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  1. Emma Watson UN speech

    by normaljean21 month ago6,011,245 views

    Emma Watson's moving speech about gender equality and the he for she campaign To join heforshe: http://www.heforshe.org/

  2. Emma Watson to United Nations: I'm a feminist

    by CNN1 month ago325,338 views

    UN Women's Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson gives a speech at an event focusing on gender inequality. More from CNN at ht ...

  3. Emma Watson on the Oscars and Graduating

    by TheEllenShow7 months ago1,769,534 views

    She was a part of Hollywood's biggest night, and she also has a very big day coming up! The gorgeous Emma Watson told Ellen ...

  4. Emma Watson Interview - Late Night With David Letterman - 25th March, 2014

    by LakesJosh7 months ago866,258 views

    Emma Watson Interview - Late Night With David Letterman March 25, 2014 Emma Watson Interview - Late Night With David Letterman ...

  5. Emma Watson Surprise PRANK

    by smosh7 months ago6,684,304 views

    BONUS Joven's reaction: http://youtu.be/HQjDCEEEtSQ Movie Voice Drive-Thru Prank! http://youtu.be/fQEZD01HQII PRANK IT FWD: ...

  6. Best of Emma Watson in The Bling Ring

    by rUR0YfP2PYFjcVK6Hxm11 year ago1,068,537 views

    The best parts of the film

  7. Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014 - Official UN Video

    by unitednations1 month ago336,408 views

    Emma Watson, British actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, co-hosts a special event for UN Women’s HeForShe campaign. The ...

  8. Emma Watson | Funny Moments

    by SubtitlerITA981 year ago1,114,187 views

    Just a little compilation that I made :)

  9. Emma Watson at HeForShe 2014

    by hivnu0ezMQYq1WiTSlm01 month ago2,548,805 views

    More information on: https://www.facebook.com/emmazingbr You can check the official video here: https://www.youtube.com ...

  10. Emma Watson to men: Gender equality is your issue, too

    by rapplerdotcom1 month ago259,639 views

    UNITED NATIONS – “It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals. We should stop ...

  11. 9 Emma Watson Facts That'll Give You Life

    by BuzzFeedVideo3 weeks ago790,519 views

    Change the way you look at Hermione… Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1s1WEeL Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http:// ...

  12. Emma Watson HeForShe Speech at the United Nations | UN Women 2014

    by heforshe1 month ago1,331,448 views

    UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson, delivers her moving remarks during the HeForShe Special Event at United ...

  13. Grimmy chats to Emma Watson

    by bbcradio12 years ago750,524 views

    Emma Watson swung by to chat to Grimmy about living in america, her new movie, and kissing boys...

  14. Emma Watson Funny Moments

    by _mO7bFk3EfncFVgP8TsR3 months ago17,926 views

    Emma's funny and best moments ♥ twitter: @acciotrench.

  15. Emma Watson na pôde OSN o feminizme a ženských právach (Emma Watson UN speach with slovak subtitels)

    by kacena11 month ago4,786 views

    Emma Watson hovorí o feminizme, o jeho vplyve na ženy i mužov, i o tom, prečo sa rozhodla vstúpiť na politickú pôdu. Emma ...

  16. Behind the Scenes with Emma Watson on Her ELLE Cover Shoot

    by ElleMagazine7 months ago85,660 views

    Emma Watson dishes on her new film Noah, the impact of Hermione Granger, and graduating from college.

  17. 10 Questions for Emma Watson

    by TimeMagazine4 years ago2,416,367 views

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 premieres Nov. 19. Emma Watson will now take your questions.

  18. Emma Watson's Video Screen Test

    by wmagazinedotcom4 weeks ago12,919 views

    Actress Emma Watson describes waiting by the phone to hear if she got the role as Hermoine in the Harry Potter films, her ...

  19. EMMA WATSON - 11 - INTERVIEW - 2001

    by LISZTIZATION1 year ago209,090 views

  20. Top 25 Hotties of 2013 (HD) Emma Watson, Sofia Vergara

    by joblomovienetwork10 months ago3,213,097 views

    http://www.joblo.com - Top 25 Hotties of 2013 (HD) JoBlo.com Exclusive We countdown the 25 biggest and hottest female en ...

