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  1. Dean Cain Talks Unemployment, New Show on Fox and Friends

    by TwitchyVideo11 months ago4,914 views

    Actor Dean Cain visited Fox and Friends to discuss unemployment, his new show, and more. Recorded from the 8 January 2014 ...

  2. Celebrities at Home with Dean Cain

    by DeanCainConnection2 years ago31,950 views

    Guys, here is only the part with Dean Cain from the show "Celebrities at Home". Dean shows his Ranch called "The Double C ...

  3. The Talk with Dean Cain & Keke Palmer [August 4, 2014]

    by lIb7xpHxUC5x3w5nkbDX4 months ago8,600 views

    The Talk - 8/4/2014 Air Date: 08/04/14 Today's special guests are Dean Cain and Keke Palmer !

  4. Dean Cain

    by Daniellerobaymail2 months ago539 views

  5. Superman Dean Cain Kryptonite

    by SuperHeroesSex3 years ago30,996 views

  6. Dean Cain - The Division - Episode 1

    by deancaindvd3 years ago29,551 views

    Dean Cain in season 3, episode 1 of The Division

  7. Programa do Jô - Dean Cain [HD] [09/11/2010] COMPLETO - FULL

    by MrHenriqueGrosse4 years ago29,013 views

    Dean Cain fala sobre seu novo filme "Amor Por Acaso" que foi dirigido por Marcio Garcia tem também no elenco a brasileira ...

  8. Dean Cain on being a conservative in Hollywood

    by ChHU4Kl_irJBFFJsLgzg7 months ago965 views

    'I Speak My Mind': Dean Cain on Having Conservative Views in Hollywood Actor Dean Cain joined Your World today to discuss ...

  9. Actor Dean Cain Talks About Being a Single Parent and a Father's Rights

    by howtomomTV11 months ago4,877 views

    Superman star Dean Cain is a Super Dad!. The single dad shares what it's like to be a single parent. More at http://www ...

  10. Dean Cain & John Shea - Wizard World Comic Con St Louis Part 1

    by accioyarn2 years ago6,930 views

    Wizard World Comic Con St Louis - Dean Cain & John Shea Q&A panel, March 23, 2013 Part 1 of 2 Sorry for the slightly muffled ...

  11. Dean Cain is bringing Sexy Back

    by MarcelsAngel6 years ago18,879 views

    [ PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY...!!! ] ------------------------------ For my Friend Manu....^^ No matter what I will always ...

  12. God's Not Dead - Comfortable Prison Cell

    by rLnaMdNIRL5_zhbYq83B7 months ago46,347 views

    In this scene, Dean Cain's character visits his mother who appears to have suffered from a severe change in mental status ...

  13. Dean Cain is Superman

    by DarthVanDyke7 years ago432,027 views

    Tribute to the Man of Steel of the 90's.

  14. Behind The Scenes with VH1's Hit The Floor - Dean Cain

    by AfterBuzzTV6 months ago855 views

    AfterBuzzTV Hosts Alikona Bradford & Nick Perdue go behind the scenes of VH1's Hit The Floor and interview Dean Cain. HELPFUL ...

  15. Dean Cain on "Rosie"

    by LookWhatEyeFound3 years ago10,643 views

    The former Superman yaks it up with the former Queen of Nice. Original Air Date: February 19, 1997

  16. Dean Cain - Gladiators

    by deancaindvd3 years ago6,933 views

    All clips of Dean Cain from the celebrity version of American Gladiators

  17. Steel City Con '14: Dean Cain, Part 1

    by BRBTVcom3 months ago304 views

    At the Steel City Con near Pittsburgh in August 2014, actor Dean Cain talks about his experiences on the 1990s ABC hit, "Lois ...

  18. Dean Cain ; FutureSport

    by l0stmyname7 years ago1,218,651 views

    My Recap Music Video of FutureSport.. All the spotlight on Dean Cain !!!

  19. #Fanchat w/ Dean Cain, Pete Wentz, Doyin Richards, & Matt Atchity

    by myfoxla10 months ago0 views

    It's the hot dudes! Join me in my HOA...PLUS speaking of hot dudes....there's one more guy here's a surprise!!!

  20. SUPERMAN Dean Cain helps BATMAN propose to BATGIRL -Dragon*Con 2012.

    by rubinekso2 years ago59,442 views

    Actor Dean Cain attends Dragon*Con 2012 in Atlanta GA and helps in the proposal of a cosplaying couple. Dean makes a surprise ...

  21. Dean Cain -- I'm Rooting for Ray Rice ... He's Not a Terrible Person

    by TMZSports3 months ago29,556 views

    Dean Cain tells TMZ Sports he "hopes" Ray Rice gets another shot in the NFL -- 'cause even though he messed up, Cain says ...

  22. Superman Celebration 2014 - Dean Cain Q&A

    by accioyarn5 months ago2,952 views

    Please credit. Dean Cain Q&A at the 36th Annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL. Audio/Lighting/Staging by P.T. P ...

