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  1. Interview - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Star Stanislav Ianevski On the Spot

    by THESPOTLIGHTREPORT2 years ago7,375 views

    Thanks to Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney, we sat down for a friendly chat with Bulgarian actor Stanislav Ianevski who ...

  2. Supanova Perth Vlog 10 - Interview Stanislav Ianevski

    by AccessReel2 years ago6,429 views

    Leith Interview's Stanislav Ianevski a Bulgarian actor, known for playing Viktor Krum in the 2005 film Harry Potter and the ...

  3. Hostel 2 - Stanislav Ianevski

    by EBC856 years ago34,181 views

    Bulgarian actor Stanislav Ianevski played the role of Miroslav in the film Hostel: Part II (2007).

  4. Stanislav Ianevski Interviewed at Goblet of Fire Premiere

    by TheDailySnitcher7 years ago19,752 views

    Stanislav Ianevski is interviewed at Goblet of Fire premiere.

  5. Stanislav Ianevski

    by Capulet19867 years ago26,015 views

    Stanislav Ianevski (Viktor Krum in Harry Potter)

  6. Stanislav Ianevski VIDEO TRIBUTE

    by YooSunieS22 years ago1,861 views

    Tah-dah! After a whole weekend working hard here's my tribute! I watched all Stan's works to made it. Sorry for the low ...

  7. Stanislav Ianevski "Harry Potter" at Grand Slam-07

    by cewarner7 years ago11,564 views

    Go to for information about upcoming conventions. Stanislav Ianevski "Viktor Krum" from "Harry Potter" ...

  8. Official Website Presentation ( Stanislav Ianevski)

    by StanTubeFc3 years ago1,259 views

    copywrite to it's owner. This is made for the official website of the bulgarian actor Stanislav Ianevski. Drugata Chast style ...

  9. Stanislav Ianevski...I've got you on my RADAR!

    by ViktoriaKrum7 years ago8,594 views

    This is my little Fan Girl tribute to Stanislav Ianevski. It uses clips from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire(Viktor Krum) ...

  10. Q&A with Harry Potter stars Stanislav Ianevski, David Bradley, David Barron, Nick Moran

    by AttractionsMagazine3 years ago4,270 views

    The actors who played Viktor Krum, Argus Filch and Scabior plus Producer David Barron answer questions from fans at Universal ...

  11. Stanislav Ianevski Sci-Fi Revelations 2007

    by LaSegadora8 years ago1,147 views

    Este es el bello stan! en la CON Sci-Fi Revelations 2007 en Merida, Yucatan, Mexico Aqui ta saliendo de firmar autografos ...

  12. Stanislav Ianevski talk @ Hubwarts Convention Melbourne

    by Blackkat1714 years ago1,149 views

    Q and A with Stanislav Ianevski of Harry Potter

  13. Stanislav Ianevski talks about being on set at Sydney Supanova 2012

    by bradsters7772 years ago130 views

    Stanislav Ianevski Q&A, talks about being on set at Sydney Supanova 2012 at The Dome, Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia on ...

  14. Stanislav Ianevski (Viktor Krum)

    by LaSegadora8 years ago7,284 views

    Here is him at the Sci-Fi Revelations 2007 in Yucatan, Mexico He looks soooo cute!!!!!!!!! I love him!! !Krum, Krum, Krum¡ ...

  15. Stanislav Ianevski

    by LaSegadora8 years ago5,290 views

    Short video of him at the Sci-Fi Revelations 2007

  16. slideshow of stanislav ianevski, wentworth, hardys and other

    by the1andonlymiller7 years ago1,691 views

    slidewhow of stanislav ianevski mainly mmmmm, wenworth miller, the hardys, pyro a couple of murtagh etc to the song sexy ...

  17. He is..Stanislav Ianevski

    by StanTubeFc4 years ago1,238 views

    Copywrite to its owner...Clip made by his official fan club.

  18. Stanislav Ianevski in Hostel II

    by litaxjras6 years ago3,508 views

    this is a homemade collage by me about the participation of bulgarian actor Stan Ianevski in the horror movie Hostel part ...

  19. Stanislav Ianevski

    by TwiggyLovesMe3 years ago531 views

    Vid del wapisimo Stan Cancion de Britney Spears

  20. Stanislav Ianevski

    by BlueBee868 years ago2,836 views

    Movie made by a StanFan

  21. Matt Hardy & Stanislav Ianevski & Damon Salvatore-Good Girls Go Bad[Read Description]

    by tommyboygirl34394 years ago1,235 views

    Well... this is totally random I know xD This sounded fun, I love these 3 guys, and wanted to do it. So ya... Matt Hardy ...

  22. 2 years of Stanislav Ianevski Fan Club

    by StanTubeFc2 years ago77 views

    Copy right to their owner. I want to say Happy B-day to all the fans. Thanks for being a part of Stan's World.

  23. Viktor Krum - Stanislav Ianevski

    by FABY90F6 years ago613 views

    misto foto Stan/Viktor

  24. Harry Potter GOF Sneak Peek - Cedric/Krum Hug Attack!

    by miiszlisa9 years ago206,907 views

    Sneak peek of the Goblet of Fire DVD extras. Robert Pattinson giving a hug attack on Stanislav Ianevski. you gotta admit ...

