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  1. Caroline Corr - The Corrs Days

    by lenVZK4 years ago13,742 views

    This is a clip that shows the "The Corrs days" of Caroline Corr. Funny and cool drummer in the band. ^_^

  2. Caroline des Corrs

    by champenois19645 years ago278,177 views

    Ah Caroline à la batterie !!!

  3. Caroline Corr (The Corrs) on Keith Barry part 1 (pregnant 2004)

    by CorrsFanPortugal35 years ago55,183 views

    :) lovely caroline funny, magic, jim sharon caroline andrea interview

  4. Caroline Corr (live)

    by okymoros5 years ago202,303 views

  5. Sharon and Caroline Corr - No Frontiers (Nov 14, 2011 - Melkweg, Amsterdam)

    by KellyElisabeth893 years ago12,222 views

    Sharon and Caroline Corr - No Frontiers (Nov 14, 2011 - Melkweg, Amsterdam)

  6. CAROLINE CORR DRUMS video tribute ((fondo musical kelly klarson))

    by briantmiguel6 years ago224,880 views

    In this movie I tried to link the rhythm of Caroline, with music, and have played together the best of Caroline Corrs. I ...

  7. caroline corr

    by joyenlaceambit7 years ago638,495 views

    caroline corr slide in one true media.

  8. Sharon and Caroline Corr - Joy of Life (Nov 14, 2011 - Melkweg, Amsterdam)

    by KellyElisabeth893 years ago73,774 views

    Sharon and Caroline Corr - Joy of Life (Nov 14, 2011 - Melkweg, Amsterdam)

  9. Caroline Corr's Wedding

    by HopelessPursuit7 years ago67,442 views

    I just thought i'd upload this one. I know most of you have seen it. it's not even in English. anyway... she looks so be ...

  10. Andrea and Caroline Corr - Runaway ( June 2nd 2011 )

    by danielatrinity4 years ago16,117 views

    Live Performance at Union Chapel in London of Andrea Corr feat Caroline Corr on piano We miss The Corrs!!!!! And I think ...

  11. Caroline corr tribute

    by briantmiguel7 years ago82,598 views

    Una reseña de lo que es caroline para el grupo y de lo especial que ella es .it's tribute

  12. Sharon and Caroline Corr, No Frontiers Live at Amsterdam Melkweg 2011.

    by adriansteeleo3 years ago10,877 views

    Sharon Corr with sister Caroline Corr singing No Frontiers at Melkweg,Amsterdam 14th November 2011.Filmed by ADRIAN STEELE

  13. Caroline CORR

    by magalidu297 years ago13,734 views

    Montage vidéo de Caroline CORR sur la chanson RADIO (THE CORRS).

  14. The Corrs- Caroline Coors Live in London Wembley 2000- Paddy Mccarthy (amazing performance).avi

    by hdgmKleuv2GJac34KS_X2 years ago36,699 views The Corrs- Live in London Wembley 2000- Paddy Mccarthy (amazing performance) Quelques brèves ...

  15. Welcome back Caroline Corr (Amsterdam)!

    by CSCfan3 years ago18,834 views

    Sharon Corr introducing her sister Caroline during her gig in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Nov 14, 2011)

  16. Caroline Corr in leather pants on Xposé 2014

    by liqVQazSTliRMW3yCtuE1 month ago244 views

    Caroline Corr in leather pants on Xposé 2014.

  17. Caroline Corr - her best haste to the wedding Bodhran solos

    by Dancorr11 months ago1,186 views

    This are two of Caroline Corr's best bodhran solos, its not a coincidence that both are played with her old talk on corners' ...

  18. Happy Birthday Caroline Corr - Happy St. Patrick's Day

    by dyeidee074 years ago10,961 views

    Happy Birthday Caroline Corr - Happy St. Patrick's Day

  19. Caroline Georgina Corr-- Bodhran Solo

    by wildeyed9 years ago136,200 views

    Girl performing a solo on one a bodhran, taken from the Unplugged DVD. The girl in the video is named Caroline Georgina Corr ...

  20. A Cake For Caroline Corr

    by danalefay6 years ago4,701 views

    USA, 17 March 2001 Saint Patrick´s Day and Caroline´s birthday!!!!!

  21. 05 video1 The Corrs Caroline Corr It sucks

    by martaAWTC5 years ago1,899 views

  22. Caroline Corr Quotes

    by quotetank3 years ago317 views

    What was your favorite Caroline Corr quote? 'Like' and leave a comment below, then jump over to and make a ...

  23. Toss The Feathers - The Corrs feat. Roger Taylor (46664)

    by Yrena0836 years ago36,738 views

    I Corrs insieme a Roger Taylor eseguono "Toss The Feathers" durante le prove del 46664 a Cape Town nel novembre 2003.