  21. (VIDEO) Emma Watson Graduation Ceremony At Brown University

    by HollywoodNOW5 months ago135,788 views

    Check out Emma Watson graduating at Brown University, Rhode Island in this video, wearing her graduation uniform and sitting ...

  22. Emma Watson BROMA Sorpresa

    by ElSmosh7 months ago471,249 views

    BONUS La reaccion de Joven: http://youtu.be/HQjDCEEEtSQ Movie Voice Drive-Thru Prank! http://youtu.be/fQEZD01HQII PRANK IT ...

  23. Emma Watson UN Feminism Speech was hilarious

    by xFREEEDO1 week ago1,253 views

    Emma Watson is a professional actor, not critical thinker. I commend her goodwill and obviously advocate for ending the ...

  24. Emma Watson - entrevista subtitulada - español.

    by sagitario42 years ago66,545 views

    David Letterman sondea a Emma Watson sobre el consumo de bebidas alcohólicas.

  25. Emma Watson On Jonathan Ross Show 2012 HD

    by sharranger2 years ago1,126,528 views

    Jonathan Ross comes to ITV1 for an all-new chat show with The Harry Potter star Emma Watson. Emma Watson On Jonathan Ross ...

  26. Daniel radcliffe emma watson ~ you are my everything ~

    by tqawillmosanpop3 years ago20,275 views

    this is my video about the charming daniel radcliffe and emma watson,, their friendship their chemistry and their moments ...

  27. CAPRICHO entrevista: Emma Watson, Logan Lerman e Douglas Booth falam sobre o filme Noé

    by Capricho7 months ago63,971 views

    A CAPRICHO viajou até Los Angeles para conversar com Emma, Logan e Douglas sobre o filme Noé. Assista a entrevista e no dia ...

  28. Jennifer Lawrence SLAP Emma Watson In Media Paris Fashion Week

    by HollywoodNOW4 months ago120,999 views

    Share on Facebook: http://goo.gl/5Y0KkR Tweet now: http://goo.gl/9VpbQJ Why did Jennifer Lawrence Slap Emma Watson at Paris ...

  29. Le Vibrant Plaidoyer Féministe d'EMMA WATSON à l'ONU *HE FOR SHE*

    by exclusivenewschan4 weeks ago1,782 views

    "Nous voulons mettre fin aux inégalités entre hommes et femmes et, pour ce faire, nous avons besoin de chacun d'entre vous" ...

  30. Emma Watson Tries to Save Feminism...And Fails (UN Speech / He for She)

    by LifeLibertyNow4 weeks ago33,652 views

    As feminism dies, it will do anything to survive... LOL, watch me DESTROY a male feminist: http://imgur.com/HSuwkpF ➜ Become ...

  31. Le combat d'Emma Watson pour l'égalité hommes-femmes

    by SIPAMEDIA1 month ago7,311 views

    NEW YORK - 21 sept 2014 - Désormais ambassadrice de l'ONU, l'actrice britannique rendue célèbre par le rôle de Hermione dans ...

  32. ▴HeForShe 兩性平權運動▴ Emma Watson 艾瑪華森|United Nations Women Speech 聯合國婦女署 演講 2014 中文字幕

    by bloggerlovemusic23 weeks ago9,682 views

    【中文字幕】& (English subtitle) 翻譯HellDevil 修羅: http://bgt566.pixnet.net/blog/post/187682505 Emma Watson 艾瑪華森,在今年2014被聯合國欽點為女性親善大使為了促進兩性平等、捍衛女權的行列。

  33. Emma Watson Interview: Will Emma play the Little Mermaid?

    by itn7 months ago95,969 views

    Subscribe to TheShowbiz411! http://bit.ly/1dXOPuV Emma Watson stunned on the red carpet for the premiere of Noah and we asked ...

