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  1. Ville Valo (HIM) talks fans falling, ditches and passing out on stage | Live in Sydney | Moshcam

    by Moshcam5 months ago8,978 views

    For exclusive Moshcam content, click here to SUBSCRIBE: —————————— HIM backstage at Soundwave ...

  2. Who Is Ville Valo?

    by ScorpsGirl791 month ago8,850 views

    edit by me Crazy, wild, sexy, funny Ville Valo from the band called HIM. I spent about 35 hours editing this video. If you ...

  3. Open letter to Ville Valo

    by TheMariamasi1 month ago9,507 views

    Bam Margera opens up about relationship with Ville Valo.

  4. ville valo`s funny moments

    by valovillegirl7 years ago539,067 views

  5. Ville Valo Madness

    by flowerxofxevil7 years ago99,472 views

    Video with some funny moments from Ville Valo of HIM..... including his incredible laugh!!!!

  6. Ville Valo Interview 2014

    by OY804C_7IuoY73EbXCDf1 month ago1,400 views

  7. apocalyptica ft. Ville Valo & Lauri - bittersweet

    by eldirectormaniaco7 years ago240,851 views

    ville valo y lauri con apocalyptica, del concierto para la gente pobre de asia, algo asi pero tiene que ver con gente de ...

  8. Agents & Ville Valo - Ikkunaprinsessa (Subtitulos Finés-Español)

    by ChaoticSight25 years ago359,052 views

    Grupo: Agents & Ville Valo. Video (Año): Ikkunaprinsessa (1999). Album (Año): Laulava Sydän (1999). Subtitulos: Finés ...

  9. Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avelon - Summer Wine

    by MisterDangerousxD5 years ago6,707,624 views

    Summer Wine by Natalia Avelon & Ville Valo Lyrics: Natalia: Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring My summer ...

  10. Ville Valo of HIM's PV Fan Q&A part 1

    by HIMphrases1 year ago30,264 views

  11. Ville Valo in bed answers questions LOL - sexy Ville says RRRRRomantic so SEXY!

    by MrsHolliValo4 years ago58,413 views

    Ville answering fans questions that were sent into Kerrang. His answers are so Ville! I love this interview quite alot :) ...

  12. Ville Valo - MAD TV Studios, Greece - 06.04.2003 (Both Broadcasts)

    by YVPeEG56f1buopvbGQFd4 weeks ago1,221 views

    Ville Valo - MAD TV Studios, Greece - 06.04.2003 (Both Broadcasts) Uploaded exclusively by HIM's Greek street team "Razorblade ...

  13. NEWS: Ville Valo - HIM

    by 1MusicHungary4 months ago9,144 views

    Mondjuk beszélgettünk egyet Ville Valóval a Budapest parkos koncertjük után...

  14. Kari Tapio & Ville Valo "Täällä Pohjantähden Alla"

    by kantelar5 years ago456,805 views Kari Tapio (born Kari Tapani Jalkanen, November 22 1945 in Suonenjoki, Finland) is a Finnish ...

  15. HIM Interview - Ville Valo on his source of inspiration & biggest flaws | Metal Hammer

    by MetalHammerTV9 months ago19,195 views

    For exclusive Metal Hammer content, click here to SUBSCRIBE: -------------------------- HIM ...

  16. ¨Lusifer¨ feat Ville Valo 2014

    by chic0migrania4 weeks ago5,899 views

    Ville Valo Vocals new song 2014.

  17. Apocalyptica feat. Ville Valo & Lauri Ylonen - Bittersweet (Official video with lyrics)

    by PaulinhoPt912 years ago630,107 views

    PLEASE VOTE ON ME!!! THANKS ALOT Official videoclip of Apocalyptica feat. Ville Valo (Him) & Lauri Ylonen ...

  18. Teho Majamäki feat. Ville Valo - Lusifer

    by Roqiimonzter694 weeks ago1,606 views

    Esta es la nueva colaboración de Ville Valo con otro finlandés llamado Teho Majamäki, la verdad me encanta la canción y la ...

  19. Ville Valo sexbomb!

    by sorrow34105 years ago30,302 views

  20. Musig Pub TV Interview With Ville Valo

    by rockmusicangel693 months ago7,845 views

    Interview with Ville Valo discussing everything from who he'd like to meet to the HIM album re-issues coming around this ...

  21. Ville Valo - Paratiisi

    by SiamaSisters8 years ago85,946 views

    Ville Valo (without band HIM) is singing an old pop-song called "The paradise". Ha-ha-ha!

  22. Ville Valo. Just one look

    by x2s6NlTkVQtTFcRKatQC2 weeks ago151 views

    fan-made video song: Jacob Miller, Matt Naylor, Steven Stern-Slipping Away.

  23. Ville Valo Interview in Germany

    by M0D00M3 years ago14,306 views

    He talks about the most embarrassing moment, women, and a lot more. Interview by Antenne Bayern.

