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  1. Who Is Ville Valo?

    by ScorpsGirl792 weeks ago1,072 views

    edit by me Crazy, wild, sexy, funny Ville Valo from the band called HIM. I spent about 35 hours editing this video. If you ...

  2. Ville Valo (HIM) talks fans falling, ditches and passing out on stage | Live in Sydney | Moshcam

    by Moshcam4 months ago8,036 views

    For exclusive Moshcam content, click here to SUBSCRIBE: —————————— HIM backstage at Soundwave ...

  3. Open letter to Ville Valo

    by TheMariamasi2 weeks ago6,963 views

    Bam Margera opens up about relationship with Ville Valo.

  4. Ville Valo of HIM's PV Fan Q&A part 1

    by HIMphrases1 year ago29,453 views

  5. ville valo`s funny moments

    by valovillegirl7 years ago536,092 views

  6. Ville Valo Madness

    by flowerxofxevil6 years ago97,805 views

    Video with some funny moments from Ville Valo of HIM..... including his incredible laugh!!!!

  7. Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avelon - Summer Wine

    by MisterDangerousxD5 years ago6,524,981 views

    Summer Wine by Natalia Avelon & Ville Valo Lyrics: Natalia: Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring My summer ...

  8. NEWS: Ville Valo - HIM

    by 1MusicHungary3 months ago7,806 views

    Mondjuk beszélgettünk egyet Ville Valóval a Budapest parkos koncertjük után...

  9. HIM Interview - Ville Valo on his source of inspiration & biggest flaws | Metal Hammer

    by MetalHammerTV8 months ago18,259 views

    For exclusive Metal Hammer content, click here to SUBSCRIBE: -------------------------- HIM ...

  10. Ville Valo in bed answers questions LOL - sexy Ville says RRRRRomantic so SEXY!

    by MrsHolliValo3 years ago56,474 views

    Ville answering fans questions that were sent into Kerrang. His answers are so Ville! I love this interview quite alot :) ...

  11. Agents & Ville Valo - Ikkunaprinsessa (Subtitulos Finés-Español)

    by ChaoticSight25 years ago350,340 views

    Grupo: Agents & Ville Valo. Video (Año): Ikkunaprinsessa (1999). Album (Año): Laulava Sydän (1999). Subtitulos: Finés ...

  12. Musig Pub TV Interview With Ville Valo

    by rockmusicangel692 months ago5,492 views

    Interview with Ville Valo discussing everything from who he'd like to meet to the HIM album re-issues coming around this ...

  13. Ville Valo-Closer (my love)

    by chazmerga6 years ago66,162 views

    i'm so inlove with Entwine's song Closer (My Love),i decided to create Ville slideshow follw this song.

  14. Apocalyptica feat. Ville Valo & Lauri Ylonen - Bittersweet (Official video with lyrics)

    by PaulinhoPt912 years ago612,975 views

    PLEASE VOTE ON ME!!! THANKS ALOT Official videoclip of Apocalyptica feat. Ville Valo (Him) & Lauri Ylonen ...

  15. Kari Tapio & Ville Valo "Täällä Pohjantähden Alla"

    by kantelar5 years ago452,368 views Kari Tapio (born Kari Tapani Jalkanen, November 22 1945 in Suonenjoki, Finland) is a Finnish ...

  16. Ville Valo RAGES at microphone! HIM @ Sonar, Baltimore

    by ALGsharp5 years ago25,874 views

    This is the song Katherine wheel performed by HIM (His Infernal Majesty) about 40 seconds in, Ville throws his microphone ...

  17. HIM Ville Valo speaking about Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)

    by CircleOfFear6165 years ago23,698 views

    All rights belong to Warner Music Group. Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness) from Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice.

  18. Interview with Ville Valo after the Secret Gig with interesting bonus

    by M0D00M4 years ago59,797 views

    Febr 2010, Ville did an interview, talks about Screamworks, rehab, fashion and the Hoff.. credit to R. HG and Schulilaty

  19. Ville Valo and The agents- Paratiisi

    by RogerHIMQueen2 years ago21,355 views

    Ville singing Paratiisi on Finnish.

  20. Ville Valo & The Agents ( FULL- 1999 )

    by iza13421 year ago4,760 views

    0:07Jykevaa on Rakkaus - 2:31 Ikkunaprinsessa - 5:17 Paratiisi 1/05/1999 Ville Valo & The Agents.

  21. Summer Wine - Natalie Avelon & Ville Valo // with Lyrics (Sing Along) for two People!

    by 7SquaresKaraoke6 years ago2,063,706 views

    Sing Along video for two people! ** ** - Tut mir was Gutes :D You gonna hate or love ...

