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  1. HIM's Ville Valo on Classic Album Reissues

    by LoudwireMusic2 weeks ago10,626 views

    If you're new, Subscribe! → Ville Valo speaks on what fans can expect from the reissues ...

  2. Ville Valo (HIM) talks fans falling, ditches and passing out on stage | Live in Sydney | Moshcam

    by Moshcam7 months ago10,825 views

    For exclusive Moshcam content, click here to SUBSCRIBE: —————————— HIM backstage at Soundwave ...

  3. Ville Valo Interview 2014

    by OY804C_7IuoY73EbXCDf4 months ago8,574 views

  4. Who Is Ville Valo?

    by ScorpsGirl794 months ago20,646 views

    edit by me Crazy, wild, sexy, funny Ville Valo from the band called HIM. I spent about 35 hours editing this video. If you ...

  5. ville valo`s funny moments

    by valovillegirl7 years ago545,399 views

  6. Ville Valo Madness

    by flowerxofxevil7 years ago102,417 views

    Video with some funny moments from Ville Valo of HIM..... including his incredible laugh!!!!

  7. Ville Valo - MAD TV Studios, Greece - 06.04.2003 (Both Broadcasts)

    by YVPeEG56f1buopvbGQFd3 months ago5,553 views

    Ville Valo - MAD TV Studios, Greece - 06.04.2003 (Both Broadcasts) Uploaded exclusively by HIM's Greek street team "Razorblade ...

  8. Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avelon - Summer Wine

    by MisterDangerousxD5 years ago7,065,974 views

    Summer Wine by Natalia Avelon & Ville Valo Lyrics: Natalia: Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring My summer ...

  9. Open letter to Ville Valo

    by TheMariamasi4 months ago13,060 views

    Bam Margera opens up about relationship with Ville Valo.

  10. Metal Babe Mayhem Interview With Ville Valo

    by rockmusicangel694 weeks ago2,358 views

    Metal Babe Mayhem Interview With Ville Valo.

  11. Ville Valo@Helldone 29/12/2014. Solitude and Song to the siren.

    by HISHINFERNALMAGAZINE1 month ago5,761 views

    Filmed by Caterina Laino. Covers, from Black Sabbath and Tim Buckley.

  12. apocalyptica ft. Ville Valo & Lauri - bittersweet

    by eldirectormaniaco7 years ago249,523 views

    ville valo y lauri con apocalyptica, del concierto para la gente pobre de asia, algo asi pero tiene que ver con gente de ...

  13. Apocalyptica feat. Ville Valo & Lauri Ylonen - Bittersweet (Official video with lyrics)

    by PaulinhoPt912 years ago653,914 views

    PLEASE VOTE ON ME!!! THANKS ALOT Official videoclip of Apocalyptica feat. Ville Valo (Him) & Lauri Ylonen ...

  14. Ville Valo in bed answers questions LOL - sexy Ville says RRRRRomantic so SEXY!

    by MrsHolliValo4 years ago62,579 views

    Ville answering fans questions that were sent into Kerrang. His answers are so Ville! I love this interview quite alot :) ...

  15. rambo rimbaud - solitude + song to the siren (helldone festival 2014)

    by siinm1 month ago8,358 views

    rambo rimbaud (ville valo solo project), performing 'solitude' by black sabbath and 'song to the siren' by tim buckley, live ...

  16. Ville Valo Gone Wild!

    by ScorpsGirl791 year ago27,485 views

    edit by me Crazy, wild, sexy, funny Ville Valo from the band called HIM.

  17. The Louvau Show Interview With Ville Valo

    by rockmusicangel692 months ago890 views

    The Louvau Show Interview with Ville Valo Nov 2014.

  18. NEWS: Ville Valo - HIM

    by 1MusicHungary6 months ago10,997 views

    Mondjuk beszélgettünk egyet Ville Valóval a Budapest parkos koncertjük után...

  19. Ville Valo of HIM's PV Fan Q&A part 1

    by HIMphrases1 year ago32,029 views

  20. Musig Pub TV Interview With Ville Valo

    by rockmusicangel696 months ago11,281 views

    Interview with Ville Valo discussing everything from who he'd like to meet to the HIM album re-issues coming around this ...

  21. Apocalyptica feat Ville Valo And Lauri Ylonen - Bittersweet

    by AwakeAndAliveHD1 year ago475,843 views

    2005 UMG "Bittersweet" By Apocalyptica feat Ville Valo And Lauri Ylonen.

  22. Viva La Bam Extras. Bam, Ville Valo and the crew working on April's car

    by 7R3lphxTeYUjLgzTv2_91 year ago22,591 views

    MTV Viva La Bam Margera Extras season 1. CKY crew working on April Margera's favourite car. Featuring: Jackass stars Bam ...