  25. Stanislav Ianevski talking Sports at Sydney Supanova 2012

    by bradsters7772 years ago80 views

    Stanislav Ianevski Q&A at Sydney Supanova 2012 at The Dome, Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia on the 17.06.12.

  26. Stanislav Yanevski/Ianevski- Dirty Little Secret

    by MrsStanislavYanevski4 years ago2,896 views

    Well this is my first all Stan tribute, and first video on this channel... so tell me what you think please :) Then the very ...

  27. Harry Potter actors do feel like dancing !

    by jstnsgrd0073 years ago2,197 views

    Harry Potter actors do feel like dancing. Featuring : Daniel Radcliffe, alias Harry Potter Rupert Grint, alias Ron Weasley ...

  28. Resistance Trailer Official 2011 [HD] Starring Michael Sheen

    by ClevverMovies3 years ago83,120 views - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Resistance hits theaters on November 25th ...

  29. Stanislav Ianevski interview in english langauge Goblet of Fire bulgarian men accent

    by ziledevara11 year ago3,376 views

    Stan interview in English language bulgarian men eastern european actors accent.

  30. stan interview

    by AshandNessalover6 years ago14,636 views

    Stanislav Ianevski-interview for Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire!!

  31. Sexy Harry Potter Guys!!!

    by sillyguse7 years ago93,221 views

    All pictures found on song copyright by Petey Pablo... Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter), Robert Pa ...

  32. SBS PopAsia chats to Harry Potter wizard Viktor Krum

    by sbspopasia2 years ago6,828 views

    Princess Ania chats to Harry Potter 'Goblet of Fire' wizard Viktor Krum. The two caught up at the SupaNova Pop Culture Expo ...

  33. Paralyzing Guys of Harry Potter

    by ihateapwh7 years ago24,319 views

    We decided to create a video of all of what we think are the "paralyzing" guys of Harry Potter. No copyright infringement ...

  34. British vs Bulgarian actors (VOTE)

    by inchet0o6 years ago4,761 views

    Here`sa bulgarian team of actors(1.Niki Iliev 2.Vlado Karamazov 3.Stanislav Ianevski) and a British team(1.Ben Barnes 2 ...

  35. Leaky's Harry Potter Home Entertainment Celebration Red Carpet 2

    by leakynews3 years ago3,901 views

    Interviews with cast members and filmmakers from the Harry Potter film series conducted on the red carpet for WB's Harry ...

  36. Harry Potter & The goblet of fire London premiere - Part 5

    by 8EmmaWatson88 years ago22,860 views

    Incredible!!!! The actors of this incredible film, almonst all are interviewed. Good quality and sound. Part 5 of 6. (Timothy ...

  37. Stan in Scheveningen ^^

    by Savynachan8 years ago5,493 views

    A little Video I took in Scheveningen when we met Stanislav Ianevski

  38. Stan made by fans reloaded (short version)

    by StanTubeFc4 years ago1,421 views

    copywrite to its owner....clip made by Stanislav Ianevski's official FanClub. We just made a short reloaded verion of Stan ...

  39. Hostel: Part II (2007) - "The Van"

    by UnclesBeans7 years ago96,082 views

    ► Deleted Scene from the movie "Hostel: Part II (2007)" starring Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo & Bijou Phillips. Directed ...

  40. Guardians of the Galaxy Harry Potter Style

    by existentialist292 months ago101 views

    Redstar Productions Windows Movie Maker This is a mash up trailer. Enjoy! Ron Weasley/Rupert Grint as Starlord a.k.a Peter ...

  41. London Film & Comic Con - Day 1 Interviews

    by PremiereScene3 years ago982 views

    Friday 8th July saw the start of the London Film & Comic Con down at Earls Court. Claire, Mike and Anthony where there the ...

  42. Viktor Krum

    by UmiCosplay8 years ago5,448 views

    Stanislav Ianevski As Viktor Krum The Harry Potter and and the Goblet of Fire. Viktor Krum es un personaje ficticio de ...

  43. baby, you're a firework.

    by LuvJackDawson4 years ago1,366 views

    Last night I was flying back home from London and at the London airport I met Stanislav Ianevski ( a Bulgarian actor who ...

  44. Hostel II (2007) - trailer

    by ZahranicniTrailery32 years ago1,027 views

    Originální název: Hostel: Part II, Informace o filmu na Horor, USA, 2007, 93 min. Režie: ...

  45. This is Why I'M HOT

    by FENRIIIR4 years ago874 views

    This are a few of my favorite actors. 1. Misha Collins 2. Leonardo DiCaprio 3. Stanislav Ianevski 4. Mitch Hewer 5. Shiloh ...

  46. New Star Con 2006 part 1

    by DianaGreeven8 years ago3,398 views

    Taping of the Q&A by Tolga Safer and Stanislav Ianevski on the New Star Con in Rijswijk (NL) on 13th May 2006

  47. Sexbomb

    by RoosInBlood8 years ago2,141 views

    A video i made for my best friend With some guys she likes... Orlando Bloom Sean Astin Robert Pattinson Johnny Depp Vin Diesel ...

  48. British vs Bulgarian actors (VOTE)

    by inchet0o6 years ago1,291 views

    You already know.VOTE for each team and the actor u like the most so we`ll decide who is the winner.:) Bulgarian team:1.Vlado ...

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