  22. kun minä kotoani läksin by Ville Valo with clear lyrics and translation by Coastranger

    by coastranger6 years ago108,324 views

    "kun minä kotoani läksin" is for my daughters this Christmas that they can begin singing Old Finnish songs as this; sung ...

  23. The Agents & Ville Valo - Jykevää on rakkaus

    by himegomasterthe6667 years ago280,786 views

    Un Video donde Ville Valo canta una famosa cancion romantica en finés a principios del siglo.

  24. Manna & Ville Valo - Just For Tonight

    by Aangie6047 years ago150,056 views

    My video. Manna & Ville Valo - Just For Tonight

  25. Mexican Interview Ville Valo

    by M0D00M3 years ago21,130 views

    Interview done by Claudio Rodriguez of TeleHit. Talking about Mexico, trying to be good people and pets.

  26. Ville Valo on Tattoo Stories

    by Leci616268 years ago491,582 views

    Ville Valo of HIM talks about some of his tattoos.

  27. Ville Valo Gone Wild!

    by ScorpsGirl7912 months ago23,103 views

    edit by me Crazy, wild, sexy, funny Ville Valo from the band called HIM.

  28. Miten Ville Valo viettää joulua?

    by alvideot10 months ago10,682 views

    HIM-yhtye saapuu Tampereelle viiden vuoden tauon jälkeen. Keikka on Pakkahuoneella 30.12. Sen kunniaksi Ville Valo kertoo ...

  29. Apocalyptica feat Ville Valo And Lauri Ylonen - Bittersweet

    by AwakeAndAliveHD10 months ago231,917 views

    2005 UMG "Bittersweet" By Apocalyptica feat Ville Valo And Lauri Ylonen.

  30. Ville Valo - Kun Minä Kotoani Läksin

    by PowderAss7 years ago138,743 views

    Song is called,roughly translated,"When I Left my Home" and it can be found by the compilation album called "Synkkien Laulujen ...

  31. Ville Valo with Bam Margera on Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa?

    by JenInTheUK5 years ago64,032 views

    Here is the almighty Ville Valo with Best Friend, Bam Margera on Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa? (2008)

  32. Ville Valo interview from documentary Promised Land of Heavy Metal

    by Rosvosektori3 years ago15,563 views

    Topics of the interview are Finnish metal scene, metal overall, religion and even satansim.

  33. Ville Valo - Give in to me LYRICS

    by DollieMuffin3 years ago18,948 views

    .... LYRICS : I'm falling down on you, where are you from What else can I do, you're so beautiful how can I go on If I loose ...

  34. Ville Valo interview @ RTL KLUB 26 07 2014

    by HIMphrases3 months ago6,302 views

  35. Ville Valo HIM Lose you tonight

    by maddy2468 years ago400,812 views

    Music video clips of ville valo from: the funeral of hearts the sacrament rip out the wings of a butterfly join me right ...

  36. Toazted - Ville Valo interview extra 2010

    by hispoisongirl364 years ago28,077 views

    extra piece of interview from Toazted -Ville talks about books and an animal clothing line

  37. Lullacry feat. Ville Valo - Whisper In The Chaos '97

    by 89MidnightSun893 months ago4,207 views

    From Lullacry's new and final compilation album Legacy. Song was recorded 1997.

  38. Ville Valo of HIM Answers Fan Questions on The Daily Disruption

    by thedailydisruption12 months ago14,387 views

    Zeena asks fan-submitted questions to HIM frontman Ville Vallo. Subscribe: http://faceb ...

  39. InMagazin Interview with Ville Valo and Gas Lipstick

    by rockmusicangel693 months ago4,042 views

    Interview with Ville and Gas.

  40. Ville Valo Interview @ Atlantis Radio, Greece - 27.10.2000

    by YVPeEG56f1buopvbGQFd2 weeks ago169 views

    Ville's interview at Atlantis Fm on the 27th of October back in 2000. Ville gave the interview to this Greek radio station ...

  41. Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avelon - Summer Wine

    by sagaponaprosexeis3 months ago2,173 views

    Summer Wine by Natalia Avelon & Ville Valo Lyrics: Natalia: Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring My summer ...

  42. Danny Cavanagh - Inner Silence (feat. Ville Valo of HIM)

    by tinkezione8 years ago71,045 views

    Acoustic live in Semifinal, Helsinki, 10.08.2006. Anathema cover.

  43. VILLE VALO @ mtv trl 6 marzo 2006.wmv

    by hydrasuomi3 years ago24,691 views

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