  24. Ville Valo Gone Wild!

    by ScorpsGirl791 year ago25,255 views

    edit by me Crazy, wild, sexy, funny Ville Valo from the band called HIM.

  25. Ville Valo - Kun Minä Kotoani Läksin

    by PowderAss7 years ago140,018 views

    Song is called,roughly translated,"When I Left my Home" and it can be found by the compilation album called "Synkkien Laulujen ...

  26. Ville Valo - Acoustic - The Funeral Of Hearts - MAD TV Studios

    by AnDrEw2o086 years ago209,374 views

    Ville Valo singing The Funeral Of Hearts at MAD TV Studios in 2003

  27. The Agents & Ville Valo - Jykevää on rakkaus

    by himegomasterthe6667 years ago286,961 views

    Un Video donde Ville Valo canta una famosa cancion romantica en finés a principios del siglo.

  28. kun minä kotoani läksin by Ville Valo with clear lyrics and translation by Coastranger

    by coastranger6 years ago109,284 views

    "kun minä kotoani läksin" is for my daughters this Christmas that they can begin singing Old Finnish songs as this; sung ...

  29. Ville Valo on Tattoo Stories

    by Leci616268 years ago492,260 views

    Ville Valo of HIM talks about some of his tattoos.

  30. Ville Valo & Johnny Depp

    by Marizaa17 years ago424,597 views

    Tribute to the best singer,songwriter Ville Valo and the best actor Johnny Depp,two most beautiful men on the world ...

  31. Lusifer (feat. Ville Valo) (radio edit)

    by vanny7y4 weeks ago1,377 views

    I don't own any rights Exogenic Music Group.

  32. Ville Valo Ikkunaprinsessa

    by Uanimor3 years ago29,375 views

    Lyrics : Naisiin ei voi pieni poikanen luottaa Ne suuren ikävän pieneen sydämeen tuottaa Mut ikkunaa tuijottaa kai pienikin ...

  33. Ville Valo speaks German (at least a few words) Ville Valo spricht Deutsch

    by Urweltmammutbaum2 years ago8,560 views

    Ville speaks German (and Mige, too). He sounds like Dracula when he says " Der Hund des Dracula." (that's my favourit p ...

  34. Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon - Summer Wine Video HD

    by -LViKcy1JjXYqTT5tsQk10 months ago92,727 views

    Summer Wine Fanmade Video 2014 HD Summer Wine, Amerika'lı şarkıcı Nancy Sinatra ve besteci-şarkıcı Lee Hazlewood'un 1967 ...

  35. Lusifer - Teho Majamäki Feat. Ville Valo (Lyrics)

    by HIMMexicoCity3 weeks ago1,195 views

    Siguenos en nuestras redes sociales. Facebook: Twitter: ...

  36. Apocalyptica feat Ville Valo And Lauri Ylonen - Bittersweet

    by AwakeAndAliveHD11 months ago303,476 views

    2005 UMG "Bittersweet" By Apocalyptica feat Ville Valo And Lauri Ylonen.

  37. Ville Valo(HIM) / the Agents - Paratiisi

    by MikkoHeinrik5 years ago24,385 views

    HIM - Paratiisi.

  38. Ville Valo Interview - HIM - Budapest - RTL-klub (HD)

    by iza13424 months ago2,379 views

  39. YouTube- In Studio with Ville Valo { Metal Hammer }.mp4

    by TGirl35 years ago5,178 views

    In LA mixing Venus Doom Ville's showing a tour around the studio he is a little drunk cause he tend to swear alot when he's ...

  40. Bittersweet-Apocalyptica feat Ville Valo & Lauri Ylonen with lyrics

    by balo91792 years ago31,740 views

    "Bittersweet" is a single by the cello rock band Apocalyptica in collaboration with Ville Valo (of HIM) and Lauri Ylönen ...

  41. HIM Ville Valo speaking about Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)

    by CircleOfFear6165 years ago24,021 views

    All rights belong to Warner Music Group. Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness) from Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice.

  42. InMagazin Interview with Ville Valo and Gas Lipstick

    by rockmusicangel694 months ago4,438 views

    Interview with Ville and Gas.

  43. Just For Tonight - Manna ft Ville Valo (music video)

    by YShakxYoOctPQ7nYdzBh2 years ago2,866 views

    Si, ya sé no en todas es Ville o Manna... usen su imaginación, es una mini historia para la canción, espero les guste :)

  44. Ville Valo & Bam Margera

    by RINVIA5 years ago91,062 views

    I didn't make this, so I take no credit for it. I just love it. :P

  45. Ville Valo Paratiisi Lyrics

    by djMAkfChNj3D78dr0R7t1 year ago1,409 views

    Interpret: Ville Valo & Agents Song: Paratiisi Album: Laulava Sydän Year: 1999 or Album: Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1 Year: 2002 ...

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