg White from the band The White Stripes. I like the ...

  17. Meg White-Ray LaMontagne

    by SCWoodbury20096 years ago68,450 views

    From "Gossip in the Grain"

  18. Jack and Meg white

    by omtownstuidios4 years ago7,205 views


  19. Ray LaMontagne - "Meg White" on Ferguson 7/17 (

    by MrSammy10005 years ago50,428 views Ray LaMontagne performed "Meg White" on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on 7

  20. Meg White - You Sexy Thing

    by lonefugitive5 years ago57,493 views

    Photo slideshow of Meg White from the White Stripes. Enjoy.

  21. The White Stripes - In The Cold, Cold Night live TIM Festival 2003

    by RamielLemon3 years ago26,231 views

    The cutest you'll EVER see Meg White and Jack White in musical unison :) No copyright infringement intended

  22. Abernathy - Alexander Supertramp (Meg White)

    by abernathyband243 years ago1,913 views This is Abernathy's music video for our original song "Alexander Supertramp (Meg White)". We recorded the ...

  23. The White Stripes interview with Jack White and Meg White by Toazted

    by Toazted2 years ago1,910 views

    Jack and Meg White are big fans of the De Stijl Art Movement and were amazed by their visit to the Rietveld House in Utrecht ...

  24. The White Stripes@Deer Lake park (Meg White sings)

    by greenornagatang7 years ago36,176 views

    Meg White sings "Cold, Cold Night"

  25. How To Play "Seven Nation Army"

    by DRUM7 years ago267,720 views

    DRUM! Magazine Music Editor Wally Schnalle demonstrates Meg White's Seven-Nation Army techique. See the DVD and magazine ...

  26. Kris Chapman - Meg White

    by krischapman110 months ago295 views

    Kris Chapman performing a cover of Ray LaMontagne's Meg White. Taken from The Warwick road sessions ep ...

  27. The White Stripes - Pretty Meg-O

    by CBay335 years ago52,860 views

    Jack plays a little intro for Meg that is based on a verse from Bob Dylan's song called "Pretty Peggy-O". Come a-running ...

  28. Meg White 'rated X' live

    by OrcaDanblog6 years ago126,530 views

    In a White Stripes (My favorite band) concert in 2002 Meg (drummer) sung a Loretta Lin song.

  29. Ray Lamontagne - Meg White (Live at Barbican Center, London)

    by sedoughe746 years ago2,291 views

    Ray Lamontagne singing Meg White at Barbican Center in London on Feb 16th. The video quality is pretty poor but the audio ...

  30. Cold, Cold Night-Meg White (White Stripes)

    by iluvjackwhitemost6 years ago227,475 views

    A photo tribute to my favorite drummer/singer Meg White, with, like 20 pictures and Cold, Cold, Night. This took 3 hours ...

  31. The White Stripes - White Moon [Under Great White Northern Lights last scene]

    by theeraserofnations5 years ago189,145 views

    Jack White performs White Moon from the album Get Behind Me Satan with Meg White sitting beside him (last scene from Under ...

  32. Cold Cold Night - Meg White

    by MystiFerdinand6 years ago20,013 views

    Click 'view more' for lyrics. I got bored one night and it was pretty late so I made this. And all Meg haters keep off here ...

  33. Meg White Tribute

    by JunkieVampMonkey632 years ago2,254 views

    This video is to show my love and appreciation of the beautiful Meg White. By being the drummer of The White Stripes, she ...

  34. Ray Lamontagne-"Meg White"- The Ryman

    by staceyk086 years ago5,909 views

    Ray Lamontagne playing "Meg White" October 19th in Nashville, TN @ The Ryman Auditorium. Sorry I didn't get all of it.

  35. The White Stripes - In The Cold, Cold Night

    by rosemaju2 years ago98,679 views

    Hight Quality audio of this great WS song, sung by Meg White Lyrics: I saw you standing in the corner On the edge of a burning ...

  36. Iraville malt Meg White Aquarell in Echtzeit WIP

    by iraville2 years ago1,892 views

    Puh, war das ein Akt...nicht nur das Video zu machen, sondern auch es hier hochzuladen. Jetzt ist es aber ENDLICH fertig ...

  37. Ray LaMontagne - Meg White (live) - 11/23/12

    by MelloThunder2 years ago2,099 views

    Ray LaMontagne performing Meg White at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, MA on 11/23/12.

  38. "Meg White, please come back!"

    by Schiessltom6 months ago1,217 views

    song by Captain Kidd & the Panhandle Mystery Band (c) 2014 video + album coming soon.

  39. Meg White Carving Daphne from limestone

    by possmom82 years ago797 views

    Daphne is from Greek Mythology - she was being pursued by Apollo, prayed to the Gods to help and they turned her into a tree ...

  40. Meg White Quotes

    by quotetank3 years ago213 views

    What was your favorite Meg White quote? 'Like' and leave a comment below, then jump over to ...

  41. Iminente & Meg White - In The Cold Cold Night

    by Iminente6 years ago1,991 views

  42. Jack talks Meg

    by minniwhite5 years ago334,573 views

    jack talks about ws times :) btw, the interview is from paris and was posted on map tv. unfortunately ...

  43. The White Stripes

    by kaztekoko8 years ago27,479,740 views

    Seven Nation Army website:

  44. Meg white Live At Ottawa Bluesfest

    by HG2007 years ago30,055 views

    I think the songs called "cold cold night"...From bluesfest 2007. Great show, lets try and bring them back!

  45. Meg White

    by V63FScHnShoobfaENC8R4 months ago108 views

    Megan Martha "Meg" White (born December 10, 1974) is an American drummer from Detroit best known for her work in the Detroit ...

  46. White Stripes - Nardwuar Interview (1 of 3)

    by lbjackal6 years ago54,562 views

    Jack and Meg White interviewed by Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

  47. Fivefournine - Meg White

    by FiveFourNineChannel3 years ago814 views I got a dream in my heart and I want it so hard to come true I prey my god all night ...

  48. hi meg white

    by xyrius6 years ago40,455 views

    they have soul

  49. White Stripes Fell In Love With A Girl On Letterman

    by rickyprest7 years ago696,698 views

    This is a brilliant performance of fell in love with a girl from white stripes on David Letterman

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