  23. Ville Valo / Him Interview

    by stefffromastan3 years ago20,278 views

    Ville Valo / Him Interview for Astan Magazin in Cologne 2004

  24. Ville Valo Funniest Moments

    by bnproffitt4 years ago87,296 views

    i claim ownership of nothing. I intend no copyright infringement. ---------------------------------- Basicially made for ...

  25. HIM Interview - Ville Valo on his source of inspiration & biggest flaws | Metal Hammer

    by MetalHammerTV11 months ago21,797 views

    For exclusive Metal Hammer content, click here to SUBSCRIBE: -------------------------- HIM ...

  26. Interview: Ville Valo (HIM) @ Soundwave 2014

    by THESPOTLIGHTREPORT11 months ago23,546 views

    Thanks to Soundwave festival, we had chance to speak with HIM's frontman Ville Valo just minutes before his performance in ...

  27. HIM Interview Ville Valo - Venus Doom by a member of Rozencrantz

    by schwarzeseitentv3 years ago4,687 views

    Interview with Ville Valo, singer of HIM. Recorded in Florida, USA in August 2007. Camera: Jeffrey Delannoy

  28. Ville Valo - Give In To Me

    by xVammieValox8 years ago1,565,900 views

    A movie with beautiful Ville Valo. Song by Takida So there have been so many requests about downloading this video, and I'm ...

  29. ¨Lusifer¨ feat Ville Valo 2014

    by chic0migrania3 months ago10,948 views

    Ville Valo Vocals new song 2014.

  30. THE SPOTLIGHT - HIM - Ville Valo

    by amprocktv2 years ago53,059 views

    THE SPOTLIGHT - HIM - Ville Valo Visit: for more exclusive video, daily news, and amazing photography ...

  31. Ville Valo as Rambo Rimbaud - Song to the siren (Tim Buckley Cover)

    by rasnuss4 weeks ago1,367 views

    29.12.14 Helldone Helsinki.

  32. Ville Valo Tribute - Paha Vaanii

    by sSateenkaari3 years ago24,418 views

    Mua paholainen vaanii joka kulman takana, missä vain mä kuljen, kuiskii kieli katala. sen silmät mua katsoo olutlasin po ...

  33. Interview With Ville Valo 15/10/2013

    by rockmusicangel691 year ago33,253 views Interview With Ville Valo 15/10/2013.

  34. Ville Valo and his Heaven's On Fire

    by endlesssorow5 years ago5,535 views

    Please,watch till the end,it's really worth itXD A slideshow of Ville Valo pics.

  35. Ville Valo's lecture at the University of Helsinki(Finland) 14.01.2009

    by inloveinfreak6 years ago96,035 views

    I don't own this video. All rights goes to

  36. Apocalyptica - 'Bittersweet' feat. Lauri Ylönen & Ville Valo (Official Video)

    by ApocalypticaVideos2 years ago5,532 views

    'Bittersweet' feat. Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus) & Ville Valo (HIM) is taken from the Apocalyptica album 'Apocalyptica' released ...

  37. Ville Valo - Interview at London Pub (part 2)

    by M0D00M3 years ago20,533 views

    Before DSBH was released.

  38. ville valo you're so sexy

    by 8i2Hw3trBhqVLCo8mXKZ2 years ago3,366 views

    very very sexy.

  39. Lusifer - Teho Majamäki Feat. Ville Valo (Lyrics)

    by HIMMexicoCity3 months ago3,818 views

    Siguenos en nuestras redes sociales. Facebook: Twitter: ...

  40. Paratiisi - Ville Valo & The Agents.

    by cuaji512066 years ago70,420 views

    A cover I made of the song "Paratiisi". The song is originally from Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki, but the version I play is ...

  41. Ville Valo - Romeo and Juliet

    by bitterchocolatesyrup4 years ago2,599 views

  42. Ville Valo Interview @ Soundwave Festival 2014

    by rockmusicangel6911 months ago3,442 views

    Ville Valo Interview @ Soundwave Festival 2014 Credit:

  43. Rambo Rimbaud = Ville Valo at Helldone 2014

    by 5SCHdsD5qn6DqNkMHxMF4 weeks ago321 views

    Rambo Rimbaud = Ville Valo at Helldone 2014.

  44. mtv home with ville valo 1

    by lawahez5 years ago58,342 views

    as a certain record company is very obsessed of getting all stuff they own off of youtube and due to that fact youtube has ...

  45. Rambo Rimbaud = Ville Valo - Helldone 2014, Tavastia, Helsinki: Full Show (2 songs)

    by 8a_dBM9gxVTn9w6Fm8-j4 weeks ago1,233 views

    Rambo Rimbaud (Ville Valo solo project) - Full Show (2 songs): "Solitude" by Black Sabbath "Song to the Siren" by Tim Buckley ...

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