  24. Caroline Corr (The Corrs) on Keith Barry part 1 (pregnant 2004)

    by CorrsFanPortugal35 years ago3,598 views

    so sweet :) funny caroline sharon andrea jim interview

  25. Andrea Corr - WTSGB (Live in Barcelona feat. Caroline Corr)

    by Sterics7 years ago2,724 views

    09 Andrea + Caroline Corr - When The Stars Go Blue. Live in Barcelona, Pl. Catalunya. 23-9-2007. Festes de la Mercè 2007

  26. The Corrs - Miracle - Tributo a Caroline Corr

    by danielatrinity4 years ago13,448 views

    Cancion que escribio Caroline para su primer hijo. Es simplemente hermosa y me enamore con solo escucharla una vez ^^ asi ...

  27. Sharon & Caroline Corr - No Frontiers (Amsterdam - Nov 14, 2011)

    by CSCfan3 years ago10,954 views

    Sharon & Caroline singing the last part of No Frontiers, Live in Amsterdam!

  28. 30 Caroline Corr - A beat for peace (Sudan 365) 0:37-0:43

    by unofficialcorrs4 years ago1,707 views

    Caroline Corr - A beat for peace (Sudan 365) 0:37-0:43.

  29. Caroline Corr Tribute Video - Little Wing (The Corrs)

    by naihaporto6 years ago14,104 views

    My first video! I hope you like it! I really love Caroline :)

  30. Caroline Corr

    by V63FScHnShoobfaENC8R4 months ago62 views

    Caroline Georgina Corr (born 17 March 1973), known to fans as the "Chick with Stick", is an Irish singer and drummer for ...

  31. Caroline Corr on Rolling Stones

    by LizzieluvsCorrs7 years ago6,259 views

    A little vid where Caroline Corr talks about the Stones

  32. Andrea y Caroline Corr.Runaway. (Live in Barcelona)

    by conrius7 years ago8,305 views

    Al final de su actuacion interpreta Runaway con su hermana.

  33. Glen Hansard Headlong (Caroline Corr Story)

    by shiney10667 years ago2,945 views

    Glen Hansard Headlong (Caroline Corr Story) Vicar Street

  34. Caroline Corr

    by HasenChat3 years ago8,395 views Caroline Corr is an Irish singer and drummer for the Celtic folk rock band The Corrs. In addition to the ...

  35. Caroline Corr

    by Mleyermse2 months ago23 views

    caroline corr cycling caroline corr relationships caroline corr caroline corr seattle the corrs caroline correa imdb caroline ...

  36. Andrea Corr Interview - speaks about her crazy brother Jim & her religious delusion.

    by skyzthelimi73 years ago140,686 views

    Please note that this is an atheist channel, if you are religious/superstitious, or an apologist for religion- or just a ...

  37. Classic Danny Jones featuring Caroline Corr

    by xXSSNightingaleXx3 years ago312 views

    I do NOT claim ownership to anything in this video. No copyright infringement intended! So, this was intended to be a video ...

  38. Sharon Corr & Caroline Corr -- Joy of Life [live]

    by HediliM3 years ago749 views

    Live performance in Amsterdam (Melkweg, Nov. 14th 2011)

  39. Sharon & Caroline Corr

    by knoestc3 years ago710 views

    De Melkweg 14 november 2011

  40. caroline corr

    by janakiyaa6 years ago1,694 views

    nice video

  41. The Corrs Caroline & Andrea Interview

    by alceltic8 years ago51,475 views

    An interview with Caroline and Andrea Corr

  42. Sharon & Caroline Corr - No Frontiers

    by alxchiri3 years ago195 views

    Melkweg, Amsterdam, 14 Nov. 2011.

  43. Andrea i Caroline Corr a Barcelona - Acústic (23/09/07)

    by achtube857 years ago585 views

    Andrea Corr presentant el seu nou disc "Ten Feet High" a la Plaça Catalunya de Barcelona (Festes de la Mercè). Andrea i ...

  44. The Corrs- Live Lansdowne Road (Dublin) 1999- Sharon & Caroline- No Frontiers

    by CorrsFanPortugal36 years ago40,566 views

    live sharon caroline jim andrea corrs dublin ireland.

  45. Andrea and Caroline Corr "Run Away"

    by yhcner197 years ago500 views

    barcelona mercé sept. 23 2007.

  46. The Corrs - TFI Friday - Anniversaire Caroline & Interview St. Patrick's Day

    by MyCorrsAndKelly3 years ago11,104 views

    Nos Corrs dans une sympathique interview, dont Caroline à qui on fête son anniversaire !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caroline !

  47. The Corrs Sharon & Caroline Interview

    by alceltic8 years ago157,607 views

    An interview with Sharon and Caroline Corr.

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