  34. Emma Watson Interview - NOAH - Berlin - 2014 - Harry Potter

    by Yne0mwaAPU7SPedq5Azv1 month ago1,098 views

    Interview with the beautiful Emma Watson for the Movie NOAH in Berlin, Germany in march, 2014. Please subscribe my channel ...

  35. Emma Watson : Conspiracion Feminista Para Destruir La Familia 2014

    by MrAnonymus9154 weeks ago1,469 views

    Video editado por el usuario YouTube : Zona De Conspiración Enlace directo a su canal : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= ...

  36. Recogido Inspirado en Emma Watson

    by Secretosdechicas3 years ago510,354 views

    ♥ ♥ LEEME / DESPLIEGAME ♥ ♥ RECOGIDO INSPIRADO EN EMMA WATSON "Look inspirado en emma watson" Un recogido fácil que r ...

  37. Emma Watson latest sexy pics 2014

    by UQUSAmzd45qE_mhKQQk94 months ago64,931 views

    Emma Watson latest sexy pics 2014.

  38. Emma Watson Visits Uruguay Parliament as UN Goodwill Ambassador

    by APVideoVault1 month ago9,284 views

    Hundreds turn out to greet Emma Watson at Uruguayan parliament as she calls for a higher representation of women in politics ...

  39. David Letterman - Emma Watson - 9/05/12

    by jennygao42 years ago472,251 views

    David Letterman - Emma Watson - 9/05/12

  40. Maquíllate como Emma Watson | Facil

    by happysunnyflowers2 months ago45,110 views

    SUSCRIBIOS! Me haríais muy feliz!! ♡♡♡ SUBO VIDEOS TODOS LOS MIERCOLES Y DOMINGOS!! En el video de hoy he recreado el ma ...

  41. Emma Watson NUDE CONSPIRACY?!

    by MachinimaETC4 weeks ago154,312 views

    The Fappening keeps getting weirder, and this latest chapter includes Emma Watson, 4Chan, Anonymous, and Barack Obama. Sit ...

  42. Emma Watson - "Being famous is not easy"

    by sisteskrik7 months ago62,357 views

    Emma Watson sits down with reporter Kjersti Flaa to talk Noah, spirituality, and the dark side of fame.

  43. Emma Watson turns into Sofia Vergara. Creepy.

    by haaahaahaaa6 months ago10,746 views

    Emma Watson turns into Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. Creepy stuff. But it's something you've never seen before. The video ...

  44. Puede que la voz de Emma Watson tiemble, pero su mensaje es fuerte y claro

    by LYzxBzQXmd6G75Nor8hx4 weeks ago340 views

    Emma Watson a crecido de esa pequeña niña que interpretaba a Hermione en Harry Potter para transformase en una gran mujer ...

  45. Regression official Trailer | Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke

    by brosmoviestrailer2 months ago8,891 views

    Regression official Trailer 2015 | Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke Releasing 28 Aug 2015 Director: Alejandro Amenábar A father is ...

  46. How Emma Watson Is Changing The World

    by SourceFed1 month ago145,964 views

    Emma Watson gave a speech to the UN on Saturday and is collecting one billion men & boys to rally to her cause - the HeForShe ...

  47. Emma Watson He For She Speech (日本語訳付)

    by oFS1MWVwlrR8wZ_jR1Q73 weeks ago1,417 views

    日本語訳スクリプトは: http://nyliberty.exblog.jp/23463742/ 英語スクリプトは: http://nyliberty.exblog.jp/23463610/

  48. Fashion Week Paris 2014 2015 EXIT DIOR .

    by mangenotantoine4 months ago28,925 views

    Exit Dior with emma watson , emma miller ,ulyana sergenko , anna dello russo , elena perminova , elisa nalin , miroslava ...

  49. Celebridades famosas mostrando de más, Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Selena Gómez, París Hilton y mas.

    by ehjDlAwtAvfDsAADiSYH3 months ago6,176 views

    Celebridades mostrando de más por culpa de sus faldas Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Selena Gómez, Paris Hilton y más famosas.

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