  23. Amor por Acaso - Bed and breakfast - Juliana Paes - Dean Cain

    by viniciussomeu4 years ago120,666 views

    Synopsis: "Ben and Breakfast 'tells the story of a salesman (Pace) who falls for an American. She discovers, too, who in ...

  24. Dean Cain On Why Daddies Get Nothing for Xmas & Why His New Show Made Him Believe In Bigfoot

    by SwaysUniverse11 months ago9,529 views

    The host of "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" Dean Cain stopped by Sway in the Morning to discuss his new show. He and Sway ...

  25. Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher - Used To

    by LoLoZC7 years ago64,616 views

    A Dean and Teri fanvid with Daughtry's song - Used To. Clips are from, and

  26. It's Superman vs. Superman: Brandon Routh and Dean Cain

    by wizardworld1 year ago38,586 views

    Brandon Routh and Dean Cain squared off against each other at Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, pitting the Man of ...

  27. How High - Silas & Jamal meet Dean Cain

    by greggyplague9 months ago3,938 views

    Silas & Jamal meet Dean Cain and drop sh*t all over his favourite rug "You mean this carpet?! Mannn I know the b*tch that ...

  28. Dean Cain and Brandon Routh 2013 Philadelphia Comic Con Wizard World Question and Answer panel

    by Richd14821 year ago5,923 views

    Dean Cain (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) and Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) doing a question and answer ...

  29. Dean Cain Today Show Interview 04.24.2014

    by cloisnews7 months ago1,461 views

    Actor Dean Cain tells Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb he is shocked at how well his movie, "God Is Not Dead," is performing ...

  30. Dean Cain - Beverly Hills 90210 (part 3 of 5)

    by TheMartyshine5 years ago16,605 views

    Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) as Rick in 90210.

  31. Dean Cain to Matt Leinart -- SORRY I OFFENDED YOU ... Just Hoped You'd Have a Better NFL Career

    by TMZSports4 months ago1,540 views

    Dean Cain says he feels bad Matt Leinart got so upset with him last week -- saying the only reason he was critical of the ...

  32. Dean Cain Shirtless

    by CharmedCoop1 year ago3,070 views

    Dean Cain Dean George Cain (born Dean George Tanaka; July 31, 1966) is an American actor. He is most widely known for his ...

  33. Dean Cain, Smallville

    by l0stmyname7 years ago30,799 views

    My Music video of Dean Cain on Smallville (Cure, season 7 episode 4) Dr. Curtis Knox.

  34. superman dean cain and teri hatcher

    by fangwangting8 years ago56,177 views

    superman dean cain and teri hatcher.

  35. Dean Cain -- ALL ABOARD ... Everyone's Welcome On Cowboys Bandwagon!

    by TMZSports1 month ago645 views

    Who cares if it's trendy?! Dean Cain says he won't shame celebrities who wanna jump on the Dallas Cowboys bandwagon ... he's ...


    by ChristyReports3 months ago343 views

    The Beverly Hills red carpet film premiere of 'A Horse for Summer,' including interviews with the film's stars Dean Cain ...

  37. superman dean cain

    by fangwangting8 years ago21,794 views

    superman dean cain.

  38. Smallville-Cure

    by Clairou927 years ago18,950 views

    Clark comes to save Chloe then fights against Dean Cain.

  39. Tribute for Dean Cain

    by kadyfordeancain5 years ago2,955 views

    This is my first Dean Cain Clip. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright ...

  40. Dean Cain - Leather Pant

    by moonstart3215 years ago16,971 views

    Dean Cain wearing leather pant in Superman with Teri Hatcher.

  41. Dean Cain Does A Little Swimming With His Son 0000

    by O7PUgRwZIt1m1p2GfVqX11 months ago294 views

    Dean Cain Does A Little Swimming With His Son 0000.

  42. Dean Cain -- DON'T GIVE UP ON TOM BRADY ... You Should Know Better By Now

    by TMZSports2 months ago1,074 views

    Stop panicking. Don't drop Tom Brady from your fantasy team.

  43. | Hit The Floor | Dean Cain Plays Pete Davenport

    by owlet95131 year ago3,813 views

    Follow "Hit The Floor" on VK: "Pete Davenport is the head coach of the Los Angeles Devils basketball ...

  44. Dean Cain on The Today Show Promoting Bigfoot Bounty

    by rictor1 year ago5,114 views

    Dean Cain was on The Today Show promoting The Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty from Spike TV. The reality show detailing ...

  45. Dean Cain Giving a tour of The Daily Planet

    by kiki5luvs5clark5k5 years ago16,086 views

    In This Video Dean Cain is Giving a tour of the Daily Planet I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO I GOT THIS VIDEO FROM http://www ...

  46. MMA 1 on 1: Superman Dean Cain talks Bellator MMA, Military, Chris Kyle,Stars Earn Stripes!

    by DanTheWolfman11 year ago928 views ...

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